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2011 World Facts DaksaTech 

Mobile \ Education

The 2011 World Facts is the reliable source of information on all the nations and territories of the world. It provides up-to-date, valuable data for more than 250 countries and territories in a concise, well-organized format whenever and wherever you want.

* Did you know that there's an island called “Christmas Island”? Use. Free download of 2011 World Facts, size 12.58 Mb.


Audize Shawdio 

Mobile \ Productivity

This is a must have tool for any audio professional, game developer, or person wanting to know how much space one or more audio files will take.

So you have a collection of CDs you plan to convert to MP3, or another digital format but you're not sure how much disc space you will need. Audize is a calculator that estimates the amount of. Free download of Audize, size 1.05 Mb.

Arizona State Univeristy MAGOH Technologies 

Mobile \ Weather

A convenient way to read news about Arizona State University in a simple blog format on your mobile device!. Freeware download of Arizona State Univeristy, size 1.05 Mb.

BarcodeTerminal Net Srl 

Mobile \ Productivity

You can collect your barcode by scan it with the mobile camera and send it by email , if you need.
Format excepted are CODE 128 , EAN 13 , CODE39
. Free download of BarcodeTerminal, size 1.05 Mb.

Binare Uhr DaBeSoft 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Dieses Program rechnet die aktuelle Zeit in ein binares Format um und gibt diese aus. Zur Kontrolle, ob man richtig umgerechnet hat, wird im linken unteren Eck die Uhrzeit auch dezimal (normal) angezeigt.. Free download of Binare Uhr, size 1.05 Mb.

Binary Coded Clock sushma_rai 

Mobile \ Entertainment

This application shows the time in a Binary Coded Decimal format. Freeware download of Binary Coded Clock, size 1.05 Mb.

Blood Glucose Tracker Imaaz Software 

Mobile \ Health & Fitness

Blood Glucose Tracker provides an easy way to keep track of your glucose levels. Some key features are listed below:

- Chart your glucose level
- Send your readings to anyone via email
- Export the data in csv format for use with any spreadsheet
- Define your own tags to enhance the tracking experience
- Keep track of. Freeware download of Blood Glucose Tracker, size 2.10 Mb.

BuzzWX BuzzTroll Computing 

Mobile \ Weather

METAR and TAF on your Windows 7 Phone!

Weather information is critical for pilots. This tool allows pilots to retrieve METAR and TAF reports from the NOAA in a convenient format. These are two of the most important tools for pilots in preflight and this tool provides a simple and direct way to get them on your mobile phone.

Check - Before Munching It (BMI) Lebu Studios 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Concerned about gaining weight?
Use this app to check if you shall have the next burger or Fish n Chips that you plan on taking!

This app calculates BMI in both Standard format and Metric format.

Happy Apping!. Freeware download of Check - Before Munching It (BMI), size 1.05 Mb.

ColorGenerator Laserus 

Mobile \ Productivity

Simple application for generating colours. It might be useful for people who like to know how specific colour is represented in RGB format. Have fun!. Freeware download of ColorGenerator, size 1.05 Mb.

ConvertGPSPos Catscratch 

Mobile \ Productivity

Converts GPS positions into different formats.
- Dec (Latitute, Longitude)
- Deg (e.g. N XX XX.XXX)
- DMS (geocaching format). Freeware download of ConvertGPSPos, size 1.05 Mb.

Das Bouquet der Leidenschaft Sutton Verlag 

Mobile \ Reference

Uwe Schreiber: Das Bouquet der Leidenschaft

384 Seiten, E-Book im E-Pub-Format, ISBN: 978-3-86680-773-0, 1. Auflage 29.12.2010



Der Komet von 1811 verhei?t Gro?artiges. Nicht nur ein fantastischer Wein wird im Jahr seines Erscheinens in der Pfalz gekeltert,. Free download of Das Bouquet der Leidenschaft, size 4.19 Mb.

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten TouchyBooks, S.L. 

Mobile \ Reference

** Der Klassiker der Gebruder Grimm in einem neuartigen und interaktiven Format. **

In dieser lustigen Geschichte kannst du das Abenteuer von vier ganz verschiedenen Freunden miterleben: ein Esel, ein Hund, eine Katze und ein Hahn... Und jeder von ihnen spielt ein anderes Instrument!

Auf der Flucht vor ihrem Schicksal, dass. Free download of Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten, size 27.26 Mb.

ePhidgetY Application Development Professionals 

Mobile \ Productivity

Display summary environmental data from Phidget controller provided in published XML format.. Freeware download of ePhidgetY, size 1.05 Mb.

Expense Tracker Free Dig IT Out 

Mobile \ Finance

- Backup/Restore on SkyDrive
- Email records in CSV format

Personal budget tracking and analyzing application which allowes you to easily track your finances. Enter all your incomes and expenses and then view and analyze them by grouping them by date and by category. Adding your incomes and expenses is very quick and. Freeware download of Expense Tracker Free, size 1.05 Mb.

Gburgtimes DoApp Inc. 

Mobile \ Weather

The is now available in a mobile-friendly format. Get all the latest news such as: Breaking News Stories, Mid-day Update, Sports Scores, and much more -- all on your mobile phone.. Freeware download of Gburgtimes, size 3.15 Mb.


