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AxySnake 1.14 AxySoft 

AxySnake is a 3D action game based on the famous Snake (Worm) game. By giving the classic Snake a new dimension, we have given it a new life. 3D graphic effects specifically designed for modern video accelerators are strengthened by 3D sound! Many wonderful music tracks are included in the game. Frightening monsters and a variety of bonuses all. Free download of AxySnake 1.14, size 4.49 Mb.


Assault Droid 1.15 

3d action game. Make your way out of the enemy base through the hordes of mechanical guards.. Freeware download of Assault Droid 1.15, size 7.99 Mb.

Alien Strike 1.15 

3d action game, vehicular combat. Our planet Earth was attacked by aggressive aliens. Humankind, united by single goal, managed to build heavy weaponed and armored truck. It was the truck that was the sole hope of the entire planet Earth habitants. Destroy bases of the aggressive aliens for the sake of humankind.. Freeware download of Alien Strike 1.15, size 39.82 Mb.

Journeys of the Dragon Rider 1.2 MistKeep Software 

Journeys of the Dragon Rider, a 3D action computer game by MistKeep Software, lets you take on the role of a dragon rider and experience high flying adventure as you defend your kingdom. Fly high above mountains, weave through valleys and go on many a journey as you battle enemy dragons and soldiers! Features: -The ability to choose between four. Free download of Journeys of the Dragon Rider 1.2, size 72.29 Mb.

Sammy Suricate 1.45 Suricate Software 

Feel the adrenaline rush with this easy to learn, but hard to master 3D action/puzzle game. Sammy Suricate places the player in fantasy world of Lion Land, where he explores fantastic environments while searching for the magical gems to escape from Lion Land. Being in Lion Land means that Sammy will find himself hunted by amazing species of Lions,. Free download of Sammy Suricate 1.45, size 9.22 Mb.

3D Winter Game Fantasy 1.0 OmniG Software Inc. 

Winter Game Fantasy is a cartoon style 3D action game pack featuring three independent sports games - Penguin Ski, Polar Bear Sled and Orca Stunt. Each game features a personated cartoon animal as the athlete. The games are created in a vivid, fancy and fun-filled cartoon art style.
Penguin Ski
A chubby penguin is the skier and racing. Free download of 3D Winter Game Fantasy 1.0, size 8.07 Mb.

Globy 1 Alawar Entertainment 

This game is for those who love 3D-action and fun adventures. Fly on a legendary phoenix. Go through ancient mystical labyrinths. Play unusual card games. Face danger and discover secrets on your adventure. The main thing is to always move forward!The main hero is a prince, Dreamy. He lives in the Globy world, very high up in the sky, in a castle. Free download of Globy 1, size 13.77 Mb.

Jungle Strike 1.14 

3d action game, vehicular combat. Drive your Humvee through enemy bases in the jungle and find all secret documents.. Freeware download of Jungle Strike 1.14, size 23.08 Mb.

3D Fighter Jet 1.1 I Create Your Apps 

Awesome 3D Fighter Jet Racing Game.

Fast action flying game, very addictive.
Navigate your jet over the water destroying enemy planes and battleships with machine guns and missiles.

Are you up for the challenge?. Freeware download of 3D Fighter Jet 1.1, size 56.73 Mb.

3D Hunting : African Outpost 005 MachineWorks Northwest 

African Outpost gives you Big Game Hunting Action plus a healthy dose
of action and adventure! Fight off attacks by deadly poachers!

From the team that brought you the blockbuster hits 3D Hunting: Trophy Whitetail and 3D Hunting: Alaskan Hunt comes:

****3D Hunting: African Outpost!***

Go Hunting on. Freeware download of 3D Hunting : African Outpost 005, size 27.26 Mb.

3D SFCave 1.0.3 Yohei Iwasaki 

This is a simple but addictive 3D action game.

