Full Schema

Firewall Configurator XML 1.0 Fwcxml 

FWCXML is a project to define an XML schema to describe the config for host-based firewalls, including IPF and iptables. Will include full schema and parser.

Firewall Configurator XML 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Firewall Configurator XML 1.0, size 0 b.


GTKO 2.2.34 gsqlr2.sourceforge.net 

GTKO is an Oracle development and testing tool written in C and based on GTK and the native Oracle OCI libraries. It features a full schema browser, SQL syntax highlighting, explain plan viewer, statement tracing facility, and more.. Freeware download of GTKO 2.2.34, size 338.41 Kb.

XMLSpear 2.43 Donkey Development 

XMLSpear is a free XML editor with a great real-time validation feature. It is easy to use, built in Java and available for all platforms. XMLSpear is great for users that just want to work with XML files without deep knowledge of the XML syntax. But experienced XML users will find several advanced, unique features e.g. the interactive schema. Freeware download of XMLSpear 2.43, size 5.02 Mb.

Microsoft Expression Web Designer 2 12.0.4518.1084 Microsoft Co 

A professional design tool to help you create modern standards-based Web sites

Expression Web Designer is a professional design tool to help you create modern standards-based Web sites.

Expression Web Designer gives you all the tools you'll need to produce high-quality, standards-based Web sites the way you want them. Take. Free download of Microsoft Expression Web Designer 2 12.0.4518.1084, size 410.01 Mb.

SQL Dependency Tracker 2.40.0075 Red Gate Software Ltd 

Graphically track database object dependencies
Discover all cross-database and cross-server object relationships
Full support for MS SQL Server 2008
Analyze the potential impact of database schema changes
Rapidly document database dependencies for reports, version control, and database change planning. Free download of SQL Dependency Tracker 2.40.0075, size 0 b.

TaxonX 1.20081230 taxonx.sourceforge.net 

TaxonX is an XML schema for encoding taxonomic treatments to: create open, persistent full digital surrogates of treatments; identify treatments and their major structures; identify textual data such as names, localities, characters, and citations. Freeware download of TaxonX 1.20081230, size 2.71 Kb.


DocFlex/XSD is a toolkit to generate high quality XML schema documentation in HTML, RTF and TXT (plain text) formats with a possibility of automatic inserting of XSD diagrams produced by XMLSpy or Oxygen XML (with the full support of diagram hyperlinks).

The entire doc-generator is implemented in the form of special "XSDDoc". Free download of DocFlex/XSD II 2.8.0, size 6.23 Mb.

Schema Version Control for Oracle (SVCO) 1.0.0 SUMsoft Solutions 

It's the integrated version control solution for Oracle database server schema objects! You can track all schema objects changes direct within Oracle database. No extra version control tool is required. You can go on and use your favourite IDE for Oracle or even mix different tools. You can also integrate Schema Version Control for Oracle in your. Free download of Schema Version Control for Oracle (SVCO) 1.0.0, size 165.89 Kb.

XMLFox Advanse XML/XSD Editor 2.6 RustemSoft 

Graphical XML editing and validation tool XMLFox Advance is XML/XSD editor for creating valid well-formed XML documents and/or XSD Schema. XMLFox Advance XML/XSD editor is the Windows based graphical tool for authoring, updating, exploring, well-formedness checking or validating XML documents. XMLFox Advance is an intuitive xml and xml schema(XSD). Free download of XMLFox Advanse XML/XSD Editor 2.6, size 1.13 Mb.

XMLFox Advance XML and XSD Editor 3.60.7 RustemSoft 

RustemSoft presents XMLFox Advance XML editing and validation tool for creating valid well-formed XML documents and / or XSD Schema. XMLFox schema editor enables you to easily develop advanced data models expressed in XSD Schema. It is the XML Schema Editor to provide a synchronized split-pane interface that simultaneously shows both a visual XML. Free download of XMLFox Advance XML and XSD Editor 3.60.7, size 1.74 Mb.

Advanced System Full Power Tweaker 6.0 GPND 

Advanced System Full Power Tweaker is powerful tweaker with advanced system tweaks.Advanced System Full Power Tweaker helps you tweak your system and optimize it.. Free download of Advanced System Full Power Tweaker 6.0, size 20.94 Mb.

