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My Graphing Calculator 2.0.1 Math Inside 

My Graphing Calculator brings at your palm the functionality of a standard scientific calculator in addition to powerful functions graphing. It supports complex numbers and complex functions.

? AppAdvice - "Why buy an expensive graphing calculator when you can have one on your iPhone..."
? AppTurbo - "This app is the. Free download of My Graphing Calculator 2.0.1, size 2.20 Mb.


My Graphing Calculator Lite 1.0 Math Inside 

My Graphing Calculator Lite brings at your palm the functionality of a standard scientific calculator in addition to powerful functions graphing.


1- Scientific calculator
A powerful and easy to use scientific calculator.
Calculations are saved and presented in a history tape.

2- Graphing. Freeware download of My Graphing Calculator Lite 1.0, size 2.20 Mb.

HP50 Calculator Video Tutorial: Volume 1 1.0.1 Math Tutor DVD, LLC 

NOTE: This is not a HP-50 Calculator App. It is 7 Hours of detailed video tutorials to help you learn how to unlock the full power of your HP-50 Graphing Calculator!


The HP-50 Calculator is the flagship calculator from Hewlett Packard that can handle many advanced math. Free download of HP50 Calculator Video Tutorial: Volume 1 1.0.1, size 1449.55 Mb.

Graphing Calculator 3D 6.0 Runiter Company 

Graphing Calculator 3D is an easy-to-use tool that plots 2D and 3D functions.
- Plot regular and parametric equations.
- Plot coordinates tables.
- Instant quick plotting after each key stroke.
- Cartesian/Polar coordinates in 2D.
- Cart/Cylindrical/Spherical coordinates in 3D.
- Inequalities in 2D and 3D.
-. Free download of Graphing Calculator 3D 6.0, size 4.47 Mb.

3DMath Explorer 3.1 

3DMath Explorer is a computer program that pilots 2D and 3D graphs of mathematical functions and curves in unlimited graphing space. It has many useful feature such as;1-3D curve ploting in real time,2-perspective drawing, 3-graph scaling (zooming), 4-active graph rotation, 5-fogging effect, 6-cubic draw,7-unlimited space ploting,8-four view plot. Free download of 3DMath Explorer 3.1, size 2.44 Mb.

Fotoview Graphing 2.0 fotoview 

Fotoview Graphing is an easy to use program for drawing and exploring graphs of mathematical functions and their derivatives. Functions can be entered by typing on the keyboard or by pressing the function buttons on the screen with the mouse. You can zoom in and out and move the graph around in a flexible way. You can also open, save and print the. Free download of Fotoview Graphing 2.0, size 6.60 Mb.

DreamCalc DCG Graphing Calculator 4. 8. 2000 Big Angry Dog Ltd 

DreamCalc is a fully featured Graphing Calculator for Windows. With DreamCalc, you'll be able to graph functions and plot list data more simply than ever. In fact, it is a match for many dedicated graphing packages, but far easier to use. Unlike the standard Windows calculator, DreamCalc gives you an intuitive and almost tactile experience. It's. Free download of DreamCalc DCG Graphing Calculator 4. 8. 2000, size 4.36 Mb.

CMZ2 Worksheet Generator for Math 1.7 Vaxa Software 

CMZ2 Magic Worksheet Generator for Mathematics for Windows has a powerful Wizard to help you Create your own custom Worksheets - Statistics and Probability - Graphing functions - Integrals - Functions, derivatives and limits calculations - Trigonometry - Analytic Geometry of the Plane and Space - Numbers calculations - Polynomials and algebraic. Free download of CMZ2 Worksheet Generator for Math 1.7, size 3.39 Mb.

Magic Graph 1.1 Betelgeuse Software 

Magic Graph is a powerful and easy-to-use graphing tool for plotting and analysing graphs of mathematical functions. It is fully customizable, supports wide variety of functions and provides you with great analitical capabilities and different calculus features. Magic Grapher is a great graphic calculator for both teachers and students and can be. Free download of Magic Graph 1.1, size 446.46 Kb.

Graphing Calculator Viewer Pacific Tech 

Graphing Calculator is a tool for quickly visualizing math. You type an equation and Graphing Calculator draws it for you without complicated dialogs or commands.

