Free Weight Scale

Bill Scale and Balance Wedge Keyboard 6.0B Bill Production 

Inputs scale and balance data directly into any Windows programs as if it was typed in using the keyboard. No programming or additional hardware required ! Features included: Debugger System Tray running, Mouse control, Support RS232 serial scales, Control multiple Scales, See the weight in real-time on a virtual button, Support mode continuous. Free download of Bill Scale and Balance Wedge Keyboard 6.0B, size 4.31 Mb.


Weight Scale Plugin 3.0 Old Man Biking's SportTracks Plugins 

Data import from weight scales with PC connectivity (Tanita BC-601, Tanita BC-1000 and other ANT ™ enabled weight and body composition scales)
Important note: This plugin requires that .NET 3.5 is installed on your PC (SportTracks and our other plugins need .NET 2.0 only).. Free download of Weight Scale Plugin 3.0, size 1.48 Mb.

Healthiest You 1.0 Healthiest You 

Healthiest You is a personalized, smarter-with-use online health program that empowers people to achieve the health and happiness they deserve. Users can focus on weight, nutrition, sleep, mood, stress, physical activity, smoking or diabetes. This comprehensive application will allow you to become the Healthiest You!

You must be a. Freeware download of Healthiest You 1.0, size 3.98 Mb.

Livescape™ Logan Mueller 

Livescape (previously known as Life Tracker) is an activity and nutrition journal for Windows Phone that features GPS tracking and the ability to count steps. Keep a log of your daily activities. Calculate the number of calories burned. Track your weight, calorie intake, and monitor your Nutrition Facts from day to day. Import Nutrition Facts using. Free download of Livescape™, size 6.29 Mb.

Softronix Secure Weight Free 1.0 Softronix (Pvt) Ltd. 

Secure weight is free software for weighing scale. It supports alot of latest indicators and have the ability to add more indicators by yourself. Secure weight is developed in Microsoft Visual Basic as front end language and Microsoft Access as backend database server.

Main features:
-Dozens of indicators are defined by default,. Freeware download of Softronix Secure Weight Free 1.0, size 26.14 Mb. USB Scale Reader Beta Christopher Workman USB Scale Reader is a lightweight application that can automatically detect weight information from the scale.

The application runs in the system tray and displays any detected weight change. Hard coded scales are detected upon start, but you can also set the vendor and product ID manually, in order to add support. Freeware download of USB Scale Reader Beta, size 0 b.

60beat Blue Bathroom Scale 1.0.2 Oban US LLC 

**THIS REQUIRES 60BEAT BLUE SCALE TO FUNCTION** The 60beat Blue Bathroom Scale App is designed to wirelessly interface with with the 60beat BLUE Bathroom Scale. A simple to use tempered glass scale with an LCD readout. It also updates your weight measurements via a Bluetooth Smart Connection.

- Wirelessly sync your weight. Freeware download of 60beat Blue Bathroom Scale 1.0.2, size 2.20 Mb.

Elane Bluetooth Scale 1.0 Elane Electronics 

This app connects to and displays weight from Elane Bluetooth Smart weighing scale.
It can remotely track weights from the wireless scale which also operates in battery mode.
Please note that this app only works with Elane Bluetooth weighing scale (BT 4.0).
The scale can be purchased from Elane Electronic's official website.. Freeware download of Elane Bluetooth Scale 1.0, size 3.46 Mb.

Health Scale 2.0 CarryBean Networking Technologies, Ltd 

Health Scale brings you a brand new health experience. It tracks your weight, Body Mass Index(BMI) and body type, and visualizes the trends. Easy-to-understand graphs and chats help you focus on long-term progress. Meanwhile, it delivers valuable tips for health lifestyle by analyzing your body stats and daily behavior. Wherever you go, manage your. Freeware download of Health Scale 2.0, size 3.36 Mb.

