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Image Scale Tool AtlaSys Technologies 

Image Scale Tool is a handy and reliable application designed to resize multiple images at the same time.

The scaling process results in pictures of smaller size that can easily be shared or sent via email. The images will be scaled based on a user-defined percentage.

. Free download of Image Scale Tool, size 0 b.


Guitar Scales Tool 1.1 Ruz 

With the Guitar Scales Tool app you can study every scale and tunning you want. You can edit and create scales and see their notes around the fretboard. You can edit and create tunings and see where the notes are if you were using these tunings. You can find scales wich contain certain notes and then study them.. Free download of Guitar Scales Tool 1.1, size 419.43 Kb.

RealGuitar 1.5 MusicLab, Inc. 

The true power of RealGuitar lies in 3 brand new technologies incorporated in this innovative guitar performance tool:"New multi-channel layering technology", incorporating a custom library of specially recorded samples taken from every fret of all 6 strings of a real guitar. "The unique Floating Fret Position technology", which. Free download of RealGuitar 1.5, size 44.42 Mb.

CH3ETAH Code Generation IDE rc 

Extensible IDE and framework for managing small and large-scale code generation projects. Through an abstracted code generation layer, CH3ETAH can support almost any template language, workflows, and even tasks not directly related to code generation.. Freeware download of CH3ETAH Code Generation IDE rc, size 2.56 Mb.

Smart HTTP Debugger v2.2 

Smart HTTP Debugger is designed to provide a full-scale tool for web developers to capture, analyze and debug all HTTP communications between the web browser on the client side and the web server on the other side. Internet software developers can use Smart HTTP Debugger to analyze the communication between their programs and the web server. Each. Free download of Smart HTTP Debugger v2.2, size 244.74 Kb.

Guitar scales online 9 FLASH MUSIC GAMES 

Guitar scales free movie. Guitar Scales This lesson covers the basic ways to play chromatic scales on the guitar. Guitar scale reference - Here is a listing of some basic fingerings for many games. GUITAR SCALES guitar chords E guitar scales E chord progressions E Search our collection of guitar scales, with charts and music playbackE jam E. Freeware download of Guitar scales online 9, size 30.72 Kb.

Guitar Scale Generator 1.0 Axescalegen 

Shows selected scale on virtual guitar fingerboard. Tuning of guitar is free.

GUI, custom # of strings, custom tuning of strings, slide, custom scales

Guitar Scale Generator 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of Guitar Scale Generator 1.0, size 0 b.

Scales for guitar 9 FLASH MUSIC GAMES 

Decide what style interests you, and take advice from your teacher . Finding a teacher should not be difficult. Some people manage to teach themselves on folk and electric guitar . Instruments are fairly cheap to buy and maintain . Folk-style is easy to learn, classical is hard with the other styles in between
For classical and Spanish-style. Freeware download of Scales for guitar 9, size 46.08 Kb.

Bifido Punnett Square Calculator Professional 3.4 Bifidosoft 

The magnificent genetic calculator. With this tool generation of punnett squares would be an easy job. You can get absolutely correct results for most difficult genetics crosses as well, as for simple problems of mendelian inheritance.

Because the unique algorithm the program works amazingly fast. It is pruduce complex punnett squares in. Free download of Bifido Punnett Square Calculator Professional 3.4, size 0 b.

Bass Guitar Mode Maker 1.3 Two Brothers Software 

Bass Guitar Mode and Scale Creator, create and modify chords and scales. For 5 sting bass guitar. Comes with several hundred chords and scales to start with. Change modes, scales and chords to fit your fingering pattern for each song you play. Shareware version allows printing of charts. Upgrading to full verision allows saving of unique guitar. Free download of Bass Guitar Mode Maker 1.3, size 3.17 Mb.

Guitarist's Reference 5.4 My App Catalog LLC 

ALL-IN-ONE Package: Guitar Chords, Scales, Triads, Arpeggios, Notes On The Fretboard, Reverse Chord Finder Tool, Chord Quiz, Alternate Guitar Tunings and Chord Scale Relationships.


