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Grocery List Generator for Windows 2.1 Captain Caveman 

The GLG (Grocery List Generator) is a helpful little tool to store your recipe-ingredients and other groceries you need regularly. It creates a well-organized grocery list to help make your grocery shopping as easy as possible.

* Share your own recipes with the world on the website
* 7 great. Freeware download of Grocery List Generator for Windows 2.1, size 157.29 Kb.


Clarion templates for List & Label 1.0 Clariontemplate 

Clarion source code for interfacing to combit's List & Label reporting tool.

Clarion interface to Report Generator List & Label

Clarion templates for List & Label 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of Clarion templates for List & Label 1.0, size 449.56 Kb.

JDirList New Valentin_Valchev 

Created as a simple and handy utility, JDirList can generate a HTML list of your files. Using JDirList you can also start creating your custom template designs.

JDirList is developed in the Java programming language and can operate on systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

. Free download of JDirList New, size 0 b.

Random List Generator 1.0 Random List Generator Software 

Random List Generator Software is random number generator software with special algorithms includes random function, Messene Twister and Gaussian distribution. Random List Generator Software application creates countless random numbers by specifying minimum and maximum number from drop down list. Random List Generator Software is random list. Freeware download of Random List Generator 1.0, size 983.46 Kb.

Free Keyword List Generator 1.2.4 Nsasoft US LLC 

Free Keyword List Generator software can be used to generate a list of relevant keywords to advertise on or create content around. The software allows to wrap generated keyword phrases in "quotation marks" (phrase match) and [square brackets] (exact match) for use in Google AdWords campaigns. It is keyword generation software to generate. Free download of Free Keyword List Generator 1.2.4, size 639.63 Kb.

MP3 HTML Generator 3.08 ExactTrend 

MP3 HTML Generator allows you to create MP3 HTML list for your Web pages without writing a single line of code. The page can contain information such as artist, album, title, filename, and more (using ID3v1 or ID3v2 tag With an opportunity of editing of the information). MP3 HTML Generator offers five different and totally customizable HTML/DHTML. Free download of MP3 HTML Generator 3.08, size 1.51 Mb.

ESP Bogus E-Mail Webpage Generator Elliott Sound Products 

ESP Bogus E-Mail Webpage Generator is a lightweight utility designed to generate a list of fake emails in order to hide real email addresses. The program generates an HTML document with a list of random words and random email addresses.

You can enter a short description for the webpage and the author name in order to make the document. Free download of ESP Bogus E-Mail Webpage Generator, size 0 b.

Extreme URL Generator 1.3 Extreme Internet Software 

Extreme URL Generator is an easy way to generate and save a list of similar URLs. It provides clean and intuitive user interface that lets you generate hundreds and thousands of URLs with just a few mouse clicks. After the URL list is generated you can save it into a text file or copy it into the Windows clipboard with another mouse click.But this. Free download of Extreme URL Generator 1.3, size 983.04 Kb.

Millions Email Generator Platinum Encrypt4all Software 

Million Email Generator Platinum used to generate unlimited email addresses in minutes (up to 20 millions emails) to bulid a consumer mailing list for e-mail marketing and advertising campaigns. You just need to select an email template and click generate to start generation process. You can export results to text file, you can verify email. Free download of Millions Email Generator Platinum, size 840.70 Kb.

EZ PayStub Generator Standard Edition PAYSTUBGENERATOR.COM 

EZ PayStub Generator Standard Edition enables you to list your deductions (ex. Child support, payroll loan etc).

EZ PayStub Generator Standard Edition also allows you to add multiple companies to the database instead of typing over old company data. This is a great feature since many individuals have multiple businesses.

. Free download of EZ PayStub Generator Standard Edition, size 0 b.

HHO Generator Giveaway Tools 2.0 HHO Generator 

HHO Generator Giveaway Tools.Easily Create And Manage Giveaway Events.Explode Your Mailing List With This Giveaway Manager Software!Increase your profits made at your giveaway by simply offering an irresistible one-time offer!This software generates one simple script that you can install to effectively create your giveaway event for you.Effectively. Freeware download of HHO Generator Giveaway Tools 2.0, size 1.37 Mb.

Championship Generator 3.2 

Championship Generator produces a list of all the meetings which must occur between the participants of a championship. It supports championships where it is necessary to consider the matches at home and away.. Freeware download of Championship Generator 3.2, size 806.65 Kb.

W2k's FTP Statistics Generator 2.00beta 

A simple to use yet highly customizable FTP server statistics and file list generator for Windows. Designed to work automatically in the background. The program has a sleek, compact interface and uses few resources. Designed for Windows XP.. Freeware download of W2k's FTP Statistics Generator 2.00beta, size 1.73 Mb.

WebApp Generator 1.0 

WebApp Generator is a JavaScript and PHP application generating your hit counter, guestbook, mailing list, formmail, forum, and many other web applications on the fly. Save your time to code or pay no more for a programmer.. Freeware download of WebApp Generator 1.0, size 963 b.

Advanced Smart Tag Tools 1 Microsoft 

This package demonstrates three advanced smart tag development tools for the Microsoft Office Smart Tag List Tool (MOSTL):
· the Smart Tag MOSTL Generator tool, which allows you to build smart tag XML list files;
· the Smart Tag List Builder tool, which allows you to build smart tag XML list files and list update. Free download of Advanced Smart Tag Tools 1, size 0 b.

Generate Random Number 1.0 Business software 

Generate Random Numbers with random Number Generator Software with in single click. Generate list of random numbers with having suffix & prefix with the numbers. Random Number List generator allow you to create sequential list (serial list) and constant value list also. Random numbers can be edit and copied to the clipboard for pasting into. Free download of Generate Random Number 1.0, size 985.66 Kb.

SL Password Generator 1.17 Seglab 

SL Password Generator is a program designed to generate random passwords. Program is fast, small and easy to use. SL Password Generator can create alphabetic, digits, alphadigits or all keyboard character passwords. Passwords list can be printed or saved.

. Free download of SL Password Generator 1.17, size 0 b.

HXDLG 1.0 Beta 7 Martin Labelle 

HXDLG is a handy, easy to use HTML / XML Directory List Generator, a Java application designed to create an HTML file like a web page or an XML file of a given directory.. Freeware download of HXDLG 1.0 Beta 7, size 367.00 Kb.

Random Generator for Microsoft Excel Windows Afalina Co., Ltd. 

the Random Generator, but to the Standard Microsoft Excel custom lists as well. Look how it works. Say, you have a list of names in a Microsoft Excel worksheet. You select that list, and click Add. That's it! Just one click and you have a new list added to the Random Generator. And, you also have it among your Microsoft Excel custom lists. To make. Free download of Random Generator for Microsoft Excel Windows, size 2.67 Mb.

Office XP Tools: Advanced Smart Tag Tools XP 1.0 Microsoft Coporation 

This sample demonstrates three advanced smart tag development tools for the MicrosoftdlT« Office Smart Tag List Tool (MOSTL): the Smart Tag MOSTL Generator tool, which allows you to build smart tag XML list files; the Smart Tag List Builder tool, which allows you to build smart tag XML list files and list update files; and the MakeTrie and. Freeware download of Office XP Tools: Advanced Smart Tag Tools XP 1.0, size 157.29 Kb.