Free Vista Desktop Calendars Design Programs

Make Desktop Calendars For Your Desktop 9.0 Desktop Calendars 

Now you can make your own desktop calendars with the EasyCalendarMaker software. Your desktop calendars can now have any design you want, you don+aTo+oOCUTC+oOC?Tot have to choose from the limited selection of that you would normally find in the shops. Your desktop calendar can be designed in any way you choose; the calendar can have your own. Free download of Make Desktop Calendars For Your Desktop 9.0, size 3.00 Mb.


iClone 3DXchange 2.0.3218.1 Reallusion Inc. 

With iClone 3DXchange we can import the majority formats from other design programs and transform it for handle in this program more easily.
When we open the program we can find a Menu Bar, one toolbar, one window and three panels they are: Scene Transform, Node Attribute and Scene tree.
In the Menu Bar we can open a different format. Free download of iClone 3DXchange 2.0.3218.1, size 329.26 Mb.

SynopSYS RISCO Group 

The SYNOPSYS program is one of the largest optical design programs in the world. Features include optimization of 6 lenses simultaneously, each with 10 zooms; comprehensive image analysis with diffraction, partial coherence, and extended source modeling. Onscreen graphics showing lens and image with sliders to vary lens parameters in real time. AI. Free download of SynopSYS, size 0 b.

LibreEngineering 0.2.8 Alex Borisov 

LibreEngineering - suite of instrumentation, electrical, mechanical, process engineering calculation and design programs and other tools. Licensed under GPL3. Written in Python with Qt toolkit.


System International unit converter to NIST Special Publication 811
Thermowell design calculator to ASME PTC 19.3. Freeware download of LibreEngineering 0.2.8, size 5.66 Mb.

Hamilton County ESC 1.0 FastAPPZ 

Our educational services and programs, delivered through a staff of 500+ experienced and talented professionals, meet the changing needs of the PreK-12 school community. We design programs and offer services and support in the areas of special education, curriculum, standards, leadership, assessment, data analysis,. Freeware download of Hamilton County ESC 1.0, size 18.66 Mb.

HCESC HD 1.0 Hamilton County Educational Service Center 

Hamilton County Educational Service Center offers a variety of services to help meet the needs of your school or district. We design programs and offer services to meet your educational and training needs. Our services encompass a wide range of categories such as: Teaching and Learning, Administration and Leadership, Student Support and. Freeware download of HCESC HD 1.0, size 7.24 Mb.

Mobiano Pocket PC Themes Pack - Vista style 1.0 Mobiano Inc. 

Mobiano Pocket PC Themes Pack - Vista Style: Vista Style themes for Pocket PC: Includes: 1. Vista OS 01: Pure The classic transparent button windows vista background. 2. Vista OS 02: Very pretty windows vista desktop background . 3. Vista OS 03: Unreal blue style windows vista desktop background. 4. Vista OS 04: show you Microsoft vista glass. Freeware download of Mobiano Pocket PC Themes Pack - Vista style 1.0, size 740.35 Kb.

Asphalt Institute SW-1 1.0 Asphalt Institute 

The Asphalt Institute developed SW-1 to provide users the capability to design asphalt pavements for highways, streets, parking lots, airports, industrial facilities supporting heavy wheel loads, and other applications. SW-1 provides users an integrated pavement design suite to provide an unparalleled range of capability.

The new SW-1. Free download of Asphalt Institute SW-1 1.0, size 48.76 Mb.

Racket (formerly PLT Scheme) 5.3.2 PLT Scheme Inc 

Getting Started

Quick: An Introduction to Racket with Pictures
How to Design Programs
Continue: Web Applications in Racket
More: Systems Programming with Racket
Guide: Racket

Reference: Racket
R6RS: Scheme
Datalog: Deductive database programming
How to Design Programs. Freeware download of Racket (formerly PLT Scheme) 5.3.2, size 53.48 Mb.

FontList 1.4 Edwin Martin 

If you design something and you are looking for the right font, it can take a lot of time. In word processing, DTP and (web)design programs, you can often only select one font at a time. Finding the right font often means searching through all your fonts.With FontList, you can create a HTML file that will show all the fonts installed on your. Freeware download of FontList 1.4, size 69.63 Kb.

