Free Pspice Freeware

PSpice Student 

Because the analog and digital simulation algorithms are built into the same program, PSpice A/D simulates mixed-signal circuits with no performance degradation because of tightly coupled feedback loops between the analog and digital sections.

Main features:

- AC, DC, and transient analyses, so you can test the response of. Freeware download of PSpice Student, size 28.62 Mb.

Schematic 3D 2007.11.18 

Schematic3d depicts analog circuits in three dimensional space. Third dimension for circuit element is added based on the voltage. It generates animation for transient simulation. (Values of voltages are taken from PSPICE software).. Freeware download of Schematic 3D 2007.11.18, size 441.86 Kb.

Wavosaur free audio editor Wavosaur free sound editor 

Wavosaur is a free audio editor. It has the standard and advanced features for editing your digital audio files. Wavosaur can work with ASIO drivers for optimal performance, you can do audio routing, import wav, aiff, iff, mp3, AKAI S1000, vox, multichannel wav and raw binary files. General features: - accurate visualization, fast and easy zoom,. Freeware download of Wavosaur free audio editor, size 218.11 Kb.