Garmin Unlock Tool Windows Phone Software

Rotation Settings Kunal Chowdhury 

Mobile \ Productivity

[Works only with Windows Phone 8 GDR 3 (Update 3) or higher]

Looking for a simplest way to Lock/Unlock the orientation of your Windows Phone 8 device? This small, handy tool will help you to navigate to the Rotation Settings page with a click.. Freeware download of Rotation Settings, size 1.05 Mb.


An Alien with a Magnet Rejected Games 

Mobile \ Games

Welcome to the galaxy of An Alien with a Magnet, an amazing new platform-adventure-puzzler with a literal twist! Pick up diamonds, find secret orbs and unlock new levels to get the alien home safely in this new crazy mobile game.

Take control of our Alien and his spaceship and get him back to his home planet using just a magnet. Get. Free download of An Alien with a Magnet, size 48.23 Mb.

Animated GIF Tool Kevin Wong 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

A simple tool to create animated GIFs. Powered by the Nokia Imaging SDK.

- Aligns source photos to make the animation smooth.
- Save animated GIFs.
- GIFs can now be deleted.
- Fixed an issue that prevented multiple GIFs from being saved.. Freeware download of Animated GIF Tool, size 2.10 Mb.

Beizer Tool Abhishek_Behala 

Mobile \ Entertainment

An emulation of a vector pen tool.Click and drag to add a points.Drag segment handles and points to manipulate them.Close the path to start a new one. Reset to start from scratch. Freeware download of Beizer Tool, size 1.05 Mb.

BPM Tool Tyrone Combs 

Mobile \ Productivity

A simple, easy to read, bmp tool for keeping you on beat. Quickly determine the BPM off any song by tapping the screen to the beat of any song you are listening to.

Features auto sampling for accurate readout, auto reset, and customizable display option.. Free download of BPM Tool, size 1.05 Mb.

BPM Tool - Free Tyrone Combs 

Mobile \ Productivity

This is the free version of the BPM Tool.

A simple, easy to read, bpm tool for keeping you on beat. Quickly determine the bpm of any song by tapping the screen to the beat of any song you are listening to.

Features auto sampling for accurate readout, auto reset, and customizable display options.

This version may. Freeware download of BPM Tool - Free, size 1.05 Mb.

Dell Tech Tool Dell Inc. 

Mobile \ Business

Dell Tech Tool is designed for authorized Dell Technical Service Personnel, including Dell partnered field technicians.
Key features of the Dell Tech Tool app include:
• Diagnostic error code reference guide
• Dell Product manuals download
• Barcode scanning
• Help topics/search module

Eye Test Tool TMPS 

Mobile \ Health & Fitness

Test your eyes with Eye Test Tool by simply selecting the right direction of E letter.

New features in version 2.0:
- Speech recognition
- Better scale for results. Freeware download of Eye Test Tool, size 1.05 Mb.

Garmin HUD Garmin Wurzburg GmbH 

Mobile \ Travel

Important Note: This app only works with a Garmin HUD+ device. For further information, please visit
(This app can be used only with the Garmin HUD+ head-up display, NOT with the standard Garmin HUD device)

The app needs at least 1.1 GB of free internal memory. Memory cards are NOT supported due to Microsoft. Freeware download of Garmin HUD, size 16.78 Mb.


Mobile \ Travel

Garmin StreetPilot brings the power of Garmin navigation to your phone with rich navigation features and an intuitive user interface designed exclusively for Windows Phone. Using your data connection, StreetPilot always has access to the most up-to-date maps for the U.S. and Canada so you can navigate with confidence whether you're on foot or in. Free download of Garmin StreetPilot, size 13.63 Mb.

Horse Pose Tool 3D Junaid Khan 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Video Demo:

Breakthrough horse posing tool for the artist. You can create any pose quickly with an easy to use pose interface. Its simple, just select the horse body part and then pose the horse any way you want. The coolest feature most important to artist is the horse uses no constraints. Free download of Horse Pose Tool 3D, size 6.29 Mb.

Job Search Tool (alpha version) Southworks 

Mobile \ Business

Tool aimed at students looking for jobs and internships.. Freeware download of Job Search Tool (alpha version), size 1.05 Mb.

Kids Scrabble Dawnsun Technologies, LLC 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Welcome to Kids Word Scrabble, a perfect English word spelling, learning and testing tool. Word list include words right from grade I to Grade X. Every grade has multiple levels.

Application features:
- Application includes standard word-list of every grade.
- Hint to get help in solving difficult words spelling.
- Word. Freeware download of Kids Scrabble, size 5.24 Mb.

Learn Chinese Tool Wayne 

Mobile \ Games

This is a very useful tool to learn Chinese. It includes an English Chinese Dictionary, Chinese text to voice Engine and Chinese Flash cards. You can download more flash cards from our server, including HSK vocabularies(Chinese Proficiency Test) China's tandardized test for non-native speakers. HSK level 1 to level 6 words are included.
The. Free download of Learn Chinese Tool, size 5.24 Mb.

LUMIA Tool KRPS Studios 

Mobile \ Productivity

Lumia Tool for Windows Phone 8!

*Quick settings on single tap:
Airplane mode,
Battery saver mode.

Why is this the best application?
NO ADVERTISEMENT (No network data used, No Tracking). Freeware download of LUMIA Tool, size 1.05 Mb.

Lync WCF Tool Landis Computer 

Mobile \ Productivity

The Microsoft Lync Who Can Federate Tool will scan through you contacts and let you know which are Lync federation enabled.

