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Hummingbird Exceed 13.0.5 Oberon Media 

A fantastic game with adventure and hidden objects to discover with the main goal, the secrets of an ancient amulet.

You only have 10 Days to Save the World! Find the secrets of an ancient amulet to stop flooding in Venice, a drought in Africa and the other disasters occurring all over the planet.

Travel around the globe. Free download of Hummingbird Exceed 13.0.5, size 0 b.


Dino's Adventure 1.0 Edu Soft 

The 3D educational game “Dino Adventure” is a wonderful journey in a fairytale realm. Once in this realm, which was some time ago the country of midget dinosaurs, the player is welcomed by strange silence. In fact, without realizing it, he/she is the main character and detective in the case of the disappearance of the pretty. Free download of Dino's Adventure 1.0, size 113.16 Mb.

Balloon Adventure 1.0 Deepak Pant 

Enjoy all new Balloon Adventure game.

Balloon Adventure is unlimited level game , with various worlds and characters. Unlock all worlds and characters
to enjoy the game.

Long tap screen to take balloon higher and release to fall at its normal rate . Make use of coin & score multiplier, coin magnet and balloon shield. Freeware download of Balloon Adventure 1.0, size 36.81 Mb.

Haunted Manor - Hidden Object Adventure 1.1.0 Big Bear Entertainment Inc 

Explore and Disover Thousands of Hidden Objects in this Fantastical Game Puzzle Adventure Game.

This Incredible Game Features:

-20 Stunning Beautifully Crafted Levels
Find all unique objects in 30 beautifully crafted levels.

-Timed Challenge. Freeware download of Haunted Manor - Hidden Object Adventure 1.1.0, size 105.91 Mb.

Harvey: Adventure of a Flappy Vulture 1.0.0 TimeDriven Inc. 

Harvey: Adventure of a Flappy Vulture is a new arcade game by TimeDriven Inc.

Be the first of your friends to play the New Addicting Game, Harvey: Adventure of a Flappy Vulture. Challenge and beat your friends, in an adventure that takes place in 7 unique locations, by sharing your score on Facebook and Twitter.

How to. Freeware download of Harvey: Adventure of a Flappy Vulture 1.0.0, size 15.10 Mb.

Poker Pop 32.0 Oberon Media 

The ingredients of this game are adventure, discovery, and excitement. You are about to embark in the voyage of your life. With Poker Pop you will be playing your way around the globe. You’ll be at fifty cities in five different countries, collecting postcards and souvenirs along the way. Have a good trip!
The game offers three. Free download of Poker Pop 32.0, size 16.14 Mb.

OpenKaiser 1.0 Openkaiser 

OpenKaiser is (or will be) a game inspired by the classic Kaiser as well as the DOS-game PC Kaiser. The player is the leader of a small kingdom and will try to expand his kingdom. It will be playable in either single- or multiplayer mode.

OpenKaiser 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of OpenKaiser 1.0, size 0 b.

Avatari 1.1 Shizam Enterprises Pty Ltd 

A unique and highly rated adventure game that stimulates your mind and offers hours of addictive fun!

Enter a world where demons and demigods fight for power and control. In this game of adventure and challenge, you take on the persona of Prahlad, a young warrior who wants to remove power from his father Hiranyakashipu who is king of the. Freeware download of Avatari 1.1, size 146.80 Mb.

Mythic Adventure 1.0 Sakura Games 

Take a journey into the ancient greek myths with this inlay game! Mythic Adventure is a puzzle game with a mythological flavour and a simple but addictive gameplay. The main goal is indeed very simple: just pick up a piece from those sliding in the bottom part of the screen and place it on the board to fill the empty cells: cnce all the cells are. Free download of Mythic Adventure 1.0, size 11.06 Mb.

Game Storehouse 1.1 Thinker Software 

Game Storehouse---Play, Manage a lots of interesting flash game quikly and expediently, include over 30 interesting game!You will get over 40 additional game after register.Include type of game:Action, Adventure, Board, Classic, Shooting, Sport etc.. Free download of Game Storehouse 1.1, size 16.88 Mb.

