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3Strike Supercars 1.0 MmpApps Corp. 

Supercars are expensive fast sports cars. Pick the correct supercar image from a set of six. Get as many correct as you can but get 3 wrong and the game is over.

Icon car design by Simon Child from The Noun Project.. Freeware download of 3Strike Supercars 1.0, size 22.12 Mb.


Superstars V8 Racing Metacritic 

Powered by some of the most important car manufacturers in the whole world, such as BMW, Audi and Jaguar, and sporting top class production cars it delivers a breathtaking driving experience. Superstars V8 Racing offers the utmost realistic impression of the Championship.

From car design to technical engine features, from the setting. Free download of Superstars V8 Racing, size 24.33 Mb.

Automotive Logistics 3.1.4 ULTIMAMEDIA 

Automotive Logistics is the only global print magazine dedicated to the strategy, management and movement of components, finished automobiles and service parts, from Tier supplier to assembly plant and on to the dealer, and everything in between. It has a specialist magazine, Finished Vehicle Logistics, covering the outbound sector which is. Freeware download of Automotive Logistics 3.1.4, size 14.37 Mb.

Automotive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS) 3.1.4 ULTIMAMEDIA 

Automotive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS) is the leading global magazine covering the use and processes of automotive manufacturing systems, equipment and technologies worldwide. It contains: extended reports of the operations of specific automotive assembly plants; coverage of specific production technologies; exclusive interviews with executives. Freeware download of Automotive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS) 3.1.4, size 13.53 Mb.

AutoV Live 1.1 Muecs Company Limited 

AutoV Live AutoV ,,

Previously, we launched AutoV bookshelf for automotive digital magazine. After the time, we finally come to a new iOS app for AutoV. You don't need to download each magazine like the old bookshelf style. We don't think the magazine need to set a publication period, weekly/ monthly, in the digital world. It gets update. Freeware download of AutoV Live 1.1, size 10.49 Mb.

HomeContacts 2 1.0 Tim Trinkies 

Install HomeContacts now for free!

HomeContacts allows you to quickly access your contacts from your home screen.

HomeContacts is a new option for easy access. You simply need to click the contact icon and your call is started. Calling becomes as simple and quick as launching an app.

Create a cool home screen. Freeware download of HomeContacts 2 1.0, size 2.52 Mb.

HomeContacts Lite 1.0 Tim Trinkies 

HomeContacts allows you to quickly access your contacts from your
home monitor.

HomeContacts is a new option for easy access.
You simply need to click the contact icon and your call is started. Calling becomes as simple and quick as launching software.

Create a cool home screen and amaze others. You may select a. Freeware download of HomeContacts Lite 1.0, size 1.36 Mb.

Car Dealer Website - 1.0 StivaSoft Ltd 

Build your Car Dealer Website with VEVS quickly and affordably! It's not just the next website builder that will make you run into further unexpected expenses. All standard features are included in the subscription price: modern and responsive design, advanced content management system with a cool on-site editor, auto classifieds software allowing. Free download of Car Dealer Website - 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

Car Rental Website - 1.0 StivaSoft Ltd 

You have just started your own rent a car business and need a modern, fully functional website that will not cost a fortune, and will save you precious time and efforts? Or you already have a car rental website, but it is seriously out of style? Welcome to VEVS - a forward-looking website builder that reads your mind while leaving enough room for. Free download of Car Rental Website - 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

Car Parking Website - 1.0 StivaSoft Ltd 

You've got a car parking business and no website yet? VEVS Website Builder can help you start your online venture quickly and affordably. We offer a tailor-made web solution exactly for your business. Our Car Parking Websites are equipped with an advanced parking reservation system enabling you to manage park spaces, bookings, extra services, price. Free download of Car Parking Website - 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

Computer controlled Radio Car 1.0 Computercar 

The goal of the project is to design and create a modification of a radio controlled toy car so that the control can be achieved through the computer's LPT parallel port.

