Freedownload Jpeg To Microsoft

FastPictureViewer Axel Rietschin Software Developments 

FastPictureViewer is a lean and mean, minimalist picture viewer allowing users to review and rate (Adobe XMP, MicrosoftPhoto) digital images faster then ever before by taking advantage, when available, of the power of multicore processors and the speed of DirectX graphic accelerators, working together to speed up photo viewing to unprecedented. Freeware download of FastPictureViewer, size 1.57 Mb.


Jsnag Jpeg Capture 1.4 Richard A. Ellingson 

Jsnag captures jpeg images while you browse with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Browse normally or drag and drop dozens of thumbnails quickly. Previewer lets you decide which pictures to save or discard. Slide Show allows you view pictures full screen. Include or Exclude servers from which you wish to capture pictures. Configure minimum file size to. Free download of Jsnag Jpeg Capture 1.4, size 507.90 Kb.

Universal Document Converter 6.7.1611.5140 fCoder SIA 

Universal Document Converter enables Windows users to save any documents as a PDF or image file such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PCX, DCX, or Bitmap. Universal Document Converter software is based on virtual printer technology. Thanks to that, converting text documents, technical drawings, presentations, and worksheets is no more complicated than. Free download of Universal Document Converter 6.7.1611.5140, size 24.29 Mb.

deJpeg 2.0 

This program lets you extract jpeg files from any files, such as data files, Microsoft Word (*.doc, *.docx), exe files and so on. deJpeg doesn't differ the type of input file, it detects jpeg files by inner signatures. Seems to be easy, but there are many kinds of jpeg files really: simple jpegs, Exif jpegs, jpeg files modified by Photoshop and. Freeware download of deJpeg 2.0, size 381.95 Kb.

PDF2everything 1.0 L I T 

This application converts PDF documents into multiple formats: PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint), PS, EPS, PNG, BMP (Bitmap), TIF, JPEG, PCX

PDF2everything now also supports conversions from the command line (batch mode). You do NOT need additional commercial software. You just need GhostScript.

The application also enables to. Free download of PDF2everything 1.0, size 2.74 Mb.

Quick JPEG Image Resize and Crop PMH 

This program is useful for quickly resizing and cropping JPEG pictures. It can also be used to adjust the quality setting of a picture to reduce disk space usage. It requires windows XP or later and also requires the Microsoft .net framework 2.0, which can be installed from the Microsoft web site if necessary.. Freeware download of Quick JPEG Image Resize and Crop, size 52.84 Mb.

ERDAS ER Viewer 2011 & Microsoft ERDAS, Inc. 

ERDAS ER Viewer is a free, easy-to-use image viewer featuring interactive roaming and zooming with very large JPEG 2000 and ECW files. It can also read most other common file types. Installing ERDAS ER Viewer also lets you embed large geospatial images in your Microsoft Word documents.. Freeware download of ERDAS ER Viewer 2011 & Microsoft, size 25.06 Mb.

NXPowerLite for File Servers Neuxpower 

NXPowerLite for File Servers attacks file bloat at the core, reducing Microsoft Office and JPEG file sizes by up to 95%.

It analyzes the content on your server and replaces any bloated files with smaller, optimized versions. And, as optimized files don't need to be decompressed or rehydrated, there's no negative effect on. Free download of NXPowerLite for File Servers, size 7.49 Mb.

PDFtoAny 2 1 Inc 

PDFtoAny is designed to convert Adobe PDF file(s) to high quality vector formats and raster image formats, such as pcl/pxl, ps/eps, plt, microsoft xps files, bmp, jpeg, tiff, png, gif, pcx and so on. It supports all versions of Adobe PDF in batch mode.

Its easy-to-use interface allows you to create the documents by simply click the. Free download of PDFtoAny 2 1, size 3.62 Mb.

Convert Pdf to Jpeg Tiff Gif Png 6 9 Convert Pdf to Word Software,Inc 

Convert Pdf to Jpeg Tiff Gif Png can convert Pdf files into Jpeg, Tiff, Gif and Png image formats with high-quality output result. The tool makes it possible to move the content of Pdf files into the applications at just the right size and resolution. Microsoft Office users can add high-fidelity images to their presentations, reports, brochures,. Free download of Convert Pdf to Jpeg Tiff Gif Png 6 9, size 9.00 Mb.

