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Lottery Checker Plus 2 1 Casimo Software(uk) 

Have more than 1 set of lottery numbers? Running a syndicate? Getting fed up with checking them all manually? 'Lottery Checker Plus' can help you, easy to use and tells you how many matching numbers you have. Up to 10 different lottery sets can be inserted and remembered, simply enter the weeks winning lottery numbers press a button and this. Freeware download of Lottery Checker Plus 2 1, size 787.46 Kb.


Lottery Numbers 7 WebApps, LLC. 

Lottery Numbers 7 is a FREE app that picks lottery numbers for you! Choose the min and max numbers and the number of balls and just SHAKE the phone!! Keep shaking the phone for new numbers!

* Auto saves your lottery options so you have then next time you open the app!
* Sliders are larger to be more finger friendly!

Lottery Money Maker Jedisware, LLC 

Pick Lottery numbers, Megaball numbers or any lottery game numbers the easy way! Generate up to 10 unique numbers at a time.. Free download of Lottery Money Maker, size 172.03 Kb.

Figerty Lucky Numbers Dan O'Riordan 

Figerty Lucky Numbers provides you with a simple application that uses an algorithm to generate lucky lottery numbers based on the numbers you enter.

The program is easy to use and does not guarantee that you will win the lottery. However, you can use it as a number generator.

. Freeware download of Figerty Lucky Numbers, size 0 b.

Lottery Number Ball Picker Jedisware, LLC 

Pick Lottery numbers, Megaball numbers or any lottery game numbers the easy way! Generate up to 10 unique numbers at a time.. Free download of Lottery Number Ball Picker, size 172.03 Kb.

Lottery Picks 2.0.1 Custom Solutions of Maryland 

Lottery Picks is a small but handy utility for quickly generating new random lottery numbers.

When you press the "Generate New Numbers" button you see five random numbers between one and 39 plus a Bonus Ball random number within this range. These are the picks needed to play the Maryland lottery.

Every time you. Free download of Lottery Picks 2.0.1, size 0 b.

Lotto number generator 1.0.3 Webtime Corporation 

Every week you need new lottery numbers. With Axmata Lotto numbers generator you can generate them with one click. Our application is freeware. On request we can extend application.. Freeware download of Lotto number generator 1.0.3, size 194.56 Kb.

Euromillions three words 1.01 Oyaji 

Euromillions three words is a lightweight utility that generates lottery numbers based on three words.

It uses an algorithm to generate the numbers based on what words you choose from a predefined list. You can use the numbers to try your luck at the lottery!

. Free download of Euromillions three words 1.01, size 0 b.

Lottery Picks for Windows 2.0.1 Custom Solutions of Maryland 

Lottery Picks was written to assist picking of random lottery numbers. When you launch Lottery Picks you are presented with the window below. When you press the "Generate New Numbers" button you see five random numbers between one and 39 plus a Bonus Ball random number within this range. These are the picks needed to play the Maryland. Free download of Lottery Picks for Windows 2.0.1, size 1.15 Mb.

Euro Numbers 1.0.2 Hagens Media, LLC. 

Picking lottery numbers can sometimes be a tedious task, many people don't know where to begin when it comes to choosing those special digits! Don't worry, this task is actually quite easy these days, thanks to the EuroNumbers Random Number Generator! The number generator creates a unique set of 5 digits, and these digits range from 1-50.. Freeware download of Euro Numbers 1.0.2, size 4.40 Mb.

Loretta's Lottery Picks Blair Brewer 

Randomly, Loretta will pick your lottery numbers for you. Why trust yourself. If you were any good at picking lottery numbers you wouldn't be looking at a lottery application, so go with your judgement and let 'Loretta's Lottery Picks' pick your numbers for you. Configurable for various lottery systems.. Freeware download of Loretta's Lottery Picks, size 1.05 Mb.

Lottery Buddy++ Rob.Kachmar 

Lottery Buddy++ is a simple app to help calculate lottery numbers. It also has the added benefit of allowing customization of the randomizing processes, and provides detailed statistics.

* Added a generate button to menu items
* Changed the app name to Lottery Buddy++
* Added Rate My App Feature
*. Freeware download of Lottery Buddy++, size 1.05 Mb.

Lucky Sun Lottery Isolo Software Development 

A fun way to select lottery numbers for your lottery pool or yourself on the go. Includes preset lottery modes for PowerBall and Mega Millions. For those Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5 games, a custom mode is available. While numbers are randomly generated, this app includes logic which filters results with the least statistical probability of being. Freeware download of Lucky Sun Lottery, size 2.10 Mb.

Mega Lottery 

Mega Lottery is your quick access app to Mega Millions Lottery.

- View Winning Lottery Numbers up to Last 25 draws.
- View winning odds.
- View cash prizes and Mega Million Jackpot.

*** Use our Random Ticket Generator to generate Lottery Ticket Numbers.
You can share your lucky numbers via text/email. ***

Lotto King 4 PinderSoft 

Increase your odds of hitting the jackpot with The Lotto King, a small but powerful lotto software tool that lets you manipulate your favorite lottery numbers. This dynamic little program will give you hours of fun and enjoyment as you try to beat the odds. Designed for the 6 from 49 systems, you can box and pick your favorite numbers til you find. Free download of Lotto King 4, size 2.34 Mb.

Mega Sena Sorte! 1.0 Techload Informtica 

This is a small executable program that generates Brazilian Mega Sena Lottery Numbers. This is a freeware courtesy of Techload Informatica: Freeware download of Mega Sena Sorte! 1.0, size 967.68 Kb.

Psychic Jackpot 1.0.14 Lotto Systems Group 

Picking the right lottery numbers is the greatest challenge of all lottery players. Actually, intuitive ability is very important in all forms of gambling especially lotto. But now for the first time ever, you can train your psychic mind to give you the winning lotto numbers. How does this work, you ask? You develop and expand your psychic ability. Freeware download of Psychic Jackpot 1.0.14, size 2.34 Mb.

Psionic Lotto 1.0.0 Slightly Sharp Enterprises 

Psionic Lotto is a fun way to pick lottery numbers. Based on Psycho-Kinetic feedback, this application enables the user to control the outcomes of what would otherwise be a random draw of numbers.

With this application you can pick numbers for the very popular Mega Millions lottery in a fun and entertaining way. In addition the. Free download of Psionic Lotto 1.0.0, size 1.15 Mb.

RandomAtom 2.0.1 Fuzzygoat Limited 

RandomAtom provides an innovative new method for generating lottery numbers for popular games around the world based on a unique stream of true random numbers.

The odds of winning the UK National Lottery Lotto game are approximately 1 in 14 million, whats more your chances of winning are not based on the numbers you choose, 1, 2, 3, 4,. Free download of RandomAtom 2.0.1, size 5.14 Mb.

Randomize Your Life 1.0 Virtual Sunshine 

Randomize Your Life is a stylish random number generator with infinite possibilities.

* Easy and intuitive to use - just select your desired range and pull the handle.
* Perfect for lottery numbers, rolling dice, coin toss or any other situation where a random number is needed.. Free download of Randomize Your Life 1.0, size 838.86 Kb.