Free Download Quran With Urdu Translation In Text

Quran in Urdu 1.2 Malik Ejaz 

Holy Quran in Urdu for those of us who do not know Arabic. Includes full Urdu text and audio. The urdu text is in proper urdu font so it is very easy to read. This app allows you to read complete Holy Quran with understanding in Urdu. You can read yourself or listen to the audio recitation.

Automatic bookmarks remember your place in. Free download of Quran in Urdu 1.2, size 293.60 Mb.


Quran Urdu HD 2.0.1 Phoenix Tronix Inc 

*** Now with "Khatm-ul-Quran tracker", "verse by verse Urdu recitation", "option to recite selected chapters" and "Urdu text in beautiful Urdu font" ***

"Quran Urdu" is a very easy to use application that recites complete Quran with Urdu translation (text and audio). The application. Free download of Quran Urdu HD 2.0.1, size 687.87 Mb.

Quran with English Translation 1.2 Wajid Ali 

Quran with English Translation Free app for iPhone/iPod and iPad. It is Best free Quran App on app store which contain lot of features. The App offers following features:

- Arabic Text with elegant typography which allows you to read Quranic syllables easily
- English Translation by Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall
- Font Size. Freeware download of Quran with English Translation 1.2, size 10.38 Mb.

Quran Urdu Reader 1.0 Phoenix Tronix Inc 

Quran Urdu Reader is a beautiful application with Complete Quran and Urdu (real Urdu font) Translation. Recite and understand for blessings and guidance.

Urdu and Arabic text is in the most beautiful font available.
Auto bookmark feature remembers the last page you were on.. Free download of Quran Urdu Reader 1.0, size 82.21 Mb.

Quran Dutch 1.1 Phoenix Tronix Inc 

Luister naar Koran recitatie met Nederlandse vertaling.
Zeer makkelijk te gebruiken.
Met bladwijzers.
Quran reciter is a very easy to use application that recites complete Quran with Dutch translation and allows you to read Arabic text of all Surahs along-with verse by verse translation.

This appplication does NOT require. Free download of Quran Dutch 1.1, size 439.35 Mb.

Quran German 2.0 Phoenix Tronix Inc 

Horen Sie Koran Rezitation mit deutscher Ubersetzung.
Sehr einfach zu bedienen.
Mit Lesezeichen.
Quran reciter is a very easy to use application that recites complete Quran with German translation and allows you to read Arabic text of all Surahs along-with verse by verse translation.

This appplication does NOT require. Free download of Quran German 2.0, size 627.05 Mb.

Quran Turkish 1.0 Phoenix Tronix Inc 

Turkce cevirisi ile Kuran problem cozme dinleyin.
Kullan?m? cok kolay.
imleri ile.
Quran reciter is a very easy to use application that recites complete Quran with Turkish translation and allows you to read Arabic text of all Surahs along-with verse by verse translation.

This appplication does NOT require internet. Free download of Quran Turkish 1.0, size 507.51 Mb.

Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation 1.0 Huda Info Solutions 

"Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation V1.0"is the first Quran Software in India. It consists complete Malayalam and English Translations of Quran, Complete Arabic Text, Complete recitation of Quran by Abdurahiman Sudaise, Soud Al-Shuraim , Dr. Mohamed Ayyoob etc, Images and videos related to Islam, Searching facility based on Words,. Free download of Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation 1.0, size 13.06 Mb.

Quran Bengali. 114 Surahs. Audio and Text 1.2.4 Adil Khanov 

The entire Quran with Bengali translation that gives you an ability to listen to and read all 114 surahs on your device anytime and anywhere.

1) NO Internet connection required to listen or to read. Full OFFLINE mode support.
2) Audio is in:
3) Text is in:
4) All. Free download of Quran Bengali. 114 Surahs. Audio and Text 1.2.4, size 1406.60 Mb.

Quran. Short Surahs. Koran 2.2 Timur Kupaev 

Short Surahs of Holy Quran with transliteration, translation and AUDIO!

