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Strung Minstrel Media Software 

The Strung guitar processor is a full featured guitar simulator, tutor and musical tool with advanced functions designed to help you get the most from your instrument. If you compose music, play the guitar or bass, or are thinking of learning, Strung 1.1 will be able to help you. Register V1.1 now and get a free upgrade to V2 when it is released in. Free download of Strung, size 42.19 Mb.


Native Instruments FM8 8.0 Native Instruments GmbH 

Native Instruments has harnessed the power of FM synthesis. The strengths of digital are manifest in FM8™s powerful audio engine which generates breath-taking, brilliantly dynamic FM sound in pristine quality.

With its emphasis on ease-of-use, the FM8 brings a high degree of simplicity to the otherwise intricate process of. Free download of Native Instruments FM8 8.0, size 0 b.

Native Instruments Mikro Prism 1.0 Native Instruments 

MIKRO PRISM is a new free instrument, based on the successful synthesizer REAKTOR PRISM. Using the same sound engine as its bigger brother and REAKTOR 5.5’s new dynamic ''Modal Bank'' technology, this fully-playable instrument shines with a stunning range of brilliant sounds.

With 70 presets, the built-in. Freeware download of Native Instruments Mikro Prism 1.0, size 4.09 Mb.

Native Instruments Traktor 2 2.0 Native Instruments 

TRAKTOR DUO 2 makes it simpler to unleash your creativity, whether you mix at home or rock the dance floor. As a part of the TRAKTOR 2 generation, you're using the same software as many of the world’s top DJs.
Within moments, you’ll be mixing on two decks and easily adding loops using the new Sample Decks.. Free download of Native Instruments Traktor 2 2.0, size 280.67 Mb.

Native Instruments Kontakt Player 2. 2. 2005 Native Instruments GmbH 

KONTAKT PLAYER is the free sample player based on award-winning KONTAKT technology. Expanding the capabilities of its successful predecessor, the free KONTAKT PLAYER allows for innovative, highly playable instruments leaving technological and musical limitations behind. Due to Kontakt Script Processing you get unprecedented functionality and. Freeware download of Native Instruments Kontakt Player 2. 2. 2005, size 189.88 Mb.

Virtual Fretboard for Guitar 1.00.06 Rock Software 

The Virtual Fretboard for Guitar software package allows users to browse fretboard layouts for many different instruments and tunings. It displays the note positions on the fretboard in both chord and scale modes. Functionality includes : Fully Configurable, Chord and scale search, MIDI sound output, Printing, Custom instruments and tunings, Custom. Free download of Virtual Fretboard for Guitar 1.00.06, size 1.66 Mb.

MusicLab RealLPC 1.1 MusicLab Inc 

MusicLab RealLPC - sample-based virtual instrument with an innovative approach to guitar sound modeling and guitar techniques emulating on a standard MIDI keyboard.

MusicLab RealLPC is a professional application designed to provide incredible playability based on the unique performance modes and the keyboard layout as well as the. Free download of MusicLab RealLPC 1.1, size 0 b.

Musical Instrument Simulator/Note Mapper 6.40 Horizon Software 

Virtual piano, guitar/banjo/mandolin etc, hammered dulcimer simulator and note mapper/composer lets you write and play back songs thru midi and see the notes played (animated) on a musical staff and scale, piano keyboard, guitar/banjo/mandolin, and hammered dulcimer images. You can change the midi sound to any one of 128 different instruments, mix. Free download of Musical Instrument Simulator/Note Mapper 6.40, size 440.40 Kb.

Portable virtuAMP 1.2.1 Ryan Gregg 

virtuAMP is an open source real time virtual guitar amplifier for your home computer. virtuAMP provides an intuitive interface for customizing your sound through a virtual pedalboard, which behaves as your existing guitar rig does, allowing you to place effect pedals, connect them using cables and control their sound using their controls. Your. Free download of Portable virtuAMP 1.2.1, size 125.83 Kb.

ReValver Mk III Peavey Electronics 

ReValver is nothing but a state of the art virtual guitar amplifier modeling software with which you can choose infinite combinations of classic amps, preamps, power amps, and effects to create your own signature tone.

ReValver MK III is the software which models the 15 most popular guitar amplifiers. This is achieved through an. Free download of ReValver Mk III, size 0 b.