Super Mario World segabandonware 

Super Mario World is a classic arcade game.

Exploration adventure game with good old Mario!

Hunt dinosaur eggs with Yoshi!

Featuring 74 areas in seven different castles
Lots of special power-up items
For 1 or 2 players. Freeware download of Super Mario World, size 78.11 Mb.

Futurattack 01.10.09 

Futurattack aims to be a concurrent of the well known Advance War game on Game Boy Advance. This is an OpenGL 3D game PC project, developped for Linux. The project can be downloaded freely, but access to sources is restricted.. Freeware download of Futurattack 01.10.09, size 219.21 Kb.

Clan Lord 0.1 Delta Tao Software 

Clan Lord is an online community of exiles. It is a game of adventure and fun where players cooperate with rather than prey upon one another. In many ways this game is what you make of it ... almost every clanner has a different opinion of what Clan Lord is and has a different reason they play.

You can choose to be an obscure mystic, a. Free download of Clan Lord 0.1, size 52.26 Mb.

Big Kahuna Reef 2 - Chain Reaction 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc 

Go Hawaiian all over again! This spectacular and explosively charged match-game of adventure will captivate you as you dive with Humpback Whales, discovering new and exotic fish at every turn. Creative designers from around the world deliver over 750 of the most delightful and fantastical levels ever to be found in the deep blue sea. With its. Free download of Big Kahuna Reef 2 - Chain Reaction 1.0, size 14.17 Mb.

I-Fluid 7. 1. 1940 Exkee 

I-Fluid is a great game that will plunge you into an exciting and unprecedented physic-based adventure where the smallest and most common object can become your worst enemy.
I-Fluid gives you a fresh adventure with dozens of original ideas that will let you experience the world from the eyes of a drop of water.
In I-Fluid you will. Free download of I-Fluid 7. 1. 1940, size 126.95 Mb.

Diego`s Safari Adventure 9.0.28 Nickelodeon 

Diego's Safari Adventure is a cool arcade game developed by Nickelodeon and published by WildTangent Inc. It is a program made thinking about children and features Nickelodeon's Diego as its main character. The game takes place in Africa when Diego, his sister Alicia, and Baby jaguar travel all the way to visit their friend Juma, who. Free download of Diego`s Safari Adventure 9.0.28, size 0 b.

Burglars Adventure 2.3 

Burglars Adventure a free funny logical game will not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults. The main character is going searching the biggest safe in the world. He just adores money and jewelry, and won't stop before breaking the safe of his life. You have to help him overcome all the hardships and collect as many coins as possible. At every. Freeware download of Burglars Adventure 2.3, size 5.02 Mb.

Amnesia - The Dark Descent 1 2 Frictional Games 

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a first-person horror adventure game developed by a Swedish independent studio Frictional Games and released in September 2010. This is not your typical action game, where the main hero hunts monsters and kills everything in his way. Here, the main character is a poor lost soul who has to hide, scared of everything that. Free download of Amnesia - The Dark Descent 1 2, size 164.75 Mb.

Tropical Fish Shop - Annabel's RainbowGames 

Tropical Fish Shop - Annabel's Adventure is a beautiful match-3 game in which you must match three or more objects of the same kind to make them disappear from the board. Every level has certain goals that you should achieve. They require you to gather a certain amount of different resources by making matches with those elements. There's. Free download of Tropical Fish Shop - Annabel's, size 0 b.

Hunter Dan Great Outdoors Multimedia 

Hunter Dan's Bowfishing is the ultimate outdoor adventure where you will have to fight against underwater monsters. The game offers you a variety of challenges to test your bowfishing and survival skills. There is a Tournament Play with 5 different modes (The Grand Tournament Day, The Grand Tournament Night, The Scavanger Hunt, The World. Free download of Hunter Dan , size 24.53 Mb.

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