+ Guitar Chord Encyclopedia: This handy app includes. Free download of Guitarist's Reference 5.4, size 67.74 Mb.

Guitar Power - PalmOS Edition 1.1.0 Jana Software 

The Ultimate Scale, Chord and Arpeggio Reference for Guitarists. Guitar Power is an interactive learning system. Quickly and easily use scales, chords and arpeggios. Any style or level - learn the secrets of the pros and play like your guitar heroes. Guitar Power will teach you: 3000+ chord voicings, 500+ scales, 550+ arpeggios, triads in any. Free download of Guitar Power - PalmOS Edition 1.1.0, size 146.43 Kb.

Guitar Mode Maker 1.3 Two Brothers Software 

Guitar Mode and Scale Creator, create and modify chords and scales. For 6 sting guitar. Comes with several hundred chords and scales to start with. Change modes, scales and chords to fit your fingering pattern for each song you play. Shareware version allows printing of charts. Upgrading to full verision allows saving of unique guitar scale files. Free download of Guitar Mode Maker 1.3, size 3.17 Mb.

Guitar XzJam Band Heavy 1.03 Marko Karkkainen 

Guitar XzJam Band app is a virtual band (song loop) for guitarist. A guitar player can jam with a virtual drum and bass player; choose their tempo, time signature and position (root note). XzJam is good for bands, improvisation, scale, jam and solo training. Use headphones or speakers, take your guitar in your hand and let's jam! Its also good for. Freeware download of Guitar XzJam Band Heavy 1.03, size 47.92 Mb.

Guitarmaster Demo 2.0.0006 RoboSens Ltd. 

Guitarmaster is the ultimate low-cost transcription and notation software for the electric guitarist, producing guitar tablature (tab) and MIDI files directly from the audio signal generated by your guitar.
This guitar software lets you connect your guitar directly to your PC soundcard and produce notated music with no extra hardware. The. Free download of Guitarmaster Demo 2.0.0006, size 4.89 Mb.

PyTuner 1.2 Joshua Smith 

PyTuner is a Python and Pygame-based application that allows you to tune your guitar.

PyTuner comes with various tuning scales for your guitar and a simple Graphical User Interface that's been designed using the draw functions found in Pygame.

. Freeware download of PyTuner 1.2, size 0 b.

GuitarMan - guitar tuner tool 2.0.0 CalluxNet AB 

GuitarMan turns your iPhone into a realistic, precise, and easy-to-use guitar tuner.

User comments:
- "Overraskande bra!" (translated "Surprisingly good!") by sesse123321, Sweden.
- "" (freely translated "Strongly recommended") by Mr Chung, Republic of Korea.
- "The only guitar. Free download of GuitarMan - guitar tuner tool 2.0.0, size 2.62 Mb.

Guitar Riffs Revealed 3.5 JS900 

This app has an amazing 297 easy to follow video tuitional lessons on how to play literally hundreds of guitar riffs and licks:

Videos are far too numerous to list but include:

Rock You Like a Hurricane guitar solo cover
Scorpions Hurricane Intro Lead Guitar Solo - How to Play Lead Guitar
ACDC Back In Black Lead. Free download of Guitar Riffs Revealed 3.5, size 7.13 Mb.

Proportional Scale 3.4 Courtney & Company 

Have you ever resized an image that resulted in image stretching or unwanted distortion. Proportional Scale App makes it easy to calculate new image dimensions and maintain the aspect ratio; leaving no distortion or stretching.

How To Use:
* Enter the dimensions of the image to be scaled.
* Change the scale ratio with slider. Free download of Proportional Scale 3.4, size 2.94 Mb.

Chordmaster 1.2.2 D'Addario & Company, Inc. 

Chordmaster is the quintessential hand-held guitar chord library brought to you by D'Addario & Company, Inc., the world's largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of musical instrument accessories.

Chordmaster is a companion to D'Addario's complete guitar scale and arpeggio app, "Scale Wizard".

The. Free download of Chordmaster 1.2.2, size 18.45 Mb.

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