Free Download Testing Skills In Data Structures

Spa Details Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

This download database has bussiness data for Spas in the United States. Listings are classifies by category as well as other fields for added valus for each listing in the business database such as Hours and Payment. If you need a script designed to display the Spa's data just let us know, and we can create a cutomized script to fit your needs.. Free download of Spa Details Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.


JDataset 1.2 

JDataset is a new data structures in browser implement by standard javascript. Power than array and object. Simplifies data manipulates and Ajax interactions.

some features:
1. AJAX load and post between server and browser
2. Rich data manipulates: CRUD, navigation. locate, filter and more
3. Represent data in rows and. Free download of JDataset 1.2, size 12.76 Kb.

Data Structures 025 

An open-source collection of data structures found in C++ STL and implemented in C#. Freeware download of Data Structures 025, size 19.44 Kb.

Data Structures - The flash way! 1.0 

It aims to use flash animations to create an interactive open source website that can be used by students to understand the finer details of data structures. Please provide your comments and help us improve our project.. Freeware download of Data Structures - The flash way! 1.0, size 91.63 Kb.

Data Structures Lab 1.0 Dslab 

A data structures library written with educational purposes (non-optimized). If what you want is efficiency, you surely don't want this.

Data Structures Lab 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of Data Structures Lab 1.0, size 0 b.

Yet Another C Data Structures Library 1.0 Yac-datastructs 

"Yet Another C Data Structures Library" is a project that aims at implementing a simple, fast, portable and memory-leak-free data structures and algorithms to extend the C Standard Library and give more support and abstraction power for developers.

Yet Another C Data Structures Library 1.0 License - GNU General Public License. Freeware download of Yet Another C Data Structures Library 1.0, size 0 b.

DBF Recovery 4.1 HiBase Group 

Nowadays, computers often suffer from hacker attacks from the Internet, malicious software and other threats. All of these may damage your files and cause a loss of important data.How many times have you taken an oath to do regular backups? But what a joke! It always appears that backups are not available at the moments when you really need them.. Free download of DBF Recovery 4.1, size 834.56 Kb.

Corrupt Powerpoint Repair 5.0.1 Corrupt Powerpoint Repair 

Repair and rebuild PPT files Restore Corrupt PPT Files data structures headers footnotes. PPT file repair tool easily repairs corrupted PowerPoint Presentation .ppt, files. Repair .ppt files utility repairs corrupted Microsoft PowerPoint presentation files restore damage Corrupt PowerPoint Presentations rebuild PPT files retrieve Power Point files. Free download of Corrupt Powerpoint Repair 5.0.1, size 1.24 Mb.

DMC RT Engine Demo CGF 

DMC skillfully manipulates your data in a wide variety of data structures. Whether you need to simply take a peak at a table or do mass updates to fix major data problems or clone a Table or a complete SQL DB or a complete folder containing various flat Tables, DMC is the tool to get it done.. Free download of DMC RT Engine Demo, size 23.40 Mb.

Evolve Data Struct 1.0 

Don't hard-code data-structures for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Evolve them (and control flow) as cycles of arrays in arrays with size constraints based on other array sizes (at specific index) in terms of range, multiply, exponent, or permutation. No working code yet. Whats there now is an extension of GigaLineCompile which would become part. Freeware download of Evolve Data Struct 1.0, size 89.14 Kb.

The Data Structure Translator 1.0 

Generates internal (in memory) and external (on disk) forms of binary data structures, and the code to convert between the two.. Freeware download of The Data Structure Translator 1.0, size 59.73 Kb.

Lightweight Data Structure Library 1.0 Ldsl 

This is a library implementing a number of different sorts of data structures in a modular fashion in C.

Lightweight Data Structure Library 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Lightweight Data Structure Library 1.0, size 0 b.

C++ Data API 1.0 Cdataapi 

The C++ Data API is a very low-level implementation of simulating DataTypes and Data Structures through the use of templated classes. The goal of this project is to eventually build a minimal C++ compiler.

C++ Data API 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of C++ Data API 1.0, size 0 b.

libssrckdtree-j 1.0.2 Savarese Software Research Corporation 

libssrckdtree-j is designed as a handy Java class library of spatial data structures.

The library contains only an implementation of a k-d tree conforming to the java.util.Map interface.

Additional spatial data structures may be added in the future. libssrckdtree-j implements a fully generalized multi-dimensional k-d tree.. Free download of libssrckdtree-j 1.0.2, size 0 b.

NTL for Windows 5.5.2 Victor Shoup 

NTL is a high-performance, portable C++ library providing data structures and algorithms for manipulating signed, arbitrary length integers, and for vectors, matrices, and polynomials over the integers and over finite fields.

NTL provides high quality implementations of state-of-the-art algorithms for:

* arbitrary length. Free download of NTL for Windows 5.5.2, size 0 b.

Talend Open Profiler 4.2.0 Release 5 Talend Inc. 

Talend Open Profiler is a very useful application designed to offer users a sophisticated, yet easy to use data profiling tool that defines the content, structure, and quality of highly complex data structures.

The open source data profiler allows business users and data management staff to perform a large variety of analyses using a. Freeware download of Talend Open Profiler 4.2.0 Release 5, size 0 b.

Data Strucutres Swebert Dmello 

This app will give various data structures information, algorithms such as stacks,linked list and queues. the most important thing is you can perform operations to know how the stacks,linked list,Queues will work and there is animation of sorting also.. Freeware download of Data Strucutres, size 5.24 Mb.

Saphir 8.0.0001 Silwood Technology Limited 

Understanding the complex data structures of SAP (mySAP and BW), JD Edwards, E-Business Suite, Siebel and PeopleSoft is a difficult and time-consuming task. Saphir is a powerful tool for looking into these enterprise applications. Technical and business users alike will find it easier to explore and discover their data structures.. Free download of Saphir 8.0.0001, size 13.67 Mb.

RACE STUDIO 2.38.11 beta AIM 

Race Studio is data analysis software designed specifically to download and process the data from AiM sports data acquisiton products. The results can be viewed and presented in many different ways, giving you ultimate flexibility in what you view, and how.
With Race Studio you see how your vehicle, engine and driver perform. No other data. Freeware download of RACE STUDIO 2.38.11 beta, size 24.94 Mb.

GrainPlan 4 1 H.G.C.A 

GrainPlan is the new user-friendly electronic grain store package that combines storage records with testing and monitoring data. It gives an overview of the stored grain's status throughout the season. GrainPlan uses colour-coding to flag up potential problems and guides the user to solutions in an easily accessible format. You begin using. Freeware download of GrainPlan 4 1, size 96.46 Mb.