Free Remote Registry iPhone Software

01v96 Remote 3.1 John Milner 

Mobile \ Music

01v96 Remote is an iPhone App to remotely control a Yamaha 01v96 Mixing Console via WiFi. Imagine the advantages of being able to wander around an auditorium, tweaking mixes and settings from your iPhone!

Note. Free download of 01v96 Remote 3.1, size 13.21 Mb.


01v96 Remote LE 1.0 John Milner 

Mobile \ Music

Light Edition of 01v96 Remote - Allows control of 4 faders and channel switches of the Yamaha 01v96 Mixing Console to demonstrate the functionality of MIDI over WiFi to the user, thereby encouraging the user to buy the full app.... Freeware download of 01v96 Remote LE 1.0, size 1.26 Mb.

01v Remote 1.6 John Milner 

Mobile \ Music

Remote control over WiFi for the original Yamaha 01v series of Mixing consoles. To use this App, UMMU Server must be installed on the host computer (Available for OSX and Windows, Lion and Windows 7 supported). Both versions available as free downloads from: A MIDI interface (eg MIDISport 2 x 2) is also required. The. Free download of 01v Remote 1.6, size 6.82 Mb.

1A Remote 1.2 Dreyer, Seitz & Partner GmbH 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Diese App ist ein Teil einer Fernsteuerung und setzt die 1A Remote Gegenstelle vorraus.. Freeware download of 1A Remote 1.2, size 12.16 Mb.

24U Net Remote 1.0 24U s.r.o. 

Mobile \ Utilities

Control Apps and Devices Remotely Over Network

Use iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as a remote control
for your slide shows, presentations, and demos
for your audio and video playback
for live voting or survey response gathering
for school exams and contests
for FileMaker, AppleScript and Web applications
. Free download of 24U Net Remote 1.0, size 3.57 Mb.

2Screens Remote 1.5.2 Edwin Lam 

Mobile \ Business

With this app installed, your iPhone can serve as a remote control for the iPad apps "2Screens - Presentation Expert" or "2Screens LE" for switching among slides/tabs, moving the laser pointer, as well as enabling/suppressing display on the external screen when the iPad is connected with a projector or LCD monitor.

2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop 11.1.2064 2X Software Ltd 

Mobile \ Business

Stay connected to your home or office Windows PC with the free 2X Client for iOS!
The 2X Client for RDP / Remote Desktop allows you to simply connect, via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), to your remote Windows desktop & applications at work or at home. The 2X Client also connects to 2X ApplicationServer XG to seamlessly run published. Freeware download of 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop 11.1.2064, size 8.18 Mb.

3D Remote Control Car Racing Game FREE 1.0 George Ferrer 

Mobile \ Games

+++The Ultimate REMOTE CONTROL Race Game!+++

If you like to race, this game is for you!!!

"This is the best racing game I've played in a long time!" -Sean T.

"I LOVE this game!" -Brock S.

"Too addicting!" -Jared P.

3D Remote Control Car Racing Game PRO 1.0 George Ferrer 

Mobile \ Games

+++The Ultimate REMOTE CONTROL Race Game!+++

If you like to race, this game is for you!!!

"This is the best racing game I've played in a long time!" -Sean T.

"I LOVE this game!" -Brock S.

"Too addicting!" -Jared P.

Abdominal Sonography Registry Review FlashCards 1.1 Imago LLC 

Mobile \ Medical

Preparing for ARDMS Abdomen exam or need help in abdomen class?
Here are all the topics you need in one condensed, portable resource.

Abdominal Sonography Registry Review FlashCards, are filled with valuable, easy-to-access information so that you can pass your exam the first time.

If you are studying for the. Free download of Abdominal Sonography Registry Review FlashCards 1.1, size 26.11 Mb.

Acapela 16 Remote 0.9.52 Phonic Corp. 

