H Series Freeware

OPC90 Server 7 4 The RoviSys Company 

OPC90 Server is a software that enables data exchange between all compatible OPC clients and ABB Bailey Command Series, NET90, INFI90, INFI90 Open and Harmony systems. OPC90 Server supports all exception report blocks, supervisory control of blocks, system status monitoring including problem report collection.. Freeware download of OPC90 Server 7 4, size 22.91 Mb.


FA-300 Series Configuration Tools 3 9 Mircom Technologies Ltd. 

The FA-300 Series Configuration Tools helps you configure the FA-300 FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANELS that consist of eight and twelve zone models which are
equipped with an LED display and an integrated
UDACT/Digital Communicator on select models. The
FA-300 Series family also includes remote LED and
LCD annunciators as well as. Freeware download of FA-300 Series Configuration Tools 3 9, size 12.49 Mb.

WJ-SX650 Series Administrator Console 3.0 Panasonic 

This WJ-SX650 Series Administrator Console will allow you to work with the hardware WJ-SX650 and input the required setting for the device to work in perfect conditions.

Main features:

-Downloads the current setup data of the unit to
the PC.
- Uploads the setup data (configured in WJ-SX650
Series. Freeware download of WJ-SX650 Series Administrator Console 3.0, size 0 b.

Accelcoder X Fixstars 

Accelcoder X is a Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D* standards compliant H.264 encoding software designed for professional use. It provides a fast and full-featured Blu-ray encoding environment at a much lower cost.
Accelcoder X is available as standalone software, no special hardware required. This means you can work with a variety of hardware you may. Freeware download of Accelcoder X, size 535.79 Mb.

SUPERPRO M series xeltek 

The SUPERPRO is a menu-driven software that operates a series of cost-effective, reliable, and high-speed universal programmers. SUPERPRO communicates through a USB 2.0 port and operates with most IBM-compatible desktop and notebook computers based on Pentium.

The Main Menu provides access to the File, Buffer, Device, Option, Project,. Freeware download of SUPERPRO M series, size 148.21 Mb.

Zaitun Time Series 0.2.1 zaitunsoftware 

Zaitun Time Series - Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Software.

Zaitun Time Series is a free and open source software designed for statistical analysis of time series data. It provides easy way for time series modeling and forecasting. It provides several statistics and neural networks models, and graphical tools that will make. Freeware download of Zaitun Time Series 0.2.1, size 1.70 Mb.

Advance Wars Series Map Editor 1.0 Joao Pedro S. Francese (Roma_emu) 

This map editor was made by Roma_emu so people could share their Advance Wars series' maps through the Internet. It's designed for PCs using Windows and Linux.
This program will not help with the online gaming of the Advance Wars, it is the most mapmaker-friendly editor to be
released this far.. Freeware download of Advance Wars Series Map Editor 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

Free TvDB 1 71 My Portable Software 

Free TvDB is a tv series database software! Manage your collection of tv series with a simple and powerful software!
- automatic series data download (info / cast / images) from thetvdb.org
- poster and fanart galleries (automatically downloaded!)
- proxy support
- automatic database backup. Freeware download of Free TvDB 1 71, size 640.00 Kb.

GNU Gatekeeper (GnuGk) 3.0 GNU Gatekeeper Project 

A free H.323 gatekeeper to build VoIP networks, route calls and do authentication and accounting.. Freeware download of GNU Gatekeeper (GnuGk) 3.0, size 2.86 Mb.

The Great Prophecies by G. H. Pember 1.0 SSModules Bible Study Library 

G. H. Pember's book on Old and New Testament Prophecy, decidedly dispensational. Pember was the author of the well-known book Earth's Earliest Ages, and this book was written later to focus more on prophecy than history. The full title is The Great Prophecies Concerning the Gentiles, the Jews, and the Church of God. Excerpt: Why man, immediately. Freeware download of The Great Prophecies by G. H. Pember 1.0, size 946.18 Kb.