EmfPrinter rc 

EmfPrinter is a virtual printer driver for Microsoft Windows which allows you to print documents as EMF/WMF vector images or to more than 100 raster formats (JPEG,PNG,BMP,etc). Document conversion has never been easier!. Freeware download of EmfPrinter rc, size 7.97 Mb.

Informatik Doc2Tiff 1.10 Informatik Inc. 

Doc2Tiff is a utility program that converts Microsoft Word documents and PDF files to multipage or serialized single-page TIFF files, also BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, and PDF files. Unlike other such utilities, the conversion by Doc2Tiff is done without a printer driver, which, by unknown suppliers, so often cause problems to the system. Doc2Tiff requires. Free download of Informatik Doc2Tiff 1.10, size 2.12 Mb.

Neevia docCreator 3.6 Neevia Technology 

Neevia docCreator is a COM (ActiveX) object that can be used to generate PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PCX and PNG files from Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, Microsoft FoxPro or any Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7 application that supports COM (ActiveX) objects.

<b>Key features:</b>

# Designed to work in a. Free download of Neevia docCreator 3.6, size 8.50 Mb.

Many2PDF ActiveX/.NET 2.1 Gnostice Information Technologies Private Limited 

Gnostice Many2PDF ActiveX/.NET is a versatile component for Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET users to enable conversion of HTML, RTF, Text and image (BMP, JPEG, EMF, WMF) documents to PDF. Many2PDF accomplishes this conversion with only ONE line of code. Many2PDF provides several properties to enable extensive customization of. Free download of Many2PDF ActiveX/.NET 2.1, size 3.64 Mb.

JPEG Japery 1 MonkeyJob Systems 

JPEG Japery automates common jpg file operations. This package can list and change exif metadata date tags such as date picture taken, date picture modified or date digitized. Create file lists of jpeg meta data such as dates or camera make and model. Rename files with jpg tags such as date picture taken. Use the copy or move feature to copy. Free download of JPEG Japery 1, size 2.15 Mb.

UnJpeg 1.5 Aggressive Imaging, Inc. 

UnJPEG is a professional, effective and user-friendly application, specially designed to help graphic designer's studios/publishing houses to recover images damaged by JPEG compression. If you are familiar with the consequences of JPEG compression, you will certainly appreciate this powerful and versatile tool. JPEG is the default format used by. Free download of UnJpeg 1.5, size 3.89 Mb.

Recovery for OneNote 2.1.0938 Recoveronix Ltd. 

Recovery for OneNote is a powerful data recovery software for damaged Microsoft OneNote files (.ONE).
Having your OneNotes files damaged means loosing a lot of essential information and ideas. In this case Recovery for OneNote can save the day. It recovers corrupted notes and their folder assignments. Restores embedded pictures in JPEG, PNG. Free download of Recovery for OneNote 2.1.0938, size 802.47 Kb.

Advanced JPEG Compressor 2009 r.2 WinSoftMagic Inc. 

Advanced JPEG Compressor allows you to resize, compress and edit digital photos in JPEG, the most popular digital photo format. Advanced JPEG Compressor contains very powerful JPEG compression engine specially designed to preserve the original picture quality. This unique feature helps you to re-save edited photo without loosing its original. Free download of Advanced JPEG Compressor 2009 r.2, size 1.70 Mb.

JPEG 2000 Compressor 1.0 Anything3D Corp. 

Using JPEG 2000 Compressor you can easily convert pictures of JPEG and BMP format to JPEG 2000 format with the quality and color characteristics specified by you. Besides you can change the picture order. The results can be saved on your computer. Try this innovative freeware to ease your work with different formats.. Freeware download of JPEG 2000 Compressor 1.0, size 1.62 Mb.

CAD Import .NET 6.3 CADSoftTools 

CAD Import .NET is a library for smart CAD developing in Microsoft Visual Studio. It contains managed code only and displays drawings with GDI+ methods. CAD Import .NET is a powerful tool for integration of CAD into DBMS, drawings analysis, vector graphics processing and monitoring systems development. The library provides wide capabilities for. Free download of CAD Import .NET 6.3, size 6.30 Mb.