You can also just type in a domain and check if it is federation enabled. All results, whether a scan or check, can be emailed to you.. Freeware download of Lync WCF Tool, size 1.05 Mb.

Manga Pose Tool 3D Junaid Khan 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Video Demo:

Breakthrough Manga figure posing tool for the artist. Now you can always have your very own reference Manga model with you. You can create any pose quickly with an easy to use pose interface. Its simple, just select the body part and then pose the figure. You can pose both the. Free download of Manga Pose Tool 3D, size 11.53 Mb.

Math Tool Lite Mike Lg 

Mobile \ Productivity

Perform linear interpolation between 2 known values. There is an example for reference.

•For more features, consider downloading "Math Tool", by Mike Lg

Updated version 1.3 now includes:
• Minor UI enhancements
• Sound Effects
• This is the Lite version of "Math. Freeware download of Math Tool Lite, size 1.05 Mb.

MC Tool Kit Silas Software 

Mobile \ Entertainment

The ultimate Minecraft tool kit for your phone.

-all Music Discs
-all background music
-6 Minecraft-themed lock screen choices
-one sound for almost every mob

-all sounds can be set as ringtone
-press and hold icons to save sound as ringtone
-easy tap-to-set lock. Freeware download of MC Tool Kit, size 73.40 Mb.

Mech Tool Trunnion LLC 

Mobile \ Productivity

A pocket reference for machinists, mechanics, and mechanical engineers, Mech Tool is a collection of convenient utilities for reference on the job or on the go.

+ Screw threads reference for UNC, UNF, UNEF, UNM, Acme and Metric fasteners. Includes major diameters, thread pitch, tap drills, and hex head widths.
+ Bolt grades shows. Free download of Mech Tool, size 1.05 Mb.

Pssst! a password tool Virtual Origins 

Mobile \ Productivity

The Pssst! password management tool was designed with the goal of providing an easy and intuitive way to manage your passwords. With that in mind, an easier passcode methods was created.

Pssst! makes use of a color-coded pattern to secure and encrypt your data. Simply enter your chosen color sequence on the passcode entry panel to. Freeware download of Pssst! a password tool, size 1.05 Mb.

Reporting Tool v3 Max Technologies 

Mobile \ Productivity

Reporting Tool v3 is work management tool for field workers. It is used to report work time, check and update task status and produce reports based on this data. Requires registration at Max Technologies Ltd,
Enabled JavaScript on the browser component. No other changes.. Freeware download of Reporting Tool v3, size 1.05 Mb.

Subnet Tool Rasmus Wejlgaard 

Mobile \ Productivity

Subnet Tool for Windows Phone contains:
- Decimal to binary converter
- Binary to decimal converter
- Breakdown of OSI model
- Tool for subnetting of network. Freeware download of Subnet Tool, size 5.24 Mb.

Super Tool Studio 8 

Mobile \ Productivity

Super tool for WP8

It includes
1.handy tools
messaging, IE browser, flashlight, stop music, music timer, calendar, alarm, stopwatch, countdown, write email, phone info, wallet

2.shortcuts of apps
Facebook, Music Player, Recorder, Photo Tales, Whatsapp, Cool Light, Photo Tile, 6tag, Sticky note, iMoney,. Freeware download of Super Tool, size 2.10 Mb.

Synced Tool Anchor Box LLC 

Mobile \ Productivity

Synced Tool lets you view, upload, and share your files and folders from your Synced Server account:

- View dozens of file types
- Generate share links on the fly to include in emails
- Save files for offline viewing
- Upload photos and videos from your camera roll and photo stream

Compatible documents:

Telescope Alignment Tool mokkymokky 

Mobile \ Productivity

What's new:
* User can now delete an individual saved location instead of deleting all
* Minor updates and fixes

A quick handy tool to share for those who does a manual polar alignment with their star tracking telescope. It provides some basic information required when setting up the telescope (ie. levelling, date+time, gps. Free download of Telescope Alignment Tool, size 1.05 Mb.

Ultra Tool Studio 8 

Mobile \ Productivity

Ultra tool for wp8

It includes

1.many tools
include music player and stop tool, sticky note, recorder, photo tile

2. time tools:
Digital watch. show time(accurate to seconds), date, day of week.
Alarm clock. Support repeat alarms for any day of week.
Stopwatch. Support unlimited lap and split. Free download of Ultra Tool, size 2.10 Mb.

Unlock Me! Venture Age, LLC. 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Unlock Me! is a classic number guessing game that provides an easy-to-use interface for your entertainment. Your goal is to get 4 numbers right by rolling the compination locks as less chance as possible. Hit Ok button to see how close you are. 'A' means number and position correct. 'B' means you get the number right but position is incorrect.. Freeware download of Unlock Me!, size 5.24 Mb.

Unlock reasons tarunasri 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

The application "Unlock reasons" tells us about the ancient works which our ansistor's had done before and those are practical works done by them and secure their lives.Now a days every one should follow it for secure their lives.. Freeware download of Unlock reasons, size 1.05 Mb.

WP Racing Tool (GPS) 2and4 

Mobile \ Productivity

- Windows Phone Exclusive -

Best metro/modern ui speedometer and racing tool! Featuring shiftlight, acceleration timer and maximum speed test.

Includes a head-up-display (HUD) to watch your speed projected onto your windshield so that you can keep your eyes on the street instead of looking on your cars built-in speedometer!