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icSpeech Games 1.0 Rose Medical Solutions Ltd 

icSpeech Games contains four interactive speech therapy games in a single, easy to use application. Each game can be configured to respond in real-time to the following speech parameters:

- pitch
- speech intensity
- voice intensity
- respiration
- nasal airflow
-oral airflow

icSpeech Games also. Free download of icSpeech Games 1.0, size 2.54 Mb.


Holiday Pink Bar 1.0 

Fun cocktail making game with a cartoon character by Look at the recipe and remember it, then start to make a cocktail, take a necessary glass and fruit. Have a lot of fun.. Freeware download of Holiday Pink Bar 1.0, size 3.94 Mb.

QQ Games Tencent America LLC 

QQ Games is an online multiplayer games service, provided by Tencent America,
where you can play all the games without paying any subscription. QQ Games is an official plugin for Aol Instant Messenger and it offers a wide collection of online casual games that are totally multiplayer and free.
As it is part of AIM, to start playing. Freeware download of QQ Games, size 48.29 Mb.

Blocktality 1.0.1 Brutal Studios 

If you like strategic games requiring you to think carefully before making any movement, then, Blocktality is a game you will enjoy a lot. This is a curious action and strategy game similar to Quake or Doom, but the main characters are some strange robots and you have to be the hero.

The first time you start the game, a tutorial will. Freeware download of Blocktality 1.0.1, size 20.46 Mb.

Play Basic (Demo) 1 6 Underware Design 

PlayBasic is a powerful game making tool, based upon the Easy-To-Use Basic programming language. PlayBasic was developed by game enthusiasts for game enthusiasts and incorporates more than 20 years experience in the field. The aim is to produce a language that would give users great flexibility, while providing them with a solid feature set for. Free download of Play Basic (Demo) 1 6, size 10.16 Mb.

Creativity Extension for Autodesk 3ds 1.0 Autodesk 

The Autodesk 3ds Max Creativity Extension delivers a host of innovations to help you expand the scope of your film, games, broadcast and television productions, while you quickly and intelligently optimize your models in real time. Add a whole new dimension of realism to your work through the addition of sophisticated – particle effects.. Freeware download of Creativity Extension for Autodesk 3ds 1.0, size 85.67 Mb.

MyPlayCity Toolbar 

Free Games Toolbar is a powerful instrument for making the right choice in your search for games. It helps in selection and gives you reference to the reviews of games so that you can help you to make a selection matching your interests and expectations. The reference is given by someone who has already got experience in playing a particular game. Freeware download of MyPlayCity Toolbar, size 1.50 Mb.

teluguhomepage Toolbar 6 5 teluguhomepage 

Read online directly from your browser the newest telegu newspapers, read some tricks about making money on internet, listen radio,play games and receive our most important news and announcements instantly.
You may uninstall this software at any time and with no limitations, using the standard uninstall procedures as offered with your. Freeware download of teluguhomepage Toolbar 6 5, size 0 b.

SporTV Toolbar 6 4 SporTV 

SporTV Toolbar is very useful tool for your internet browser, making it simple to play your favorite games in your web browser, also keeping you in touch with sport news directly from ESPN site. SporTV Community Toolbar stay connected and get so much more.. Freeware download of SporTV Toolbar 6 4, size 0 b.

Interplay-sports Icehockey 4 2 Interplay-sports 

Capture -the screen for analyzing the games and making of digitalized video clips
Play Back / Edit (editing, adding or removing tags made to the video clips)
Show Room (Picking out situations and clips you want to present)
Presentation (Viewing of the selections you identified in the Show Room)
Media maker (Export the whole. Free download of Interplay-sports Icehockey 4 2, size 65.89 Mb.

AllegRT 0.1.2 

AllegRT is a 3D engine for making games based on 3D realtime raytracing for realistic results. It is based on and designed to work with Allegro.. Freeware download of AllegRT 0.1.2, size 21.98 Kb.

Frank Engine 0.11 

The Frank Engine is a simple and flexible engine for making 2D games. It contains everything necessary to create a complete DirectX game with rendering, particle system, level editor, sound, music, physics, joystick input, GUI, and debug console.. Freeware download of Frank Engine 0.11, size 1.93 Mb.

glGameEngine 1.0 

3d rendering engine (suited but not limited for making games), based on OpenGL, written in C#.. Freeware download of glGameEngine 1.0, size 54.05 Kb.


gRPG is a powerful 2d rpg engine designed for making simple, fun rpg games.. Freeware download of gRPG, size 579.23 Kb.

Intrepid 2D Game Library 1.0 

Intrepid is an object-oriented 2D game programming library written in C++ utilizing OpenGL and SDL that takes care of the low-level programming involved in making 2D games.You can create nearly every kind of 2D game. Comes with collision-detection, phy... Freeware download of Intrepid 2D Game Library 1.0, size 142.93 Kb.

libSpider 0.1.0 

libSpider is a library of useful c++ classes which can be used in making 3d games and applications with OpenGL and GLUT. It can be used as a game engine.. Freeware download of libSpider 0.1.0, size 54.74 Kb.

Magic Master Project 32.20040707 

Magic Master Project is aimed to be a lightweight game development toolkit, based on Python and PyGame, for making strategy and RPG games (single and multiplayer). First goal is a remake of the famous Master of Magic game with multiplayer support.. Freeware download of Magic Master Project 32.20040707, size 3.44 Mb.

Open Card Library 0.1 

Open Card Library is an open source card library used for making rapid card games. A port of Open Card Library to the wii is planned.. Freeware download of Open Card Library 0.1, size 1.96 Mb.

Virtools Mysql Connectivity 1.1 

A set of plugins that will allow for games made in the game-creation software "virtools" to have mySQL connectivity, making persisitent games and such possible. To download go to "Files". Enjoy !. Freeware download of Virtools Mysql Connectivity 1.1, size 161.45 Kb.

HasseGameLib b Hassegamelib 

HasseGameLib is (currently) a one-man project of making a library for making programming CLI-Games a little bit easier. It has some functions for drawing to the CLI, making savefiles and reading them and it also has a keylistener. It is currently linux-only, I'm planning on making a windows version.

HasseGameLib b License - GNU. Freeware download of HasseGameLib b, size 21.10 Kb.

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