Control a ship to avoid cave walls! Touch the screen to move up. Release to move down. (by default)

This app contains the following 3 DIFFERENT MODES:
- 3D mode: Control a ship by touching the screen to avoid walls of a 3D cave
- Tilt mode: Tilt your device left and. Free download of 3D SFCave 1.0.3, size 2.52 Mb.

3D BattleShip 4 DtlSoft 

The game 3D-BattleShip is a classic battleship game working in 3D graphics mode. When you begin the game you will find yourself in 3D real world with real ships, sea, sky, fire, flying rockets, light effects, etc. You can see your own fleet, but the fleet of the enemy is out of your view. It's hidden by fog. When you shot you can see a fire and the. Free download of 3D BattleShip 4, size 4.24 Mb.

Hyperspace Invader and globy 

This game is for those who love 3D-action and fun adventures. Fly on a legendary phoenix. Go through ancient mystical labyrinths. Play unusual card games. Face danger and discover secrets on your adventure. The main thing is to always move forward! In Hyperspace Invader, a new arcade space shooter, hostile aliens pursue the human race across the. Free download of Hyperspace Invader and globy, size 985.09 Kb.

Transfusion 1 1 Greg Enright 

Transfusion (formerly known as Blood) is a 3D action game designed to work on both Windows and Linux systems. The aim of the game is to fight the enemies and go ahead shooting to kill anyone that appears in front of us. We can move around in the 3D dark structures searching for someone to smash/explode/bomb/blast/shoot, etc. We have a whole arsenal. Freeware download of Transfusion 1 1, size 0 b.

Gospel Champions 1.0 Third Day Games, Inc. 

Gospel Champions is a Catholic 3D action adventure PC video game containing 12-14 different Gospel stories. In each Gospel story level, children gameplay in the setting of the story by solving puzzles; avoiding adversaries; finding Gospel characters; seeing an animation of the Gospel Story; performing tasks related to the Gospel story; and finding. Free download of Gospel Champions 1.0, size 23.68 Mb.

Bloxter (for Mac OS X) 1. 5. 2001 Norbyte 

A 3D action puzzle game that combines color-matching fun with the thrill of alien monsters and colored blocks flying towards your screen.. Free download of Bloxter (for Mac OS X) 1. 5. 2001, size 2.60 Mb.

Herzog3D 20070406 

A 3D action real time strategy game based on the Sega Genesis game Herzog Zwei.. Freeware download of Herzog3D 20070406, size 7.71 Mb.

knockoff rc 

knockoff (KO) is a 3D action game written in C++ useing OpenGL. The basic aim is to knock your opponents off floating platforms any way you can (hence the name). Its a cartoon style game with Cell shading and lots of other fun features - check it out!. Freeware download of knockoff rc, size 305.48 Kb.

Nanocrisis 1.0 

3d action-adventure game in the style of "Zelda" and "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.". Freeware download of Nanocrisis 1.0, size 8.12 Mb.

NewWolf 73 

NewWolf is a conversion of a famous 3D action game: Wolf3Dby ID software. The purpose of this project is to make a stable, extencible and portable 32bit version of Wolf engine. To allow users run it in different resolutions and on various platforms.. Freeware download of NewWolf 73, size 329.83 Kb.

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Hover Carnage

A multiplayer 3D action/strategy game for Linux, Unix or Windows. Controlling a hovercraft vehicle with a variety of projectile weapons, you are thrust into a world where players speed through...

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Brief explaination of the game and action highlights.

Colt 1917 Peacemaker

Colt, 1917 single-action Army revolver. Factory-engraved and nickel plated with ivory handles.

Knight Of War

Online browser based strategic war game. Build an army, upgrade your kingdom's structures and destroy the enemy. Top upgraded members win cash and prizes each month.


Developer of 3D action games.

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3D Tic Tac Toe

A 3D Java based version of the game. Features 4 boards. The purpose is to get four pieces in a row against the computer.