Windows Media Load Simulator 9 Series Microsoft 

Windows Media Load Simulator 9 Series was developed to be a small tool that simulates a real-world load on a server. The load-test results on the server can be viewed in a log. Windows Media Load Simulator is designed to run on one or more client computers to simulate a large number of client requests.
Organizations are configuring. Freeware download of Windows Media Load Simulator 9 Series, size 828.42 Kb.

F@HMonitor 1 1 Bushin SOFTWARE 

F@H Monitor is a resiable Windows gadget that will show Folding@home tasks progress. F@H Monitor saves its settings to a gadgetname_Settings.ini file location in the %APPDATA% folder. Color changeable for all gadget's elements, include background.
Folding@home is a distributed computing project - users from throughout the world download and. Freeware download of F@HMonitor 1 1, size 209.92 Kb.

Manga Crawler 1.16 Tomanu 

Download whole manga series from many popular sites. Currently supported sites: Anime Source Manga Access Manga Share Manga Fox Manga Run Manga Volume Otakuworks Our Manga Spectrum Nexus Stop Tazmo Unix Manga Choose where to save images. Subdirectories for server, serie, chapter will be created automatically. You may check "Zip chapter to. Freeware download of Manga Crawler 1.16, size 178.18 Kb.

NASCAR Nationwide Series Firefox Theme 1.1 Brand Thunder 

Experience the NASCAR Nationwide Series every time you visit the Web. Our custom browser theme for Firefox captures the excitement of NASCAR - with a custom toolbar and bookmarks folder featuring hot NASCAR Nationwide Series links. Download and enjoy. PRIVACY: We respect your privacy. We do track some data - but it's only numbers. We follow the. Freeware download of NASCAR Nationwide Series Firefox Theme 1.1, size 633.86 Kb.

H Plus Resto 1.0 i-resto.sourceforge.net 

H plus Sofware is software for restaurant to make easiesall transactions in restaurant such inventory, purchase, accounting, payroll, dan sales. build up with visual basic dan SQL Server Download With Rapidshare : http://rapidshare.com/files/142309241/CA. Freeware download of H Plus Resto 1.0, size 2.35 Mb.

H.264 Stream Editor 1 h264-se.sourceforge.net 

H.264 Stream Editor is a re-coding application developed by TATA ELXSI LIMITED, that allows the user to edit the configuration parameters of the H.264 Bit stream files, therby obtaining a custom configured video file.. Freeware download of H.264 Stream Editor 1, size 153.07 Kb.

H.323 Beacon 1.0 h323beacon.sourceforge.net 

H.323 Beacon is a tool that can be used to measure/monitor/qualify/troubleshoot performance of H.323 Videoconference sessions both at the network and at the host by using a end-node(client) and core-node(server) architecture.. Freeware download of H.323 Beacon 1.0, size 650.10 Kb.

H.323 NAT Module for Linux Kernel 323.1.5 nath323.sourceforge.net 

Enable Linux firewall to support connection tracking and NAT of H.323 protocol. It supports RAS, Fast Start, H.245 Tunnelling, Call Forwarding, Signal Proxy/Softswitch, RTP/RTCP and T.120 based audio, video, fax, chat, whiteboard, file transfer, etc.. Freeware download of H.323 NAT Module for Linux Kernel 323.1.5, size 6.33 Kb.

Hewlett-Packard series 9800 emulator 1.51 hp9800e.sourceforge.net 

Emulator for Hewlett-Packard series 9800 calculators. The complete hardware of the HP9810A, HP9820A, HP9830A, and other HP calculators of the early 70s is emulated. Keyboard, display, and many peripheral devices are visualized and full functional.. Freeware download of Hewlett-Packard series 9800 emulator 1.51, size 11.11 Mb.

H-Mpeg Development 099 h-mpeg.de 

H-Mpeg ist ein stand-alone MP3-Player zum "selber basteln". Dieses Projekt beschA¤ftigt sich mit der Entwicklung neuer Hardware-Layouts und vor allem neuer Software. Alles natALrlich kostenlos und fALr die Allgemeinheit :) www.h-mpeg.de. Freeware download of H-Mpeg Development 099, size 122.73 Kb.

H Series Web Results

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