Graph functions in two, three, and four dimensions, explicit, implicit, or parametric. Graph inequalities, contour plots, density plots and vector fields. Use rectangular,. Free download of Graphing Calculator Viewer, size 3.30 Mb.

Ability Plus 3.0 Ability Plus Software 

Ability combined write, spreadsheet, database, graphing and communication functions in a single interface called the Library Screen. The main modules were written from the ground up to share as much code as possible so that, for example, a field in the write or database module would call on the same recalculation engine as the spreadsheet and the. Freeware download of Ability Plus 3.0, size 1.25 Mb.

InquiCalc 2.0 InquiSoft 

InquiCalc is a powerful and advanced graphing spftware designed to graph ellipses, hyperbolas, and other conic sections in implicit mode; additional modes support graphing polar and parametric functions, slope fields, inequalities, and scatterplots. In piecewise mode, you can plot piecewise-defined functions complete with open and closed endpoint. Free download of InquiCalc 2.0, size 47.50 Mb.

MiniCalc GUI 1.0 

MiniCalc GUI is a calculator that supports user-defined functions and graphing.It starts instantly and runs on both Windows and Linux.It is easy to use for the average user, but also supports factorials, exponents, logs, and trig functions.. Freeware download of MiniCalc GUI 1.0, size 255.74 Kb.

Nick of Time 1.0 Nick-of-time 

User configurable board game timer with customizable countdown settings, alarms, and graphing functions. Intended to run on a laptop while playing with your favorite board game.

Nick of Time 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Nick of Time 1.0, size 0 b.

HoubySoft Calculator CLI 4.0.1 HoubySoft 

HoubySoft Calculator CLI is an sophisticated and efficient calculator designed with a very large number of functions and capabilities such as graphing (2D, 3D, parametric, slope fields...), support for complex numbers, statistics, boxplots, vectors, logic operations, strings, lists, a simple C-like interpreted programming language, user-defined. Freeware download of HoubySoft Calculator CLI 4.0.1, size 576.72 Kb.

EqnPlot 1.0 EquationPlotter 

The EquationPlotter application provides an insightful exploration of some of the basic properties of functions. Linear, quadratic cubic and sinusoidal functions are explored in this first version of the app. The app is NOT a graphing calculator, but rather a tool to dynamically explore and understand the behavior of these functions. By using. Freeware download of EqnPlot 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.

My Grapher HD 3.2 Base 12 Innovations 

My Grapher HD is a simple, versatile graphing calculator for algebra, trig, and calculus.


Graph like the pros
v My Grapher HD can plot an unlimited number of functions simultaneously (as many as memory allows).
v The powerful CAS interprets more equations than you'll ever need. If you can type it using the. Free download of My Grapher HD 3.2, size 4.19 Mb.

DreamCalc Scientific Graphing Calculator 5.0.4 Big Angry Dog 

DreamCalc is the Ultimate Free Scientific Graphing Calculator for Windows. A slick math application that's so realistic, you'll never reach for your hand-held calculator again!

Not only does DreamCalc give you an intuitive and almost tactile experience, it is a fully featured graphing calculator that can graph functions and plot list. Free download of DreamCalc Scientific Graphing Calculator 5.0.4, size 5.13 Mb.

Advanced Grapher 2.11 Alentum Software, Inc. 

Powerful but easy-to-use graphing, curve fitting and calculating software. Graphs Cartesian (Y(x) and X(y)), polar and parametric functions, graphs of tables, equations (implicit functions), inequalities and slope fields. Up to 100 graphs in one window. Calculus features: regression analysis, obtaining zeroes and extrema of functions,. Free download of Advanced Grapher 2.11, size 1.20 Mb.

UltimaCalc Professional 3.1.805 UltimaCalc 

UltimaCalc Professional is a highly functional graphing math toolbox with a compact and intuitive design offering the ultimate balance of power and convenience.Its algebra module lets you perform manipulations and simplifications on basic and complex algebraic expressions. UltimaCalc lets you do calculus: differentiate an expression, or find its. Free download of UltimaCalc Professional 3.1.805, size 3.30 Mb.