Healthy Body Analyzer Scale Thought Software 

Healthy body analyzer scale.
Analyze your weight and fat/water/muscle percentage over a period of time to see your loss weight progress.. Freeware download of Healthy Body Analyzer Scale, size 1.05 Mb.

Just Weight 1.4.5140.390 Ravind B. 

An elegantly designed app that makes it fun to track your weight and lets you know when you will reach your goal weight.

• Enter your weight by simply dragging the scale.
• Turn the phone clockwise to view your progress.
• Turn the phone counter-clockwise to see the chart.
• It also calculates your. Free download of Just Weight 1.4.5140.390, size 1.05 Mb.

WiFi Scale Tracker Dan Crevier 

WiFi Scale Tracker is a Windows Phone application for tracking your weight as measured by a Withings WiFi Body Scale, written by Dan Crevier. This application is not usable without a Withings scale and requires you to use your account. It supports the following features:

* Metro style UI
* Shows most recent weight in. Freeware download of WiFi Scale Tracker, size 2.10 Mb.

Fitbit Wi-Fi Scale Setup Fitbit, Inc. 

Fitbit Wi-Fi Scale Setup is a compact application that intends to help you connect your Fitbit scale to the Internet. The program allows you to configure the connection and to enter the personal preferences for a certain scale.

You can keep track of the weight statistics by using this program and a Wi-Fi connection to connect the Aria. Free download of Fitbit Wi-Fi Scale Setup, size 0 b.

UTS Weight for Palm OS 1.5.1 LLC 

Track weight & BMI with Palm OS PDA handheld.UTS Weight offers you an outstanding set of features to track your weight change:- New unique interface to enter weight readings with two taps of stylus.- Notes for entered values.- Importance marks for the readings.- Colored records for weight loss and gain.- Shoe and clothes weight specification.-. Free download of UTS Weight for Palm OS 1.5.1, size 1.10 Mb.

Maintaining Weight Loss 5.6 Fitness Attitudes 

Once you have started losing weight, it is crucial to think of how to maintain that weight loss in the days ahead. It may seem hard to believe, but taking the weight off is the easy part. Maintaining weight loss for good is where the real challenge lies. People lose lots of weight on diets everyday, but 95% of them gain it back because they have. Freeware download of Maintaining Weight Loss 5.6, size 639.63 Kb.

Escali SmartConnect 2.3.1 Escali 

Escali SmartConnect helps you create a food journal, analyze nutrition information, as well as track your weight, BMI and body composition. Use the Escali SmartConnect Kitchen Scale and Body Scale to send wireless measurements to mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Update your UP by Jawbone profile with body weight and food journal. Freeware download of Escali SmartConnect 2.3.1, size 19.61 Mb.

GymWizz 1.1.0 Jonathan Orford 

Your convenient pocket personal trainer.

It follows the same borg scale methodology used by the popular Body for Life program.

It maintains the intensity of your workouts, by automagically adjusting the weight lifted for each set.

It provides detailed instructions and illustrations for over 250 exercises.

Healthy Management 1.6.1 Yu Hua min 


Healthy Weight Management, Bluetooth scale

Check your health and stay fit with Healthy Weight Management!

This application allows you to easily monitor essential health and fitness data: weight, fat, water, bone, muscle, BMI and visceral fat. Thanks for the graphic displays; you can check changes in. Freeware download of Healthy Management 1.6.1, size 8.28 Mb.

ProfitTracker 1.8 Measurement(China)Ltd. 

TackerScale is an electronic weighing and record system for peoples to keep tracker of boby weight. Users can monitor their body weight from the scale(made by measurement(China)Ltd.) through the bluetooth. Users can also review their body weight history from a simple but informative graph visualization.

Features of TrackerScale. Freeware download of ProfitTracker 1.8, size 9.44 Mb.

MyBMI sun metamorphosis ltd 

Input your height and weight and see your BMI index calculated dynamically and visually represented on an index scale.. Freeware download of MyBMI, size 1.05 Mb.