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Internet Server Monitor Corner Bowl Software 

Internet Server Monitor is a network server monitoring tool enabling System Administrators to monitor servers and the network applications they host for failures, recoveries and load. Minimize downtime by configuring the software to notify your on call system administrator when a server application fails or system performance degrades. Features. Free download of Internet Server Monitor, size 2.83 Mb.


Internet Server Monitor (64-bit) Corner Bowl Software Corporation 

Internet Server Monitor is a network server monitoring tool enabling System Administrators to monitor servers and the network applications they host for failures, recoveries and load. Minimize downtime by configuring the software to notify your on call system administrator when a server application fails or system performance degrades.

Dynamic-CD server 3. 2. 2001 PHD Computer Consultants Ltd 

Dynamic-CD is a programmable Internet server that runs straight from a CD, DVD or disk drive without installation being required. Dynamic-CD site contains a great deal of information. This is a web server that runs directly from CD, DVD or USB stick and supports ASP scripts, ACCESS databases, encrypts confidential source and includes Wizard to. Free download of Dynamic-CD server 3. 2. 2001, size 2.84 Mb.

ITC Server 2.0  

ITC Server - internet server with traffic control. Built in mail server, VPN server, Firewall. All with WEB administration panel. Easy to install and use! You do not need to know linux at all, ITC Server installs automatically! Installation takes only 10 minutes and you get real internet server with traffic control, firewall, AD integration and. Free download of ITC Server 2.0, size 264.45 Mb.

IP2Location ISAPI Filter 2 2 IP2Location 

IP2Location ISAPI Filter is an Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) plug-in that can be used with any web server running IIS, which enables you to discover in real-time, where your web visitors are coming from by IP address. You can determine which country they are in by IP address. IP2Location ISAPI Filter can be used to. Free download of IP2Location ISAPI Filter 2 2, size 1.13 Mb.

Synchronet BBS Software 1.0 

Multiuser BBS/Internet Server Software for multiple platforms including Windows and Linux (legacy versions maintained for DOS and OS/2). Multithreaded modular C/C++ project that includes Telnet, FTP, and Mail servers and support for popular DOS doorgames.. Freeware download of Synchronet BBS Software 1.0, size 32.26 Kb.

Terra-Terra, A Virtual Operating System 0.0.5 

Terra-Terra is a virtual operating system, giving the full power of an OS to your internet server. Application developers can build webbased application for Terra-Terra, using its user interface, security system, RTL etc as with any OS.. Freeware download of Terra-Terra, A Virtual Operating System 0.0.5, size 317.61 Kb.

Aqueb 1.0 Aqueb 

Aqueb is a internet server provided by ZEDGETS inc. Aqueb is growing every day by hundreds and hundreds of people.

Aqueb 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of Aqueb 1.0, size 0 b.

Quasimodo 1.0 Quasimodo 

Quasimodo is a chess interface for playing chess games against other humans or chess engines, analyzing chess games, managing chess databases and playing games over the internet (on Free Chess Internet Server).

Quasimodo 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Quasimodo 1.0, size 0 b.

GideonFTP 1.0 Gideon 

With GideonFTP you can efficiently and reliably fetch and transmit files to any kind of Internet server using FTP or SFTP under windows, mac os x and unix.

GideonFTP 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of GideonFTP 1.0, size 0 b.

8Signs Firewall 3.0.37 8Signs Limited 

8Signs Firewall is a software firewall for administrators wanting to protect a Windows Internet server, and power users who want complete information and control over their network security. With these users in mind, the 8Signs Firewall includes features such as:. Free download of 8Signs Firewall 3.0.37, size 5.71 Mb.

Dynamic-CD.Net 3.5.2a PHD Computer Consultants Ltd 

Dynamic-CD.Net for Windows provides the services you would expect from an Internet server - except it's on a CD/DVD/USB-stick. Dynamic-CD.Net allows your CD, DVD or USB memory device to display dynamic ASP.NET content, just like an Internet server. Dynamic-CD.Net allows you to produce CDs with processing power, adding an Internet server that runs. Free download of Dynamic-CD.Net 3.5.2a, size 3.08 Mb.

Internet Server for Lists of Items 1.0 

The ListServer is an application for serving up lists of "items" and their contents via an internet connection. All the usual suspects, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, NNTP etc are supported. The "items" can be anything. Designed for the santiagobis egroup.

Internet Server for Lists of Items 1.0 License - GNU General Public License. Freeware download of Internet Server for Lists of Items 1.0, size 0 b.


The SiteCafe software was developed in particular for Internet and Cyber cafes. It allows you to centrally manage account and customer information stored on one or several hunderd client computers within a local network or on your internet server. Operators will be able to bill their customers by several different billing methods, such as user. Freeware download of SiteCafe 1, size 31.06 Mb.

RSEmu 1.0 

The goal of runescape-emu is to provide a stable runescape server simulator, simulating the packet stream between the client and the server. In time, runescape-emu should allow you to set up your own LAN, or internet server to play runescape on.. Freeware download of RSEmu 1.0, size 1.30 Mb.

Front HTML Editor 1.0 

The Front HTML Editor is a program for windows that allows you to create html file by html tags. With this program you can create html, asp, php, java script and more files for you web site or your internet server.. Freeware download of Front HTML Editor 1.0, size 3.86 Mb.

DocuWare Reader DocuWare AG 

You can look at DocuWare single and multi-page TIFFs with the DocuWare READER without having DocuWare software. When displaying DocuWare TIFF files, DocuWare READER automatically displays all overlays containing annotations made to the document with DocuWare document management software.

It is also possible to display any added text. Freeware download of DocuWare Reader, size 3.41 Mb.

Awanasoft 1.0 Awanasoft 

Awanasoft is a Ruby on Rails management system for Awana Clubs. Manage clubbers and worker information, attendance, sections passed, awards earned. Software can be hosted on an internet server so it may be accessed from home.

Awanasoft 1.0 License - MIT License. Freeware download of Awanasoft 1.0, size 0 b.

BeeBEEP 0.6.2 Beta Marco Mastroddi 

BeeBEEP is designed to be a secure network chat.

The application can be used in order to talk with all your friends inside a local area network such of an office, home or cafe without an Internet server.

. Freeware download of BeeBEEP 0.6.2 Beta, size 0 b.

Warpath: 21st Century 2.03 Synthetic Reality 

Warpath is a game for one to four players. You interact in real-time as you rush to conquer the known universe. To achieve your goal, you must convince the planets of the galaxy to follow your "path".

You will accomplish this by basically buying love, and blasting those who refuse to love you. It's an action game, it's a. Freeware download of Warpath: 21st Century 2.03, size 1.16 Mb.