You can LISTEN surahs while you READ transliteration!

In the application there is the transcription (transliteration) and the translation of last twelve surahs of Quran, and also surah "Fatiha" and ayat "Al-Kursi with the original text of. Free download of Quran. Short Surahs. Koran 2.2, size 17.62 Mb.

Vietnamese Text categorization 1.0 Vietnamese-tc 

Includes a vietnamese corpus, tools to download and extracts news in plain text from e-magazines, and some text classification programs implementing traditional methods as well as some other advanced methods

Vietnamese Text categorization 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL); GNU General Public License (GPL); GNU Library or Lesser. Freeware download of Vietnamese Text categorization 1.0, size 0 b.

Holy Quran - English 1.1 ShaonLab 

Hear and fulfill your around with the sweet holy sound of 114 Sura of Al-Quran with English translation. It will bring you to the peace world of Islam.. Freeware download of Holy Quran - English 1.1, size 731.91 Mb.

Quran E Kareem 1.0 mohammad owais 

Nice Quran with English Translation.

With Amazing Page Curling Feature.

Now in multiple Languages. Free download of Quran E Kareem 1.0, size 5.77 Mb.

MSRParaphraseCorpus 1.0 Microsoft Research 

This download consists of data only: a text file containing 5800 pairs of sentences which have been extracted from news sources on the web, along with human annotations indicating whether each pair captures a paraphrase/semantic equivalence relationship. No more than 1 sentence has been extracted from any given news article. We have made a. Freeware download of MSRParaphraseCorpus 1.0, size 1.36 Mb.

MultiTranslator 1 5 Nikse 

Multi Translator is a small free utility for translation of text or subtitles (SubRip .srt).

At the moment it is possible to translate from Danish to Swedish (dansk til svensk). However, it is possible to add more languages.

Please note that translated material will still need manuel correction. Just running a Swedish. Freeware download of MultiTranslator 1 5, size 1.38 Mb.

catAtAll 1.0 Catatall 

This software is developed based on the Symfony framework and is a tool which helps in the translation of text documents.

catAtAll 1.0 License - MIT License. Freeware download of catAtAll 1.0, size 0 b.

Qurana Piroz Bi Denge Arabi-Kurdi 2.30140117 AJANS YILDIRIM 

Description in English:
You can listen to Holy Quran's Kurdish translation using this app from beautiful voices of Saad Ghamidi (Arabic) and Hakan Kara (Kurdish).

Description in Kurdish:
Qurana Piroz Bi Denge Arabi-Kurdi
Deng: Saad Ghamidi - Hakan Kara

Description in Turkish:
Kuran-? Kerimin Arapca-Kurtce. Free download of Qurana Piroz Bi Denge Arabi-Kurdi 2.30140117, size 477.10 Mb.

Linguarde 2.5 MindSpec Corporation 

Free language translator for Microsoft Windows which enables the fast translation of text in the majority of applications, such as Adobe Acrobat, Outlook, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and Firefox using the Google Translator service.

Google Translate is one of the most popular computer-aided translation services, however, using an. Freeware download of Linguarde 2.5, size 4.27 Mb.

English into plain English Translation 3.0 Langsoft 

English into plain English machine translation. English text interpreter. Translates the English text using simple, more widely used words. Substitutes the synonyms with one pre-chosen synonym, depending on context, while preserving the meaning of the text. Uses up to 10 times less different words to interpret the meaning of the original english. Free download of English into plain English Translation 3.0, size 5.61 Mb.

Sysfilter for Photoshop 2 2 ECM engineering 

Sysfilter for Photoshop® provides you with the ability to transfer text from your Photoshop files to a text processing program of your choice or to XML. After translation, the text can be imported automatically into the original document.

- Automatic text transfer to XML or to MS Word (as -.RTF, -.DOC,. Free download of Sysfilter for Photoshop 2 2, size 9.42 Mb.