Fruity Loops Studio 9 Xxl Freeware

Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 Microsoft Coporation 

Microsoft Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It can be used to develop console and graphical user interface applications along with Windows Forms applications, web sites, web applications, and web services in both native code together with managed code for all platforms supported by Microsoft Windows,. Freeware download of Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2010, size 734.01 Mb.


Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 10.0.0 Microsoft 

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 was developed to be the Eclipse plug-in and cross-platform command-line client for Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server.. Freeware download of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 10.0.0, size 10.24 Mb.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 1.0 Microsoft Co 

This download installs Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and the .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (SP1). SP1 addresses issues that were found through a combination of customer and partner feedback, as well as internal testing. These service packs offer Visual Studio and .NET Framework users improvements in responsiveness, stability and performance.

Visual Studio 2008 SDK 1.1 Microsoft Co 

This is the official software development kit that allows developers to integrate tools, editors, designers, languages, and other features inside Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1.

Key features in the Visual Studio 2008 SDK 1.1 include:
Significant reduction in size for Visual Studio Shell redistributable packages.
Support for. Freeware download of Visual Studio 2008 SDK 1.1, size 114.48 Mb.

Visual Studio 2010 Professional 21006.01 Microsoft Coporation 

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional is an integrated environment that simplifies the basic tasks of creating, debugging and deploying applications. Unleash your creativity with powerful design surfaces and the ability to bring your designers and developers together to bring your vision to life. Work within a personalized environment,. Freeware download of Visual Studio 2010 Professional 21006.01, size 734.01 Mb.

Visual Studio 2010 Premium 21006.01 Microsoft Coporation 

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium provides an integrated environment that simplifies application development yet delivers advanced tools ready to tackle the most difficult problems. Whether writing code, building databases, testing or debugging, increase individual and team productivity using powerful tools that work the way you work. Unleash. Freeware download of Visual Studio 2010 Premium 21006.01, size 734.01 Mb.

QuickDev Studio for Windows 0.8.4099.36569 Lixin Yin 

QuickDev Studio is a highly integrated development environment designed to assist embedded software designers cross all development cycles such as design, coding, debugging and testing.
QuickDev Studio is capable of supporting various system design, from small scale application to kernel implementation, from uni-core system to multi-core,. Freeware download of QuickDev Studio for Windows 0.8.4099.36569, size 3.86 Mb.

Visual Studio 2010 Remote Debugger 1.0 Microsoft Coporation 

The Remote Debugger Installation is intended for computers without Visual Studio in order to debug applications executing on these computers.

The RTM version must be removed prior to installation. A full installation of Visual Studio 2008 with remote debugging support must be used to connect to these components.


DirectX 9.0c Redistributable November 2008 9.0c Microsoft Corporation. 

Microsoft DirectX is a group of technologies designed to make Windows-based computers an ideal platform for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements such as full-color graphics, video, 3D animation, and rich audio. DirectX 9.0c includes support for Pixel Shader and Vertex Shader 3.0, along with many new features across all. Freeware download of DirectX 9.0c Redistributable November 2008 9.0c, size 90.44 Mb.

Daffy Studio Adventure 1.0 

Daffy Studio Adventure is an adventure game for free. Get Daffy Duck through the studio sets using the catwalk. The ACME prop machine has gone haywaire, so watch out and don't stay still for too long or the stage weights might fall on you! Earn points and boost your bonus timer by collecting the clocks along the way.Get Daffy Duck through the. Freeware download of Daffy Studio Adventure 1.0, size 1.23 Mb.

Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.1 Zune Extensions 3.1 Microsoft Coporation 

This add-on for XNA Game Studio 3.1 adds the following functionality to the product:

1. The ability to target and develop for the Zune HD media player.
2. The addition of new Touch APIs to the XNA Framework for use on the Zune HD.
3. The addition of new Accelerometer APIs to the XNA Framework for use on the Zune HD.

PSP Homepage Studio 2.0 IM Consulting AS 

PSP Homepage Studio is a tool for creating PSP-compatible websites. PSP Homepage Studio provides templates, a number of images, and plenty of other tools you need to create nice looking sites intended to be viewed using the PSP's browser. Of course you can upload your own images (in fact, there's a handy "Image Gallery" preset that makes. Freeware download of PSP Homepage Studio 2.0, size 3.28 Mb.

Free Studio DVDVideoSoft Ltd 

Free Studio is a unique package bundling all free multimedia applications developed by DVDVideoSoft.

With this free software you can easily:
- convert video and audio files between different formats as well as iPod, PSP, iPhone, BlackBerry and all other popular mobile phones and devices;
- burn and rip DVDs and audio. Freeware download of Free Studio, size 62.69 Mb.

101.9 ChaiFM Greg Cohen 

Download the official 101.9 ChaiFM mobile app and enjoy live audiostreaming from the convenience of your phone. Get the latest information from the world of ChaiFM through Facebook and Twitter as well as access to all contact details.

Key Features:
- Live audiostreaming of 101.9 ChaiFM radio
- ChaiFM's Facebook feed
-. Freeware download of 101.9 ChaiFM, size 18.14 Mb.

106,9 Radio Gong 1.2 Funkhaus Wuerzburg Studiobetriebs GmbH 

106.9 Radio Gong from Wuerzburg on the go.
Now you get hits and information from Radio Gong on the iPhone. Listen to our web radios, read the latest traffic messages from Wuerzburg and Lower Franconia and inform yourself about the weather.
There are three web radio streams available:
- 106.9 Radio Gong

98.9 WMMO 2.1 Cox Media Group 

98.9 WMMO Its All About the Music

Welcome, music lover. We know you have great taste and music knowledge because you found us!

Since 1990, weve prided ourselves on a big, diverse music library comprised only of the worlds greatest songs. Weve been called one of the most eclectic radio stations in the country and we agree.

99.9 The Q - WQRC 5.91 Sandab Communications Limited Partnership 

Listen to a blend of today's hit music and recent favorites from artists like Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, Pink and Train, plus local news, weather and information... THAT's Cape Cod's Fresh Mix, THAT's 99.9 The Q... and THAT's why parents and professionals all over Cape Cod seek out the upbeat, positive connection of WQRC every day! 99.9 The Q,. Freeware download of 99.9 The Q - WQRC 5.91, size 11.64 Mb.

9 Letter Spelling FREE 1.02 Sai Services LLC 

This app can help you improve your spelling of popular 9 letter English words. It does that by announcing the word and showing just the letters that make it. As you touch the letters and spell the word correctly, the word begins to form at the top. When you complete the whole word, the word is spoken again and it drifts. Freeware download of 9 Letter Spelling FREE 1.02, size 8.70 Mb.

Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio 1.1.1 Radian6 

Social Media Management is not a 9-5 job. Building and maintaining your brands Social presence requires speed and responsiveness regardless of where you are, and what time it is. Bring Social engagement to scale with the new Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio Mobile App.

Stay connected with your community

The new Mobile Social. Freeware download of Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio 1.1.1, size 10.07 Mb.

4TRX Kiel 

4TRX is your personal recording studio on your phone! Perfect for musicians to record their ideas whenever and wherever inspiration strikes! Create a new project, record or import up to four audio tracks, mix them together, and save it to an audio file for sharing with OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) or DropBox!

v1.9.6.9 Update
. Freeware download of 4TRX, size 24.12 Mb.