Schema Visualizer for SQL Developer 2.0 SUMsoft Solutions 

Schema Visualizer allows you to create fully featured Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) based on any database which could be accessed with help of Oracle SQL Developer. Tables and views can be added to an existing diagram by dragging and dropping them from the SQL Developer DB Objects Navigator. You could choose between Information Engineering. Free download of Schema Visualizer for SQL Developer 2.0, size 1.54 Mb.

dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL 4.3 Devart 

dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL is a fast, easy-to-use tool to compare and synchronize structures of MySQL, MariaDB and Percona databases. The tool provides a comprehensive view of all differences between MySQL, MariaDB and Percona database schemas, generates clear and accurate SQL synchronization script that can be used to update database. Free download of dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL 4.3, size 32.67 Mb.

Hotel Management - Full Board Version 3.16 BistoneSoft 

Hotel Management System Full Board Version is an easy-to-use hotel management software that can manage your full board hotel or motel.
Full Board Rate
Ideal for reservations, hotels and guest houses.
Affordable - no cost per booking charges.
Easy To Use.
Track Customers and avoid Double Bookings.
Analyze Reservation. Free download of Hotel Management - Full Board Version 3.16, size 3.18 Mb.

RLA Oracle Schema Compare 1.2 RLATechSoft 

A GUI application which compares two schema(database) and provides the differences. This Tool currently supports Table, View, Index, Type, Functions, Procedures, Triggers, package and package_body. GUI can filter the missing and different elements so that the missing elements are in the top and then difference elements. Differences in functions,. Free download of RLA Oracle Schema Compare 1.2, size 517.62 Kb.

DTM Schema Inspector 1.21.00 DTM soft 

DTM Schema Inspector is a database schema browsing and management tool (also known as DTM Object Inspector before 2004) that let the user work with database schemas more effectively. The program lets the users work simultaneously with any number of database schemas (metadata) and displays information in a convenient tree-view format, as well as. Free download of DTM Schema Inspector 1.21.00, size 1.27 Mb.

Full Tilt Poker 4.45.6WIN.FullTilt. Mypoker.cx 

Full Tilt Poker Download to join this ambitious poker room that was launched in July 2004. Fulltilt poker offers Deposit bonus 100% up to $600, which is released to your account in $20 increments (or 10%, whichever is lower) at rate of $0.06 per point earned.

Full Tilt Poker hosts a number of world-class poker pro endorsers, such as. Freeware download of Full Tilt Poker 4.45.6WIN.FullTilt., size 0 b.

FULL-DISKfighter 1. 3. 2017 SPAMfighter ApS. 

FULL-DISKfighter is a small utility that allows you to optimize your disk drive. The system stores unnecessary files every time you use your computer. This causes your system to slow down and precious hard-disk space to be occupied. The FULL-DISKfighter application is able to remove all those junk files and optimize your system.

Its. Free download of FULL-DISKfighter 1. 3. 2017, size 2.63 Mb.

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 4.4 Devart 

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server is a reliable, easy-to-use tool for comparing and synchronizing Microsoft SQL Server database schemas. This product is specially designed to help you compare your SQL Server databases, analyze differences and synchronize your schemas using generated SQL script in a well-designed user interface quickly and. Free download of dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 4.4, size 28.00 Mb.

RLA Oracle Schema Export Import 1.0 RLATechSoft 

Tool to Export and Import Oracle Schema. This tool helps in day to day database exports and imports, backups from oracle Server. The tool currently supports only Oracle version 10g and 11g.. Free download of RLA Oracle Schema Export Import 1.0, size 471.04 Kb.

Full Schema Web Results


Schema is a provider of telecom resource management (TRM) solutions that enable operators of wireless networks worldwide to optimize and manage their resources.

W3C Official Public Site for XML Schema

Contains status information, links to specifications and tools that implement XML Schema

XML Schema Tutorial at W3Schools

Introductory tutorial on W3C XML Schema from W3Schools.

XML Schema Requirements

Describes the requirements on which the W3C XML Schema recommendation is based. (W3C Note 15 February 1999)

Modularization of XHTML in XML Schema

A methodology for the modularization of XHTML using XML Schema. It allows document authors to modify and extend XHTML in a conformant way.

9/11 Commission Full Report

Full text of 9/11 commission report. All files are PDF.