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videogame2allWPH8 miguel molina montilla 

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If you think you are a geek of video games enjoy testing your memory and remembering retro and new video games of all types of game consoles.
Face SNES games, NES, MEGADRIVE, SegaSaturn, GAMEBOY, PSX, SegaSaturn, GBA, GameBoy and N64!
In this game you have to guess the name of a video game just watching its cover.
You have 300. Free download of videogame2allWPH8, size 38.80 Mb.


vNESLight Nudua 

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vNESLight is a free Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator with a rich set of features and customization. This version is ad-supported, but fully functional. For the ad-free version please search for vNESLight Pro.

It does not contain any roms other than two freeware demo roms and it does not condone piracy. You can add your own. Freeware download of vNESLight, size 3.15 Mb.

vNESLight Pro Nudua 

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vNESLight Pro is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator with a rich set of features and customization. Trial mode is fully functional, but is ad-supported. The full version has no ads.

It does not contain any roms other than two freeware demo roms and it does not condone piracy. You can add your own games easily.

You. Free download of vNESLight Pro, size 3.15 Mb.

101 Amazing Nintendo NES Facts Digi-Media-Apps 

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In this fact-filled installment in Jimmy Russell's Games Console History series, we learn 101 amazing facts about Nintendo's seminal NES, the most significant console in Nintendo history.
The facts cover many areas, including the history, the hardware, game titles both rare and popular and some incredible information you probably never knew!. Free download of 101 Amazing Nintendo NES Facts, size 1.05 Mb.

Rooster Teeth Trials Files Jpoole806 

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Are you a fan of Rooster Teeth? Do you enjoy watching them do their trials files? Well, this is the app for you! This app includes videos from Trials Files from Rooster Teeth, from all of the trials games for your viewing pleasure.


Cherokee Baby Flashcards 1.0 Thornton Media, Inc. 

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Cherokee Baby Flashcards is an app for parents to learn the Cherokee language with their kids at home or anywhere. There are 149 audio files, 3 types to games and 3 types of quizzes. You can record your pronunciation and compare it with the Native speaker's voice. There's also a special section to listen to 2 songs and read about Sequoyah.. Free download of Cherokee Baby Flashcards 1.0, size 61.13 Mb.

Chess Viewer by 1.4 Dereque Kelley 

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Chess Viewer helps you navigate through your chess games in a comfortable, touch-friendly way.

It's designed to be used to view your own PGN files, and there are several ways you can upload your existing files to your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can use iTunes to load your PGN files to the app, or you can add file to the app through. Free download of Chess Viewer by 1.4, size 8.91 Mb.

Qipan, a SGF Reader 1.4 

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A go board is called a qipan () in Chinese. Qipan plays back Smart Game Format (SGF) files in your iPhone or iPad. It is great for learning from pro games on the go.


- Support multi-language (CJK/English/Unicode) file decoding
- Access SGF files via Dropbox (inside Apps/Qipan folder)
- Access SGF files via. Free download of Qipan, a SGF Reader 1.4, size 2.20 Mb.

Game Sounds Olaf Hengesbach 

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Do you miss those good old times, when game heroes were still talking and weapon and menu sounds were truly unique?

Well, here is the definitive collection of 1200 sound files (with about 1000 voice samples) from ten action games with the coolest sound effects and hero (or bad guy) one liners, including Max Payne, Duke Nukem, Blood 2,. Freeware download of Game Sounds, size 48.23 Mb.

Game Roms Javier Vazquez 

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***This is an unofficial App from***

That App brings u a lot of FREE Roms from ur favourite games and game stations, like:
-Nes -Snes -NDS -PSX
-GBA -N64 -GB/GBC -Etc. Freeware download of Game Roms, size 2.10 Mb.

Linux Man Pages Calibre Technologies 

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Linux man pages v1.0 provides offline reference of standard man pages of Linux in easy to read format.

It contains references on General commands, System calls, Library functions, Special files, File formats and conventions,

Games, Miscellanea and System commands and daemons.

Standard man pages at are. Freeware download of Linux Man Pages, size 4.19 Mb.

LostKeys Bent Vector Studios 

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Have you ever found yourself feeling nostalgic for classic arcade games or perhaps your old Atari or NES console games? Lost Keys for Windows Phone is here to take you back to the glory days!

Lost Keys for Windows Phone includes reproductions of the classic 2D sprite artwork, digital sound effects and music. The new HD version of the. Freeware download of LostKeys, size 44.04 Mb.

Games TV Atef Shehata 

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** Unofficial Player for Twitch

Love watching online games? Love Games TV will allow you to watch your favorite's games & players online.

What's new: Fix for streaming problem

• Browse live streams by games , channels or followed channels
• Play live streams

Retro Games Collector DK 

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*** There are NO games in this application. It is a collection management tool. ***

Collecting games for retro game consoles can be fun, but it can also be challenging... "What games do I already have?" "What games am I looking for?" and other questions often plague the retro game collector, especially when they have. Freeware download of Retro Games Collector, size 1.05 Mb.

10-in-1 Classic Games 12.0 Jaime Garcia Ghirelli 

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10-in-1 Classic Games

Including Square Shooter, Sojurn Shooter, Brick It, Basketball, Mines, Pool and more!

Full featured games with sound and off-line play. Many hours of fun with a small app footprint.. Freeware download of 10-in-1 Classic Games 12.0, size 4.51 Mb.

10-in-1 Classic Games for iPad 12.0 Jaime Garcia Ghirelli 

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10-in-1 Classic Games for iPad

BrickIt, Square Shooter, Sojurn, Space Shooter, Basketball, JumpUp, Flick Pool and more!

Many hours of fun with a small app footprint!. Freeware download of 10-in-1 Classic Games for iPad 12.0, size 10.28 Mb.

10-in-1 Kid's Games - 8.0 Jaime Garcia Ghirelli 

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10-in-1 Kids Games -

Image puzzles, Image sliders, Checkers, Mines, Battleship, Breakout, Snowboard, and more fun!

Many hours of fun in a small app footprint.. Freeware download of 10-in-1 Kid's Games - 8.0, size 6.50 Mb.

10 Doodle Games Collection 2.2 Alain Fernandes 

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"10 Doodle Games Collection" is an collection of 10 Doodle Games.

1 ) "Doodle Tic Tac Toe - Morpion" is an classic game ! Good IA !

2 ) "Doodle Snake" is an doodle snake game !

3 ) "Doodle Break" is an arcade game !

4 ) "Doodle Cats !" is an. Free download of 10 Doodle Games Collection 2.2, size 1.57 Mb.

1000 World's Best Games for iPhone & iPad 1.6 

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Sick of the same old games from Apple TOP25 list? Discover a whole new world of quality games which marketing departments of big corporations dont want you to show!

This application allows you to get access to alternative ratings of iOS games.
Our ratings are based on reviews and users feedback from independent sites with. Free download of 1000 World's Best Games for iPhone & iPad 1.6, size 2.83 Mb.

100+ Baby Games 1.7 

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Wondering what games your baby will enjoy? We can help. We've got more then 100 games for you and your baby to play everyday. And while you are having fun together, your baby will be developing new skills and discovering fresh talents.

Best way to have fun with your baby while develop their brain and motoric skill at the same time!!