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PHP hit counter 1.0 3D Pictor 

Use this free php hit counter code on you site and host many stat counters. This package comes with many unique digit images and enables you to make your own counter hosting. It comes with 16 different digit styles in 4 languages including regular digits, Arabic digits, Japanese digits and Thai digits and you can easily add your own digits sets.. Freeware download of PHP hit counter 1.0, size 95.23 Kb.


Animated Hit Counter 1.0 FlashComponents 

An all-vector, scaleable, animated webpage hit counter. The Flash file makes use of a simple PHP script which keeps track of the unique pageloads (by using cookies) and total pageloads by writing to a text file. The file 'spins' the final numbers into place from a starting value that you can specify in the XML config file.You can also adjust: *the. Free download of Animated Hit Counter 1.0, size 499.71 Kb.

Hit Counter CGI NetworkDLS 

A simple hit counter CGI that writes the number of page hits to a file and then displays the number as gif images. Images included.
. Freeware download of Hit Counter CGI, size 41.94 Kb.

WWW Counter 0.01 

WWW Counter is a configurable, extensible hit-counter for World Wide Web pages which can be used either as a CGI (embedded in your site) or as a standard UNIX console application (support for ncurses is planned).. Freeware download of WWW Counter 0.01, size 3.90 Kb.

WebApp Generator 1.0 

WebApp Generator is a JavaScript and PHP application generating your hit counter, guestbook, mailing list, formmail, forum, and many other web applications on the fly. Save your time to code or pay no more for a programmer.. Freeware download of WebApp Generator 1.0, size 963 b.

100.5 WWKI 3.4.0 AirKast, Inc. 

Say hello to your official brand new 100.5 WWKI radio app!

100.5 WWKI plays Hit Country - today's biggest stars and hottest country music. KI's daily talk show, "Male Call", annual "We Care" fundraiser, "Cafe Country" request show, dynamic personalities, local news updates, and storm reports have made it. Freeware download of 100.5 WWKI 3.4.0, size 13.42 Mb.

Website Stats Counter 4.1 Website Stats Counter is a free invisible stats tracking website that allows you to free track multiple web sites for free! We created this website because we wanted to offer people a free way to accurately track mulitple websites all from one location. We are dedicated to providing a free top quality way to track web sites. We are also dedicated. Free download of Website Stats Counter 4.1, size 26.64 Mb.

miniStat - Stats for .net websites 1.1 

MiniStat .net is a simple yet robust hit tracker/ hit counter. It provides statistical information on the users to any website. MiniStat .net tracks your users hits, unique hits, referring domains, search engine queries, operating system, etc.. Freeware download of miniStat - Stats for .net websites 1.1, size 105.87 Kb.

What I Have Done 1.0 Joblogger 

I am (or you are) multitasking, and handle multiple projects and work orders during a working day. I have bad memory, and quite often forgot what I have done today, yesterday or last week. I want to know what I have done.

What I Have Done 1.0 License - Mozilla Public License 1.0 (MPL). Freeware download of What I Have Done 1.0, size 0 b.

Total Return Free 3.3 TruSummit LLC 

If you prefer an AD-FREE app, consider buying Total Return instead.
Transferring your data between Total Return Free and Total Return is very easy.

Have you ever wanted to know how much youve actually gained from your stock, mutual fund, 401(k), or IRA (and Roth IRA) investments including all purchases, sales,. Freeware download of Total Return Free 3.3, size 3.15 Mb.

Unicounter 1.03 Cathonian Software 

If you want to add page-hit counters or download counters to your website then you may have what you're looking for. This sophisticated Perl script can perform all the basic requirements of a web counter. It can :-
act as a page-hit counter;
act as a download counter;
track ip addresses to avoid false increments;
disable. Freeware download of Unicounter 1.03, size 40.96 Kb.

CNStats STD 3.2 "CN-Software" Ltd. 

CNStats STD - a modern system for record and analysis of a site attendance statistics.CNStats STD (CNStats Standard) is a flexible and versatile system for accumulation and analysis of a site attendance statistics. More than 50 base reports are available via web-interface. CNStats STD works at any hosting which supports MySQL and PHP.

X2Net Recent Documents X2Net Limited 

Never lose track of a file again! X2Net Recent Documents automatically keeps track of every document you use. You can find them again by date (today, yesterday etc.), by the application that created them (Word, Excel etc.), or by type (music, pictures etc.) or you can even create your own categories and groupings (by customer maybe?). You can even. Free download of X2Net Recent Documents, size 4.32 Mb.

Clip-box 5.0 

ClipBox-Clipboard/document/Information managerClipbox is a easy-to-use and powerful clipboard / document / Information manager and information collector . It allows you to keep all you information in clipbox database. inlclude clipboard / text / MS-word / graphics / media and all format documents.Just with one click , put clip on windows clipboard. Free download of Clip-box 5.0, size 2.70 Mb.

AlbionXP 1.2 Vinidiktov Software 

English explanatory dictionary enables you to easily look up over 145, 000 words, and can be used as a convenient tool for creating word lists for learning with our vocabulary builder Vocabilis. Here are some of the key things you can do with AlbionXP: Look up definitions of over 145, 000 English words. AlbionXP features a huge word database that. Free download of AlbionXP 1.2, size 8.18 Mb.

Dynamic Web Ranking 5.0 Apex Pacific Pty Ltd 

Dynamic Web Ranking is an essential tool for the serious Web Promoters, providing a means to judge the success (or otherwise) of Search Engine submissions. It is not enough simply to submit your Web site to all the Internet Search Engines and Directories - careful analysis of the results of these submissions is absolutely essential. The first stage. Free download of Dynamic Web Ranking 5.0, size 6.25 Mb.

Hotbid auction marketing analyst 4.0.6 

The eBay search engine for sellers. Hotbid will allow sellers to search only for those items that get the maximum bids. Choose featured auction or a category number. Or you could choose to search by keywords in completed or running auctions. Sit back and let Hotbid tell you what customers are buying. If you don't know what to sell, search the. Free download of Hotbid auction marketing analyst 4.0.6, size 6.58 Mb.

WebWatcher 1.1.24 Steve Karas and Assocaites 

WebMasters now you can Watch Live Hits on your WEB site from your desktop computer. Imagine knowing right this minute exactly how many visitors are on your site and which pages they are currently looking at. Sounds impossible right - but its not. We have been in the software development business for nearly 20 years. Over the past 5 years or so it. Free download of WebWatcher 1.1.24, size 6.14 Mb.

Boldchat 6.0 Bold Software, LLC 

Free live chat software for online sales and support teams. Increase sales, improve customer service, and reduce support costs. Simply install the client and add a chat button to your website to start chatting with your visitors. Upgrade to a paid edition to also manage sales leads, manage inbound emails, manage help desk tickets, click-to-call. Freeware download of Boldchat 6.0, size 7.14 Mb.

Website Inventor 1.001 Cryosoft 

Website Inventor allows anybody to create and manage professional websites that can be hosted by any hosting provider.

Projects can be created from scratch or from preset templates. There is a page of settings for the content and in the Pro version there is a page of settings for the products, categories and cart. You can create and. Free download of Website Inventor 1.001, size 24.90 Mb.