Graphical Calculator

Quintile Math Calculator 1.5 Marcel Nijman 

Quintile Math is a scientific graphical calculator.

Finally a full-blown calculator at an affordable price!

The interface of Quintile contains multiple keyboards which group similar functions. It comes with all the basic operations. Furthermore, it includes:

- computing derivatives of any function
- simplifying. Free download of Quintile Math Calculator 1.5, size 1.15 Mb.


java scientific calculator for Windows 0.4 Dr John D Lamb 

A desktop calculator/scientific calculator. Use as desktop/graphical calculator, web applet, or to show calculator operations: arithmetic, trigonometry, logarithms, complex numbers, memory, statistics. Features four bases, copy and paste, and history. Free download of java scientific calculator for Windows 0.4, size 1.06 Mb.

Graphical Calculator 386 

It basically creates graphical representations for the functions you introduce.Current STABLE branch only includes win32 version.The DEVEL branch includes also a GTK version.Patches are welcome.. Freeware download of Graphical Calculator 386, size 756.92 Kb.

Fibonacci Calculator 2 4 Trader Software 

The Fibonacci Calculator calculates Retracement and Expansion Levels presenting result not only in numeric form but in graphical one as well. You don't need an additional charting software to determine input data for Fibonacci Numbers calculation. The Calculator downloads historical data for a security of your choice and draws the. Freeware download of Fibonacci Calculator 2 4, size 0 b.

pRPN 0.5.4 Beta 1.0 SAbastien Millet 

Graphical Reverse Polish Notation calculator running in Linux and Windows. Programmable. Provides Reals, Complex, Vectors, Matrices, Binaries, Lists, Expressions, Strings and Programs. Implements RPL, the HP programming language of HP-28 and HP-48 series.. Freeware download of pRPN 0.5.4 Beta 1.0, size 5.03 Mb.

D20 Calculator 1.0 

D20 Calculator is a graphical roller for a d20 based RPG. The program recognizes commonly used expressions such as "3d8+4", rolls, totals, and displays the results in a detailed, yet easy to read format.. Freeware download of D20 Calculator 1.0, size 9.67 Kb.

X-Bc - a GUI to the shell calculator bc 2.0 

X-Bc (formerly: xbc) is a graphical user interface to the command line calculator bc. All Inputs and Outputs stays visible for editing and comparing. Functionality: trigonometry, number-theory, exponential funcs, scientific constants, primenumbers .... Freeware download of X-Bc - a GUI to the shell calculator bc 2.0, size 1.25 Mb.

Reor 1.1.3 Ajay Menon 

Reor is a free calculator (licensed under GNU General Public License v3) which is crafted into perfection with a winsome interface. Reor has got Scientific, Statistical, Graphical and many more tools/functions built-into it, does calculations with at most precision, and maintains an attractive interface.

A glance at the features Reor. Freeware download of Reor 1.1.3, size 5.40 Mb.

FFXI Calculator 1.0  

FFXI Calculator is a multipurpose tool that assists a Final Fantasy XI player in determining many hidden statistics about their character, editing their game macros, viewing crafting information, and in optimizing the graphical appearance of the game.

FFXI Calculator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of FFXI Calculator 1.0, size 0 b.

Funding Calculator 1.0 Adrian Courrdoduges 

The funding calculator is an illustration of the fuzzy logic.
Basically it takes in input various funding sources, with the amount you hope to receive (the range has not to be precise) as well as the reliability of the source.

For example, you could assume about some sources:
"I'm sure to get a 1000$ subsidies from the. Free download of Funding Calculator 1.0, size 262.14 Kb.

Friscal 1.5 Blue Leaf Concepts 

Friscal is both a FOREX risk calculator as well as a useful toolkit for assisting you with your FOREX currency trading. Calculate Lot size, Pip value and other currency trading stats from one screen.

Friscal has been designed to be used in conjunction with your trading strategy to assist with day to day Lot size calculation as well as. Free download of Friscal 1.5, size 8.60 Mb.

Tone Stack Calculator Duncan Amplification 

To check out the response curves (and the design) of tone stacks used in guitar amplifiers like Fender, Vox, Marshall and Big Muff types, Tone Stack Calculator may be just the tool you need. When launched, the program displays an easy-to-navigate interface that includes seven tabs for a variety of tone stack types. Selecting the tab for a guitar. Freeware download of Tone Stack Calculator, size 76.75 Mb.

Calculator By Anshul Ravichandar 1.0 

Calculator 1.0 with many functions . Clock in menu , fractions to decimals , graphical pi etc . Free download . Built by Anshul Ravichandar. Freeware download of Calculator By Anshul Ravichandar 1.0, size 41.99 Kb.

Calculator 1.0 By Anshul Ravichandar 1.0 Calcu 

Calculator 1.0 with many functions . Clock in menu , fractions to decimals , graphical pi etc . Free download . Built by Anshul Ravichandar

Calculator 1.0 By Anshul Ravichandar 1.0 License - Eclipse Public License. Freeware download of Calculator 1.0 By Anshul Ravichandar 1.0, size 41.99 Kb.

OCL SiRi Kinematics Calculator 2011.09.25 University of Oslo 

OCL SiRi Kinematics Calculator is an app that can help you calculate all reaction channels for a single detector/strip, or one reaction channel for all strips of one detector.

The results are displayed either in graphical form or as a table. It is only possible to select beams and beam energies actually available at OCL.

. Free download of OCL SiRi Kinematics Calculator 2011.09.25, size 0 b.

Simpleplanning Net Worth Calculator New Simpleplanning 

Net Worth Calculator is a practical tool for the small companies or the individuals who want to create a financial statement. It uses the Excel's computing power in order to consolidate information about your assets and liabilities into a comprehensive report.

You can use this template to calculate your own net worth and to easily view. Free download of Simpleplanning Net Worth Calculator New, size 0 b.

HelioMetrics 1.3 PFK Productions 

HelioMetrics is a solar position calculator that generates metric data for any time or location, complete with graphical representations for easy analysis. In addition to automatically syncing to your current position, HelioMetrics allows you to input alternate coordinates and times, as well as save the data for later use.

HelioMetrics. Free download of HelioMetrics 1.3, size 1.57 Mb.

Ace Currency Calculator 1.3.1 Currencyworld 

Ace Currency Calculator is a convenient and simple software application that uses the power of the Internet to help you get the currency rates for over 150 world’s currencies, both hard and soft, accepted in 219 countries and territories. The currency exchange rates are determined at the close of the trading sessions and are updated daily. Free download of Ace Currency Calculator 1.3.1, size 1.46 Mb.

Atomic WebPage Size Calculator 1.01 Information Packaging 

Atomic WebPage Size Calculator is a Webpage size and download speed calculator. Use it to ensure that visitors to your website are not waiting too long to download your pages. If they are, then they are most likely leaving before they read anything or buy anything from your site. Use it to calculate the size of your webpages and report on the. Free download of Atomic WebPage Size Calculator 1.01, size 966.66 Kb.

Date Calculator 7.1 Leithauser Research 

Date Calculator performs a variety of calendar related functions useful in business. It will display a calendar for any month of any year. It will calculate the number of days between any two dates, optionally not counting certain days of the week, such as Saturday and Sunday. It can also be programmed to skip holidays. It can also calculate the. Free download of Date Calculator 7.1, size 504.83 Kb.