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MySQL to Oracle Database Converter MySQL to Oracle database converter 

Company offers economical and excellent database conversion software helps to quickly migrate MySQL data base into oracle format without any data loss. Database transformation tool is complete software solution for making new and updated database record into oracle format and save at user specified location on your personal computer without. Free download of MySQL to Oracle Database Converter, size 3.25 Mb.


CreaCod 1.0 Creacod 

CreaCod - Source Code creator for different data bases and different programming languages. The program generates, using templates, classes for communication with the data base, and the source code for view, add, edit and remove the information.

CreaCod 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of CreaCod 1.0, size 0 b.

GpxBase 1.0 Gpxbase 

GpxBase - simple GPS data manipulation Copy/Move/Delete/Update Waypoints/Tracks/Routes within a list of GPX/KML files. Open source solution to keep track of personal GEO Data Base from different sources (GPS devices, Google software and other).

GpxBase 1.0 License - MIT License. Freeware download of GpxBase 1.0, size 0 b.

Efreet 1.0.19 Efreet 

Efreet is a java package that implements DAO (data access object) patterns based on XML files. The purpose is to provide an option for those wishing to implement an easy-to-use data base access.

Efreet 1.0.19 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2). Freeware download of Efreet 1.0.19, size 93.58 Kb.

Kingdia CD Extractor 1.2.2 Kingdia Software Inc 

Kingdia CD Extractor is a powerful and easy cd ripper application for converting digital audio tracks directly from compact discs to audio formats MP3,WAV,WMA,OGG,VQF,APE,etc. Kingdia CD Extractor supports CDDB(compact disc data base), you can connect to any remote CDDB to get the album information about your CDs automatically. You don't have to. Free download of Kingdia CD Extractor 1.2.2, size 3.79 Mb.

PDB to DBF 1.4 WhiteTown Software 

PDB to DBF converter allows you to convert your PDB files to DBF format. PDB is standard PalmOS files (Palm Data Base). The program supports dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, VFP and dBase Level 7 formats. Program supports command line parameters and could be used in batch mode. . Free download of PDB to DBF 1.4, size 468.99 Kb.

DBF to PDB 1.4 WhiteTown Software 

DBF to PDB converter allows you to convert your dbf files to PDB format. PDB is standard PalmOS files (Palm Data Base). The program supports dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, VFP and dBase Level 7 formats. Program supports command line parameters and could be used in batch mode. . Free download of DBF to PDB 1.4, size 468.99 Kb.


Free Ripper with CDDB access (CD data base). The Free Ripper reads audio CD's in and gets the titles -, album -, category -, year -, and artist data thru the Internet data base CDDB. The information is written while ripping into the MP3-Files. The Ripper additionally contains functions like MP3toWAV and WAVtoMP3, that means convert from MP3's to. Free download of 1X-RIPPER 3.0.0, size 2.43 Mb.

CarRent Access Application 2.0 Sensalgo Soft 

The CarRent database is an application for Car vendors that sell their cars by leasing contracts. It accompanies the work with customers and the calculation of costs and installments. The CarRent database provides the advantage to select the model type, version and equipment characteristics of a car. The customer himself can do this in an easy way.. Freeware download of CarRent Access Application 2.0, size 2.05 Mb.

Gerbing Fotoalbum 13 13.0.1 Gerbingsoft 

Operational area:
With GERBING fotoalbum (fotos.exe) you can look selectively for fotos or videos in a data base in which you have stored keywords and location. After the search in the data base you can display the found fotos or videos. At the installation a small example data base is laid out. Enlarging the example data base to your own. Free download of Gerbing Fotoalbum 13 13.0.1, size 8.65 Mb.

Replace Pioneer 2.4 Mind Pioneer 

Replace Pioneer is a pioneer in text/binary replacement and conversion work, it experts in special tasks that regular replace tools cannot reach.
Actually, Replace Pioneer is far beyond a replace tool: Given any input text/data, you can get any output text/data base on your own rule.

Replace Pioneer is more than:
A. Free download of Replace Pioneer 2.4, size 6.35 Mb.

PDB to DBF Conveter 1 57 WhiteTown Software 

The PDB to DBF program allows you to convert your PDB (Palm DataBase) files to DBF format.

PDB is standard PalmOS files (Palm Data Base). The program supports dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, VFP and dBase Level 7 formats.