Mobile \ Music

This easy-to-use remote application allows for remote operation of the Phonic Acapela 16 digital mixer through a Wi-Fi connection. This can be done either in ad-hoc mode or through a wireless local area network (WLAN). Through the Acapela 16 Remote app, you can easily adjust input and output levels, auxiliary mixes, submixes, equalizers, dynamic. Freeware download of Acapela 16 Remote 0.9.52, size 17.20 Mb.

Autodesk Remote 1.5 Autodesk Inc. 

Mobile \ Productivity

Autodesk Remote lets you drive software installed on your primary computer from your iPad, allowing full desktop access to your programs and files. It provides a high fidelity, low latency experience that's unmatched by other remoting tools.

The ability to make design changes directly from the iPad improves collaboration and increases. Freeware download of Autodesk Remote 1.5, size 19.50 Mb.

Avalanche TTX Remote 1.4.1 Avalias 

Mobile \ Productivity

With Avalanche TTX Remote, you can use your iPhone or iPod touch to remotely control the Avalanche TTX tabletop exercise software running on your computer.

[Note: The Avalanche TTX software is not included with Avalanche TTX Remote. To purchase Avalanche TTX, please visit]

If you own Avalanche TTX on your PC,. Free download of Avalanche TTX Remote 1.4.1, size 1.36 Mb.

AV Receiver Remote 1.0.0 Sony Corporation 

Mobile \ Utilities

You can operate your Sony receiver and/or components connected to your Sony receiver with the AV Receiver Remote application. The following Sony receivers are compatible with this application:
- STR-DA5600ES
- STR-DA4600ES
- STR-DA3600ES
- STR-DN2010

Getting Started

1) Prepare your Sony receiver.

Awards Party Remote 1.5 Leafeater Games, LLC. 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Having an Awards Party? Want to keep track of all your guests predictions and see everyones results? Awards Party Remote is the app for you! Enter all your Nomination Predictions and upload your selections to our Awards Party iPad app that your Party Host is using to track everyones predictions.

This app works with Award Party for the. Freeware download of Awards Party Remote 1.5, size 838.86 Kb.

Babies R Us Gift Registry 1.3 Brett Meyer 

Mobile \ Catalogs

Register with Babies R Us South Africa today with this easy to use Registry App - a direct portal to all the Babies R Us products to ensure that you begin parenthood with all the essentials you need. Quick to use and easy to share with your friends.
*Create and manage your. Freeware download of Babies R Us Gift Registry 1.3, size 4.93 Mb.

Baby Registry Lite 1.0 iList Apps 

Mobile \ Productivity

iList Apps Baby Registry Lite helps take the stress out of planning your baby shower. Instead of creating a separate baby registry at every store in town, this app lets you quickly create just one registry.

Congratulations! You just found out that you're having a baby and you couldn't be happier. You have big plans for your. Freeware download of Baby Registry Lite 1.0, size 2.41 Mb.

Baby town Gift Registry 1.0.15 Art Pugachev 

Mobile \ Utilities

Find an item you like in our Baby Town store, press a button on your phone to scan the barcode, and the item will be added to your registry. It's that simple! If you need help, please ask our sales associates. We're always happy to help!. Freeware download of Baby town Gift Registry 1.0.15, size 3.36 Mb.

Backsound Remote 3.3 Daniel schaad 

Mobile \ Music

de Remote van backsound is revolutionair. Met deze app bedien je eenvoudig de backsound muziek computer. De app werkt uitsluitend met de backsound software waarbij een overeenkomst verplicht is.. Free download of Backsound Remote 3.3, size 16.46 Mb.

Barclays Remote Deposit 1.0.0 Barclays Bank Delaware 

Mobile \ Finance

Barclays Remote Deposit allows customers to conveniently make deposits electronically with an iPhone. Just take a photo of the front and back of the check and send it to Barclays. Its that easy.
Enjoy the following benefits and features:
Save time by making deposits when its convenient for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Cat Remote 1.0 RockCat Studio Limited 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Come here, Tabby! Why? You never listen!
Above is the daily communication between you and your cat. Me Too.