FrameCE 2011.2 Gifu University 

Arguably, the most user friendly structural engineering software ever developed !! Are you a structural engineer who is using your own design programs or template? FrameCE can make your design programs a complete structural engineering software package!!. Freeware download of FrameCE 2011.2, size 17.85 Mb.

Face Transformer Gadget 2.1.2001 Zizisoft 

Change your face into another by creating an animation. It's a Windows 7 / Vista desktop (sidebar) gadget. If you don't have Windows 7 / Vista, you can go to www.ChangeFace.Me to build your transformation.. Freeware download of Face Transformer Gadget 2.1.2001, size 103.42 Kb.

Desktop Security Rx Software 4.0 Horizon DataSys Inc. 

Desktop Security Rx software is a powerful desktop security solution for personal or publicly accessible computers running the Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Server 2003 Operating Systems. Desktop Security Rx software's advanced technology prevents users from deleting critical files and applications, making unauthorized changes to the desktop, saving. Free download of Desktop Security Rx Software 4.0, size 859.83 Kb.

Serif PagePlus X6 1.0 Serif Ltd. 

PagePlus X6 is the #1 desktop publishing software that provides all you need for business-class digital publishing and print design a€“ with no experience required. Create stylish promotional materials and stationery, fully edit PDFs, publish eBooks for iPadA® and Kindlea„?, and make interactive multimedia brochures like no other office. Free download of Serif PagePlus X6 1.0, size 20.45 Mb.

Wallpaper Cycler Pro NuonSoft 

Wallpaper Cycler is an easy to use, yet powerful desktop wallpaper manager and changer to get rid of that boring static wallpaper on your desktop. You can change the wallpaper with a specific delay or at specific times. Wallpapers are easily managed in multi-level categories which can have time constraints to give your desktop a time or season. Free download of Wallpaper Cycler Pro, size 6.55 Mb.

Create A Shortcut 1.0 Lee Whittington 

This freeware portable app will help you create the oft-used desktop shortcuts for your Windows desktops easily.
With a click it can create the following shortcuts on your Windows desktop:

Lock WorkStation, Switch Account. Shutdown, Restart, Log Off, Hibernate, Show Desktop, Uninstall Programs, Device Manager, Security Center,. Freeware download of Create A Shortcut 1.0, size 4.53 Mb.

More than 30.000 vista icons 1.0 iconshock - Vista icons 

This new collection is totally made from the look of the Windows© Vista. It has 1040 icons that combine photorealistic 3d style, crystal soft tones and appealing images. The Vista stock is suitable for carefully developed applications and web sites with a clear design. This style also has several specific stocks for different industries: Vista. Freeware download of More than 30.000 vista icons 1.0, size 0 b.

Vista Upgrade Prank 1.00 RJL Software, Inc. 

The Vista Upgrade Prank starts by emulating the Windows Update service screen. Clicking the install or cancel button closes the update service window and appears to initiate the Vista Upgrade Advisor. This Upgrade Advisor scan the system (actually does nothing) to ensure the computer is ready to upgrade to Vista. If you click the Cancel button, it. Freeware download of Vista Upgrade Prank 1.00, size 1.99 Mb.

Monkeymen Calendar 3.1 Monkeymen 

Customize this intuitive Desktop Calendar Reminder Software with your own photos and virtual stickers. Plan on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Never forget birthdays or appointments with reminder alarms. Create printable desktop calendars. Includes a handy to-do list. No need for unnecessary complexity or a complicated interface. Be up, running. Free download of Monkeymen Calendar 3.1, size 5.44 Mb.

Space Icons 2008.1 Aha-soft 

Design scientific, astronomy or space-oriented projects with readily available graphics. Space Icons collection contains 60 images dedicated to space technology. Images representing Astronaut, Spacesuit, all planets of the solar system, Sun, Satellite, Constellations and Comets, Black Hole, Engineer, Earth, Galaxy, Radiation, Radio Telescope,. Free download of Space Icons 2008.1, size 1.10 Mb.