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ProMoteur Trellian 

A professional French Web Page Promotion Robot. It hasa database of over 450 sites where you can promoteyour URL, and can automatically submit to around 200 French Search Engines and Directories in just a few minutes. ProMoteur is available in French only. Script upgrades and technical support are free.. Free download of ProMoteur, size 1.46 Mb.


SubmitWolf FR 5 6 Trellian 

A professional French Web Page Promotion Robot. It hasa database of over 2900 sites where you can promoteyour URL, and can automatically submit to over 1700French and International Search Engines and Directories in just a few minutes. SubmitWolf FR has dual language support and is available in English and French.. Free download of SubmitWolf FR 5 6, size 1.60 Mb.

URL Spider Pro 1 8 Innerprise 

URL Spider Pro allows you to create your own Altavistastyle search engine or a Yahoo! style directory. It has the ability to follow links it finds and now supports the robots exclusion. Many features allow you to index only the types of web pages you want. Useful for creating your own mini search engine for any subject you're interested in.. Free download of URL Spider Pro 1 8, size 0 b.

Submit Software Diamond Suite 2009 

We help you submit software to 800+ download sites 1. Check your Program information first 2. Host your PAD files if needed 3. Your software will be submitted to 800+ download sites and directories * 4. Give you a comprehensive submission report. 5. Give you all logins and passwords for some need accont download sites that you can edit it anytime.. Free download of Submit Software Diamond Suite 2009, size 2.10 Mb.

Quttera URL Scanner 1.0.1 Quttera 

Quttera URL Scanner is a standalone utility used to investigate content of a web-site and to verify whether specified web site is safe to browse. Quttera URL Scanner utilizes patent-pending heuristic and non-signature based web threats detection technology solution. It is specially crafted to analyze and detect zero-day vulnerability exploits,. Freeware download of Quttera URL Scanner 1.0.1, size 9.22 Kb.

Web URL Shortener 1.9 Opt-In Software 

Web URL Shortener is a tool that allows to create short URLs for your list of links that can be easily shared, tweeted, or emailed to friends.. Freeware download of Web URL Shortener 1.9, size 1.08 Mb.

Url Builder 0.1-4.0 SabbeRubbish 

Url Builder is a library designed to build URLs for use in any application. It uses a fluent syntax.

It has support for adding parts to the URL (e.g. subfolders) and query string. The main advantage is not having to use the "/" slash character, and traceability of URL creation.

. Free download of Url Builder 0.1-4.0, size 0 b.

URL Union 2.00 PowerSurge Publishing 

URL Union is a practical and easy to use application that helps you store and publish bookmarks in a HTML file that is easily accessible by web browsers.

Using the application, you can assign multiple tags to a single URL. You can also nest the tags 10 levels deep and the application will automatically merge duplicate URLs.

Bitly URL Shortener for Windows 8 Guillermo Bellmann 

Bitly URL Shortener for Windows 8 is a handy and reliable application designed to shorten long URL addresses via the service.

The processed links can be copied to the clipboard. In addition to its main functionality, the program also generates a QR code for use with smart phones.

. Free download of Bitly URL Shortener for Windows 8, size 0 b.

URL Shorter 3.00 Prasid Ranjan Dutta 

URL Shorter is a lightweight application coded for that helps you obtain shortened links from various website URLs.

You can create single or multiple links in a few seconds by pasting the URLs in specific text fields found in the main window of the application.

. Free download of URL Shorter 3.00, size 0 b.

GET URL! New Deathslycer 

GET URL! is a simple and lightweight application that allows you to save up to 5 URLs and view them later.

You can either keep the 5 URLs in the application database or save them to a text file for later usage. The application is built in Java, so it will work on any platform that provides Java support.

. Freeware download of GET URL! New, size 0 b.

Glurl URL Shortener for Safari 1.0 

Glurl URL Shortener for Safari is an extension that you can use to easily shorten URLs, in order to share them easier.

Once installed, the extension adds a new button to the browser toolbar, which you can use to get the short URL of the visited webpage.

. Free download of Glurl URL Shortener for Safari 1.0, size 0 b.

Smancosoft URL Tools 6.0.54 Smancosoft 

Smancosoft URL Tools is a simple application that you can use to shorten or expand URLs.

Just enter one or more URLs into the input section, select the desired service and press the 'Process' button! The result can be copied to your clipboard with a single click.

. Free download of Smancosoft URL Tools 6.0.54, size 0 b.

Q-URL 1.0.5 Simon Evans 

Q-URL is a lightweight but quite useful Safari extension that will save specific URLs so you can read them later.

An alternative to cluttering up bookmarks with URLs that are of temporary interest or opening a collection of tabs

. Free download of Q-URL 1.0.5, size 0 b. URL Checker 1.5 Vishwak Solutions, Inc 

"URL Checker" is a high-speed multi-threaded Hyperlinks (URL) Validation tool. The list of URLs can be loaded from a local XML, HTML, Text file or from a webpage. Validates all HTTP, HTTPS (SSL) URLs and connects through all popular HTTP proxies. Save Result Reports in HTML, XML, Text file formats. Multi-Threaded Application ensures it. Free download of URL Checker 1.5, size 4.57 Mb.

Get All document library from URL Alpha aliSharepoint 

Get All document library from URL is a tool that allows you to view all libraries within SharePoint from a URL.

Users simply have to post a URL into a textbox and all the corresponding libraries, even the hidden ones, will be afterwards detected.

. Free download of Get All document library from URL Alpha, size 0 b.

ISAPI URL Mapper Filter newObjects 

ISAPI URL Mapper Filter is a filter that can work under Personal Web Server in order to provide you the ability to have more than one site. It identifies the different sites by their hostnames and maps all requests, connected with the given site, to a physical location on the server.

There are two schemes of mapping (see below for. Free download of ISAPI URL Mapper Filter, size 0 b.

Browse By URL 1.0.1 Carsten Helsted 

Browse By URL is a lightweight application that enables you to easily configure a set of webpages that will be opened by any of the Internet browsers you have installed on your system. Thus, you can assign, for example, three different URLs to three browsers.

With Browse By URL you can make sure your preferred websites open in the. Free download of Browse By URL 1.0.1, size 0 b.

Auto URL Refresher 2.0 Torok Laszlo 

Use Auto URL Refresher to refresh web pages either randomly or at selected intervals enabling you to keep an eye on fast changing eBay auctions, stock market tickers, sports events or any other dynamically changing web pages without having to manually click the refresh button in your browser repeatedly. Refresh up to 9 different URLs at random or. Free download of Auto URL Refresher 2.0, size 618.66 Kb.

URL Parser 1.0.2 

Have you ever tried to copy and paste a URL into notepad to try to tweak a part of it? Have you ever wondered how you can "hack" a URL to give you a different view? Have you ever wanted to parse or decode a URL? This tool is there for you to do that and more! Even for a seasoned developer who knows how to work with a URL using various. Free download of URL Parser 1.0.2, size 7.34 Kb.