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A check guarantee company that provides check authorization and collections services to merchants. Includes electronic check conversion services.


A portable library for Common Lisp which can be used to fill templates with arbitrary (string) values at runtime. It is loosely modeled after the Perl module HTML::Template and compatible with a...

Fortran Source Check

Produces compile-time diagnostics of Fortran code using the Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95, Lahey Fortran 90, or Essential Lahey Fortran 90 compilers. Can show warnings, perform a Fortran 90/95...

Template Toolkit

A fast, powerful, extensible template processing system well suited to the production and maintenance of web content and dynamic document systems.

Webnauts: Check

Check your Web site for its Mark-Up, Accessibility and more. A collection of the most popular tools (W3C, CSE, and Cynthia validators, and also a Lynx simulator). All the best resources on one page.

ISBN Check

Form for checking International Standard Book Numbers for correct length, format, checksums and check digits.

Medical Spell Check

Spell check medical terms with this free downloadable medical speller software tool.