The program supports command line interface. So, you can run it with necessary parameters in a batch mode. Free download of PDB to DBF Conveter 1 57, size 1.12 Mb.

MeExplorer 2 3 Vibrationsteknik AB 

MeExplorer offers the user a series of new features some of which are: double markers, time vawe function plot, new graphic that will give multiple FFT plot in the next year and others. MeExplorer makes data base handling much faster that before. The upgrade is valid for all new versions for one year.. Free download of MeExplorer 2 3, size 93.32 Mb.

TransComm Light 1.25.5 Pyromation Inc. 

With the introduction of the Transcomm Light it has become possible to set up temperature devices from Pyromation, Inc. in the simplest and easiest way. In Transcomm Light the devices are not
managed in a data base. This means that Transcomm Light is a pure set-up tool for temperature devices. A set-up set can be both exported and then. Freeware download of TransComm Light 1.25.5, size 13.47 Mb.

Landscape Vision 5. 4. 2003 Landscape Vision LLC 

Landscape Vision is an easy to use landscape design software. Voted ?Best Plant Data Base? by Top Ten Reviews two years in a row. 5 Easy steps using 7 Powerful design tools producing dynamic results.Developed for home owners and professionals alike. Landscape Vision is unique in it?s simplicity and competitive in it?s design tool set. With our Real. Free download of Landscape Vision 5. 4. 2003, size 0 b.

Video Codec Scoring System ViCoS 2 2 YUVsoft Corp. 

Fully automatic video codec and video processing algorithms quality evaluation system. ViCoS is an advanced system with client-server architecture and relational data base support. It allows robust codec launches with user-friendly interface and functions for video codec or video filter analysis with results visualization. The main purposes of the. Free download of Video Codec Scoring System ViCoS 2 2, size 7.17 Mb.

PC-BIO32 Lite 4.0 RS-Soft Munchen 

PC-Biorhythm32 for Windows9x/2K/Me/NT/XP/Vista/Win7 multilingual with data base, daily analysis, critical days, partner comparison, asterisk, jewel therapy, moonphase, time-planner-format print, Numerology, body-mass-index, allergy consultation, first aid, emergency call numbers, extensive assistance and online manual etc.. 70 different layouts (5. Free download of PC-BIO32 Lite 4.0, size 6.55 Mb.

Gangsta Anti-Virus 2.0 G-Soft 

Gangsta Anti-Virus 2.0 For Windows XP G-AV Has Perfect PC Protection, Small Program Size, Easy Interface, Task Manager, Program List, G-Scanner, Data Base Update, And Many Good Options. 2.0 Version contains: Data Base Virus Signatures: 10420 Windows XP System Signatures: 35 + Online Data Base Updates. Freeware download of Gangsta Anti-Virus 2.0, size 605.18 Kb.

XML Guestbook 1 FlashComponents 

This is a XML based Guestbook.This guestbook comes with a very special issue: in order to make it work you don't need a data base, it can be set very easily. Just copy from the download archive the index.swf, sendMessage.php, data.xml on the server you need this guest book to work and it will work.Webmasters Love It!XML Guestbook does not require. Free download of XML Guestbook 1, size 102.40 Kb.

Phone Dialer-7 1.0 style-7 

Utility for dial and store phone numbers by computer. May be usefully if you have many mobile phones and want use union phone book, for example, for family, or for company working with big data base of phone numbers etc. Just press one key for dial a phone number. So it can save a lot of time. Main dialog window has two list box: phones and phone. Freeware download of Phone Dialer-7 1.0, size 769.55 Kb.

Free Data Base Desighnin Software Web Results

Igneous Geochemistry

Compositions of volcanic and other igneous rocks in a world wide data base.


SDBS an integrated Spectral Data Base System for organic compounds.


Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds. Includes an introduction, usage instructions and search compounds.

The AirQUIS Model

The Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) has developed an Air Quality Information System (AirQUIS) having: an emission inventory data base; dispersion models; and a geographical information...


National catalog of manufactured, modular, log, panelized, and geodesic homes cabins and shelters. Member login required to access the data base.

The Eyesore Data Base

Complete database of recordings related to the 4AD label. Indexed by groups, recording titles, catalogue numbers, years, songs and persons. Links to three other mirrors around the world. Weekly...


Parts, service and notions for Bernina, Singer, Pfaff, Sears and Brother domestic machines. Online searchable data base.