Computer controlled Radio Car 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Computer controlled Radio Car 1.0, size 0 b.

AutoFi CarPC MP3 Media Player Front End Free Download 1.0 Spectral Software Design 

AUTOFI is a FREE Microsoft Windows Media Player front end / MP3 player for mobile PC use aimed at Personal Computers with smaller displays and/or touch screens, and is designed as an easy to use front end for a PC fitted to a car (CarPC). Main Features Large easy to use Media Player controls ideal for smaller touch screens and monitors. Clear. Freeware download of AutoFi CarPC MP3 Media Player Front End Free Download 1.0, size 1.80 Mb.

TurboBass Express V10 TurboBass Express 

This program is a precise tool developed to design a loudspeaker cabinet to perform in the confines of a car boot, tuned to cope with road noise and internal pressure, no other program will perform this specific task. All you need is a technical data sheet from the manufacturer of the mid-range, woofer or sub-woofer. You will only need 3 of the. Free download of TurboBass Express V10, size b.

Eco-Park 2.0 Ernst Wehden 

Instant calculations for car park design specifications under 3000m?

A specialist, easy-to-use tool for architects and building consultants dealing with enclosed or underground car park ventilations systems complying with BS7346-7 2006.
Helps architects plan the parking space using either full mechanical extraction or assisted. Freeware download of Eco-Park 2.0, size 10.91 Mb.

RC Setup Sheets 1.2 NetFix, LLC 

Radio Control(RC) Setup Sheets.

Over 500+ of professional Electric/Nitro RC Setup Sheets covering 48 RC car manufacturers.

RC Setup Sheets is a Radio Control Cars Hobbyist dream comes true. This Mobile Application is design to help hobbyist to save time on assembling RC models in no time. This application covers over 500+. Free download of RC Setup Sheets 1.2, size 4.72 Mb.

SLS AMG 3.4 Daimler AG 

The SLS AMG from Mercedes-Benz completely redefines the meaning of a super sports car in terms of speed, driving dynamics and design. Like Michael Schumacher in the testimonial TV spot, the "SLS AMG" game allows you to experience unusual drives through different tunnels, even steering the car along the walls or briefly along the roof of. Freeware download of SLS AMG 3.4, size 26.42 Mb.

Antenna - Web Design Studio 2.6 Stormdance 

Antenna enables you to design and develop great looking professional web sites rapidly - without any coding or HTML knowledge. Using transparent layers, master pages and pixel accurate positioning, Antenna makes web site building a visual experience - more like using an art or desktop publishing package, instead of programming. Now you can. Free download of Antenna - Web Design Studio 2.6, size 4.78 Mb.

Car Sales Organizer Deluxe 2.5 PrimaSoft PC 

Car Sales Organizer Deluxe is a Windows software for car dealers, car salespeople. Software helps car dealers to organize, catalog, and manage all car and customer related information. You can quickly access to your auto customer details, easily keep contact notes, track and manage car sales opportunity, create car sales summaries and client. Free download of Car Sales Organizer Deluxe 2.5, size 9.73 Mb.

Car Logbook Pro 3 Z5Com Pty Ltd 

Car Logbook Pro tracks the use and cost of vehicles. It supports multiple vehicles and drivers. It needs Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1. The shareware version is fully functional and free for trips but it excludes purchases. It is compatible with Car Logbook. It needs Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 . Free download of Car Logbook Pro 3, size 97.28 Kb.

Car Sales Catalog Deluxe 2.5 PrimaSoft PC 

Car Sales Cataloging software is a Windows software for car dealers, car salespeople. Software helps car dealers to maintain vehicle for sale inventories, quickly create car sales listings, web inserts, track and manage car sales, create car for sales marketing documents. Car Sales Catalog comes with a separate module called Designer. With Designer. Free download of Car Sales Catalog Deluxe 2.5, size 9.73 Mb.

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