RealLPC 1.0 MusicLab 

RealLPC - sample-based virtual instrument with an innovative approach to guitar sound modeling and guitar techniques emulating on a standard MIDI keyboard.

RealLPC provides incredible playability based on the unique performance modes and easy-to-use keyboard layout as well as the advanced key/pedal/velocity switch system allowing a. Free download of RealLPC 1.0, size 120.66 Mb.

Guitar Tracks Pro 4 Cakewalk 

Introducing the all new Guitar Tracks Pro 4 — Designed for guitarists and singer-songwriters, Guitar Tracks Pro is the recording solution takes your music from riff to hit easier than ever.
With Guitar Tracks Pro you get much more than just recording software. You get an amazing virtual guitar amp for inspired, arena ready. Free download of Guitar Tracks Pro 4, size 209.72 Mb.

GUITAR RIG 5 PRO 5.0.2 Native Instruments 

GUITAR RIG 5 PRO is the ultimate software solution for perfect custom tone with more amps, more effects and more creative potential than ever before, all in a powerful and intuitive virtual effects rack.
The latest version includes two essential new high-gain amps, six powerful new effects, and 19 new cabinets — exquisitely modeled in. Free download of GUITAR RIG 5 PRO 5.0.2, size 231.74 Mb.

Guitar Scale Generator 1.0 Axescalegen 

Shows selected scale on virtual guitar fingerboard. Tuning of guitar is free.

GUI, custom # of strings, custom tuning of strings, slide, custom scales

Guitar Scale Generator 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of Guitar Scale Generator 1.0, size 0 b.

Online guitar 005 FLASH MUSIC GAMES 

Oline Guitar machine. Use this game for record and plaing guitar sound. A virtual workshop for guitarmers and guitar editor. Free music flash games note, piano, guitar, drums Music piano and guitar online flash games. Piano music machine free online game you can compose melody and play it. Try compose melody. This is very easy. Free flash games. Freeware download of Online guitar 005, size 31.46 Kb.

12-String Guitar HD 1.2 H2indie LLC 

12-String Guitar HD is a virtual guitar app for the iPad. This virtual guitar app comes with some benefits that the real one doesn't have such as easy chord selection, auto-strumming, and easy string picking. It's a lot easier to play than a real guitar. You don't need to remember all the chords and where all your fingers should go for playing a. Free download of 12-String Guitar HD 1.2, size 17.62 Mb.

12-String Guitar Lite 1.0 H2indie LLC 

"12" is a virtual 12-string guitar app for the iPad. We tried to emulate it as closely as possible to a real 12-string guitar as we can. It can never be exactly like a real one but we think we have achieved a satisfactory result. This virtual guitar app does come with some benefits that the real one doesn't have such as easy chord. Freeware download of 12-String Guitar Lite 1.0, size 16.46 Mb.

Guitar Instrument Strings Free 2.0 All Pro Apps Corporation 

One of the best Handheld Virtual Tuner Musical Guitars App FREE!!!
Strum Guitar Strings like no one is listening!!
It's so much fun to strum these gaming guitar strings!!
Tune your guitar strings to fit you, and rock it with best rhythm!

This is an ultimate rock band or solo guitarist app to tune with Sound Tempo control. Freeware download of Guitar Instrument Strings Free 2.0, size 5.56 Mb.

Guitar Training 1.0.1 Sevilla Soft 

Guitar Training is the application for the study of chords and tonalities used in the guitar. Change chords by pressing a button and touch the strings to a rhythm. We have our virtual guitar, allowing us to accompany songs we know play guitar or not.
For those who already know how to play, is a tool that provides an environment in which to. Free download of Guitar Training 1.0.1, size 2.83 Mb.

Guitar XzJam Band Blues 1.03 Marko Karkkainen 

Guitar XzJam Band app is a virtual band (song loop) for guitarist. A guitar player can jam with a virtual drum and bass player; choose their tempo, time signature and position (root note). XzJam is good for bands, improvisation, scale, jam and solo training. Use headphones or speakers, take your guitar in your hand and let's jam! Its also good for. Freeware download of Guitar XzJam Band Blues 1.03, size 26.21 Mb.

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