Mobile \ Productivity

Simple and easy color picker for your Windows Phone. Type in a color in hex-format or use the RGB-sliders in order to find a color. A brilliant tool when you want to test how colors look on your mobile device.

* Input colors in HEX-format via keyboard-like input.
* Choose colors based on RGB-sliders.
* Changes. Freeware download of HexPicker, size 1.05 Mb.

Lat Long Decimal Degree DMS Converter Gordon 

Mobile \ Productivity

A latitude and longitude coordinates conversion of decimal format to degree/minute/second (DMS) format and vise versa. In the degree/minute/second section, the latitude negative (-) degrees means direction is South, and positive degrees means direction is North. The Longitude negative (-) means direction is West, and positive degrees means. Free download of Lat Long Decimal Degree DMS Converter, size 1.05 Mb.

Les Musiciens de Breme TouchyBooks, S.L. 

Mobile \ Reference

** Le grand classique des freres Grimm, dans un nouveau format interactif. **

Decouvrez cette histoire amusante sur quatre amis un peu particuliers : un ane, un chien, un chat et un coq … qui jouent chacun d?un instrument de musique !
Fuyant le triste sort qui les attend aupres de leurs maitres cruels, ils vont tous. Free download of Les Musiciens de Breme, size 25.17 Mb.

MobileWiki Definite 

Mobile \ Education

Quite a lot of wiki apps do not have the right format of the page. The Mobile Wiki will show a full screen and well formated for your mobi-device.. Free download of MobileWiki, size 1.05 Mb.

Nixie Clock Redbrix 

Mobile \ Productivity

A simple but attractive nixie tube clock simulation.

- Works in both portrait and landscape mode
- User-configurable brightness and highlights
- 12 or 24-hour time format
- International or U.S. date format

If you like Nixie Clock, please consider purchasing the Digital Clocks app, which adds flip-card,. Freeware download of Nixie Clock, size 1.05 Mb.

OneMath ssm 

Mobile \ Productivity

Its an all in one mathematical utility. Be it a simple calculator, a scientific one or any format conversions. Scientific calc provides all trigonometric, hyperbolic, inverse and logarithmic functions. Shows the current expression generated by input from users. Convertor can convert among 25 different subtypes of the following categories: Length,. Freeware download of OneMath, size 1.05 Mb.

Paper Weight WM Software e.U. 

Mobile \ Productivity

Ever wanted to know the weight of your letter without having to weigh? Paper Weight let's you calculate the weight of the sheets. You can choose your format from a list of standard formats. Then enter the number of sheets and you will know the total weight!

Trial version is limited to the DIN standard formats A0 - A4.. Free download of Paper Weight, size 1.05 Mb.

ParisClock AppPourrites 

Mobile \ Productivity

Fournit l'heure associee au GMT de Paris au format digital et analogique.. Freeware download of ParisClock, size 1.05 Mb.

PicInPic WonderForge 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Be creative!!!
Pic in Pic is an WindowsPhone App for you to convert your single photo to picture in picture format.
What Pic in Pic do is easily create a picture in picture form image .
It' that simple. Definitely worth a try
What Pic in Pic does not do is publish your own privacy.. Free download of PicInPic, size 1.05 Mb.

PhraseMeme Scanner Gregarious Gaming 

Mobile \ Productivity

UNLIMITED FREE TRIAL, just a nag screen. NOW WITH REALTIME SCANNING! PhraseMeme Scanner is a multi-format barcode scanner that supports scanning UPC, EAN, QR Code, Code 39, Code 128, and ITF barcodes and then sending the results to various online services such as Windows Phone Search, Google Product Search, eBay, Amazon, and You can scan. Free download of PhraseMeme Scanner, size 2.10 Mb.

Podcast TV Pocketkai 

Mobile \ Entertainment

With Podcast TV get Video Streams of popular TV broadcasts on your Windows Phone. For that the Videos in MP4-Format are not downloaded or with the PC or MAC symchronized, but promptly online streamed. A list with over 100 international and more than 160 german Podcast TV broadcasts is already available and is monthly redactinal edited and updated.. Free download of Podcast TV, size 1.05 Mb.

RBG Binary Clock RowdyGaming 

Mobile \ Entertainment

RowdyBullGaming's Binary Clock app was created to benefit anyone who loves binary clocks and being on time. It has some nice features implemented. I added some helpful buttons on the toolbar to get you going (24hr Format, Timebar, Binary Helper). It now has Binary Coded Decimal and True Binary Format. You also have the option to run the app over. Freeware download of RBG Binary Clock, size 1.05 Mb.

RGB Presenter Lukasz Dzierzak 

Mobile \ Productivity

RGB Presenter is a simple application which can help you displaying color written in RGB format.. Freeware download of RGB Presenter, size 1.05 Mb.

RWC 2011 Linktone Computer Developments Ltd. 

Mobile \ Sports

Provides you with all the details you need at your fingertips for the upcoming rugby world cup. This year it takes place in New Zealand. This app shows you the teams, the groups and all the schedules - displayed in the format you prefer. Detailed pages about the teams, the stadia and even the referees. You can even see the location of the games. Free download of RWC 2011, size 2.10 Mb.