Have you ever dreamed a remote control for your cat? Now is your chance, Cat Remote can fulfil your dream.

Commands (with sound): Come, Meow, Sit, Jump, Hand, Drink, Eat, Sleep, Quiet, Go etc...

CDI Soul Remote 1.1 Mondev, Tongji U 

Mobile \ Utilities

CDI Soul Remote make it possible for CDI members and guests to control room facilities including doors, lights, air-conditioner, and even curtain on iPhone.. Freeware download of CDI Soul Remote 1.1, size 1.78 Mb.

CG-Store Remote 1.2 NIXUS -Hokkaido Nikko Telecommunications Co.,LTD.- 

Mobile \ Utilities

CG-Store Remote is the application for iPad for output control of CG-Store.
Using CG-Store Remote makes you easy to use Take, Back, and Skip.
On the screen of CG-Store, you can see the character generation through the on-air broadcast by thumbnail appearance.
This application can work OS 4.2 or higher.. Freeware download of CG-Store Remote 1.2, size 2.52 Mb.

Chart Remote 1.0 Optos plc. 

Mobile \ Medical

OptosChart Remote App Features and Benefits

OptosChart, the worlds most powerful digital visual acuity testing system can now be controlled using your iPad. Never again will you need to look over your shoulder to read the acuity chart along with your patients or memorize the order of the optotypes. Quickly and easily control the. Freeware download of Chart Remote 1.0, size 19.29 Mb.

EB Remote Deposit 2.1 Enterprise Bank PGH 

Mobile \ Finance

POINT. SHOOT. DEPOSIT. This application is intended for existing users of Enterprise Bank Remote Deposit service only and requires Enterprise Bank servers. It does not function without such an account. Contact Enterprise Bank for additional information. Freeware download of EB Remote Deposit 2.1, size 734.00 Kb.

Electrocompaniet Remote 2.0 Electrocompaniet AS 

Mobile \ Entertainment

This is the remote control for the ECM 2.

Browse your music, movies and TV-series libraries on the ECM directly from your iPad or iPhone. The app can also function as a remote control, or be used to switch inputs on your ECM 2.

With all your music and movies at your fingertips, you can rediscover your collection.. Freeware download of Electrocompaniet Remote 2.0, size 17.41 Mb.

Embla Remote 2.2.0 Bladelius Design Group AB 

Mobile \ Music

A remote for the Bladelius Embla CD and media player.

Besides working as a remote, this app also enables you to use upnp functionality with your Embla.

When first starting the application you will be presented with a search window that shows you all the Emblas that are connected to the same network as the iPad is connected to.. Free download of Embla Remote 2.2.0, size 2.10 Mb.

Engino Robotics Platform - Remote Control 1.0.1 Engino 

Mobile \ Education

This application is a remote control for the Engino Robotics Platform. By connecting to the device's WiFi Access Point you can control the robot using this app.

Engino Robotics Platform is specially designed for Primary and Secondary level students and takes into account the most modern pedagogical principles of learning. You can learn. Freeware download of Engino Robotics Platform - Remote Control 1.0.1, size 4.93 Mb.

Enigma2 Remote for Vu+/Dreambox 1..0 Luminous Apps 

Mobile \ Utilities

Zap and remote control your Dreambox/Vu+ device with your iPhone! You don't need your TV remote anymore, here's a virtual remote for you:

Zap channels instantly
EPG (what is showing) data
Beautiful and simple virtual remote
Advanced remote option

? This app works with Enigma2 installed devices (typically. Free download of Enigma2 Remote for Vu+/Dreambox 1..0, size 1.78 Mb.

EOS Remote Canon Inc. 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

EOS Remote is a free application for convenient remote shooting, image browsing, and other operations on Canon EOS digital cameras with Wi-Fi functionality.
As you view live images from the camera in EOS Remote, you can remotely set the focus, adjust shooting values, and release the shutter.
You can also browse images on the camera's. Freeware download of EOS Remote, size 6.19 Mb.