Free Download Of Project Based On Jsp

Project-based Calendaring System 0.7.2 

Project-based Calendaring System is a PHP based web-calendar focused on scheduling appointments for people by a Project Manager. Appointments can be linked to pre-defined projects, giving insight in the progress of running projects.. Freeware download of Project-based Calendaring System 0.7.2, size 4.20 Mb.


Project Module for Moodle 1.0 Project4moodle 

Project Module is an optional module for the Moodle LMS that enables project-based learning. Visit project module forums for latest news and information. Download newest version from

Project Module for Moodle 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Project Module for Moodle 1.0, size 0 b.

SmallFish Chess For iOS 6 - Free & Friends 3.0.2 Ted Wong 

*** This is the iOS 6 version for SmallFish, more suitable for the older devices. Please download the iOS 7 version (search on AppStore) if you have the iOS 7 installed. ***

SmallFish is an open source project based on the Stockfish chess engine. It uses the latest Stockfish chess engine (Stockfish 4.0), rated about Elo 3230+ and is. Freeware download of SmallFish Chess For iOS 6 - Free & Friends 3.0.2, size 26.63 Mb.

SplotchPlus 0.8 runjumpshoot 

This is a project based on Splotch, posted by oriondown.It's an Eliza clone that pretends to be a person chatting with you.It also uses the libyahoo and carries an IM conversation.try talking to SplotchPlus (on yahoo IM) if it's is online.. Free download of SplotchPlus 0.8, size 304.09 Kb.

OpenORB Community Project b.1.4.0 

This is a open, community based project based on a fork of the original Exolab OpenORB project providing a complete CORBA ORB, services and supporting facilities under an open management model, embracing individuals, industrial and academic contributions.. Freeware download of OpenORB Community Project b.1.4.0, size 8.70 Mb.

PHP Project Manager 04 

PHP Project Manager is a web based application for assisting in the organisation of a small project based business. To use the application you will need to be able to use PHP in conjunction with a MySQL database.. Freeware download of PHP Project Manager 04, size 111.57 Kb.

Zillion distributed computing Project 0.1 

The Zillion Project is a distributed computing project based on GNUstep. Jobs can be created from simple template projects and can be submitted through a simple submission tool.. Freeware download of Zillion distributed computing Project 0.1, size 14.42 Kb.

Project WoWaholic 1.0 Wowaholic 

A complete remake of a database project based of the wow emulator and is compatible with Arcemu. This new database makes people start off based on there class not on there race. As such both horde and ally have been tossed together.

Project WoWaholic 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Project WoWaholic 1.0, size 0 b.

Open Project Control 1.0 Projectcontrol 

A simple AJAX ERP management tool for small project based companies such as builders, designers, or software developers. The ERP supports the management of projects with cost-plus or fixed price contracts using budget items.

Open Project Control 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Open Project Control 1.0, size 0 b.

Object-oriented language based on java. 1.0 Plpproject 

Master students group of Federal University of Pernambuco working together to define and to develop an object-oriented language project based on java language as meta language.

Object-oriented language based on java. 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL). Freeware download of Object-oriented language based on java. 1.0, size 0 b.

Teleport VLX 1.68 Tennyson Maxwell Information Systems, Inc. 

Teleport VLX is a GUI webspider with the intuitive Teleport interface and its easy-to-use project-based approach - but it also has the ability to scan up to 40 million addresses in a single project.

Like Teleport Pro and Teleport Ultra, Teleport VLX can handle multiple servers in a single project, dramatically improving its throughput.. Free download of Teleport VLX 1.68, size 0 b.

X-OOo4Kids 1.2 [rev2] winPenPack 

OOo4kids is a project based on source code that aims to provide a simplified version of for kids between 7-12 years. Everything is made by the EducOOo non profit association with the idea to provide a extremely simplified software. An important difference between OOo4Kids and the original version of is. Freeware download of X-OOo4Kids 1.2 [rev2], size 670.28 Mb.

Timeless Time & Expense Multi-User 1.40.12 MAG Softwrx, Inc. 

An easy to use detailed project based time and Expense Tracker. With an Explorer style interface, Timeless Time & Expense simplifies detailed tracking even with many projects. Integrated with the Windows system tray, timers can be started quickly without interrupting workflow. Report Wizard guides you through creating reusable detail, summary. Free download of Timeless Time & Expense Multi-User 1.40.12, size 14.76 Mb.

Senomix Timesheets 2.52b Senomix Software Inc 

Senomix Timesheets is the easiest networked timesheet software for engineering and project-based offices. Senomix's user interface lets employees register their time in as detailed or general a manner as required and collects your company’s timesheet, billing and project status information on one computer for easy reference. - Providing your. Freeware download of Senomix Timesheets 2.52b, size 40.96 Mb.

~sightRipple 10 

A project based non-WYSIWYG HTML editor for Windows based on the HTMR pre-processsing system. Freeware download of ~sightRipple 10, size 311.13 Kb. 06 

This project is a JSP/Servlet-driven web site that allows both human and AI players to compete in antichess online. More importantly, it serves as a testbed for antichess AI developers.. Freeware download of 06, size 7.57 Kb.

armadeus 4.1 

Armadeus is an OpenSource Hardware and Software project based on an ARM core (Freescale i.MX) and Linux. You can consult our wiki at to join our non profit association or our commercial website at .. Freeware download of armadeus 4.1, size 2.58 Mb.

Coefficient 0.6 

Coefficient is a project-based collaboration platform deployable as either a J2EE or a Web application. It provides collaboration tools as hot deployable modules. It also provides a workflow engine to help guide projects through their development cycle.. Freeware download of Coefficient 0.6, size 12.99 Mb.

Encuestame Online Social Survey Tool 1.0 

Encuestame is an open source project based on Java 6 technology. You can use to create different types of surveys. Encuestame provides a full featured Survey Managed System. It's integrated with the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and the capable to distribute your content with diferent ways.. Freeware download of Encuestame Online Social Survey Tool 1.0, size 79.37 Mb.

FileZillaPV 1.0 

This project based on FileZilla, include patches not accepted by the author of FileZilla. If you got problem about the execute file in this project, don't ask the author of FileZilla, please ask here first or test it in the original FileZilla release.. Freeware download of FileZillaPV 1.0, size 647 b.

Free Download Of Project Based On Jsp Web Results

Project Based Calendaring System (PBCS)

An open source web-based system designed to be a useful tool for project managers or planners.

Vuyani Dance Theatre Project

A project-based company that produces works that combine in a dynamic and theatrical way the many cultures, backgrounds and tastes that enrich South Africa.

Spinifex Arts Project

A fine art and cultural project based in Tjuntjuntjara Aboriginal Community, in an effort to document traditional ownership of the Spinifex Lands for a native title claim.

Einstein's Dreams Project

A project based on Lightman's "Einstein's Dreams."

The Starbase 49 Space Station Project

Fan fiction project based on Star Trek written by an on-line community.

SunStang - Solar Car Project

Homepage of the SunStang Solar Car Project based out of the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada.

Brown Hyena Research Project

Information on The Brown Hyena Research Project based in Lüderitz in the southern Namib Desert.