Hd Convet Into Vob File

Symantec NetBackup 7 1 Symantec Corporation 

NetBackup 7, powered by Symantec V-Ray, offers patented visibility into virtual file systems and applications as well as transparent backup and recovery across physical and virtual silos. V-Ray increases IT agility and paves the way for realizing the true savings potential of virtualization.. Free download of Symantec NetBackup 7 1, size 0 b.


InftyReader Non Profit Organization Science Accessibility Net 

InftyReader is OCR software to recognize scientific documents including mathematical formulas, and to output the recognition results into various file formats: LaTeX, MathML, XHTML, HRTeX, IML.
InftyReader runs on Windows XP, on a PC equipped with 500MB memory or more.
Note that it does not run on Windows 98, Me, nor 2000.. Free download of InftyReader, size 51.59 Mb.

gold bloc 1 FlashDo 

gold bloc gold Symbol drag into your file . flash sc5 easy to copying with simple animation shining light.. Free download of gold bloc 1, size 0 b.

Convert Multiple CSV Files To PDF Files Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This software offers a solution for users who want to convert one or more CSVs into PDF file format. The user chooses the file/s or an entire folder to be processed and chooses an output folder before starting the conversion. Using this time saving software, even large numbers of files can be handled in batch with one click.. Free download of Convert Multiple CSV Files To PDF Files Software 7.0, size 9.77 Mb.

CodeInject codeinject.sourceforge.net 

Command-line utility which allows to inject portions of code into source file using scripts embedded in this source file itself. It can be exteneded to use any scripting language. Currently it supports Boo, IronPython and XLS.. Freeware download of CodeInject, size 1.10 Mb.

Converter from grib to Vis5d 2.6 grib2v5d.sourceforge.net 

The program grib2v5d converts the content of a grib file (a format used for exchanging meteorological model fields) into a file that can be viewed with Vis5d, a popular program for 3-D visualisation of meteorological fields.. Freeware download of Converter from grib to Vis5d 2.6, size 210.55 Kb.

Dprk_pull 0.08 dprkpull.sourceforge.net 

DPRK pull is a script that pulls the English language North Korean news articles from the KCNA website and puts them into one file for reading by a Text to Speech program.. Freeware download of Dprk_pull 0.08, size 35.76 Kb.

DruidBSD 9.0b56 druidbsd.sourceforge.net 

DruidBSD is a FreeBSD micro-distribution that supports CD/DVD, USB, and HD booting into a Live BSD Distribution.. Freeware download of DruidBSD 9.0b56, size 509.97 Mb.

Fasta<>Multifasta 1.0 f2m2f.sourceforge.net 

These scripts written in Python allow you to convert fasta files into multifasta file and vice versa.. Freeware download of Fasta<>Multifasta 1.0, size 4.01 Kb.

freewrap rc642 freewrap.sourceforge.net 

The freeWrap program turns TCL/TK scripts into single-file binary executable programs. freeWrap can wrap TCL/TK applications that consist of multiple script and binary files. freeWrap combines all the files together into a single executable file.. Freeware download of freewrap rc642, size 305.34 Kb.

Lexical Analyzer and Parser Generator 1.0 lapg.sourceforge.net 

Lapg is the combined lexical analyzer and parser generator, which converts a description for a context-free LALR grammar into source file to parse the grammar. Generates code for Java, Javascript, C, C++ and C#.. Freeware download of Lexical Analyzer and Parser Generator 1.0, size 601.08 Kb.

Nmap Log Stripper 1.3.1 nmapstripper.sourceforge.net 

Nmap Log Stripper is a Bash script intended to be a way to condense all, or some, of the IPs of a "random" (-iR) nmap scan into a file for later usage.. Freeware download of Nmap Log Stripper 1.3.1, size 2.78 Kb.

stegeek 0.9.9 stegeek.sourceforge.net 

Stegeek is very simple tool, that takes several files,encrypt, and mix them into one file. Also add some redundancy. The result is, that we have one archive and N keys. It should not be possible to guess N, if you have archive and up to N-1 keys.. Freeware download of stegeek 0.9.9, size 131.53 Kb.

Video/AVI to DVD transcoder 1.6.1 videotrans.sourceforge.net 

The videotrans project is a set of scripts that converts a movie file in any format that mplayer understands (AVI, etc) to a DVD compatible VOB file, including all the necessary conversions. Further, an automatic DVD menu generator is provided.. Freeware download of Video/AVI to DVD transcoder 1.6.1, size 185.42 Kb.

WaoN 0.10 waon.sourceforge.net 

WaoN is a Wave-to-Notes transcriber (converts audio file into midi file) and some utility tools such as gWaoN, graphical visualization of the spectra, and phase vocoder for time-stretching and pitch-shifting.. Freeware download of WaoN 0.10, size 92.60 Kb.

wav2rtp 0.9.3 wav2rtp.sourceforge.net 

Simple testing tool to generate RTP data packets and send it via netwok interface or save into pcap file. Primarily intended for use with SIPp application to test speech quality with different codecs.. Freeware download of wav2rtp 0.9.3, size 265.49 Kb.

witme 1.5.14 witme.sourceforge.net 

Broken down into the file manager (ego) and the virtual filesystem (libferris/ferrisui). the VFS libferris is the core of the project, ego uses GTK+2 and gevas to present info from libferris and allow management using gfmv, gfcp, gfrm etc and file clip. Freeware download of witme 1.5.14, size 3.11 Mb.

PDF to JPG Image Converter AWinware Software 

Convert each page of pdf into jpg file format with AWinware PDF to JPG converter. This is graphical user interface based application, quickly converts each mentioned pages into bitmaps. Option is provided to set the page numbers within the tool. Pdf converter application easily converts bulk pdf documents pages into equivalent JPEG images. In fact,. Free download of PDF to JPG Image Converter, size 1.80 Mb.

BeanDB 1.0 Beandb 

BeanDB intends to implement relational algebra with JavaBeans as domains and various storage engines as backends; including direct storage into a file system and RDBMS. This provides an alternative to object-relational mappings for Java developers.

BeanDB 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of BeanDB 1.0, size 0 b.

fb_embedded 1.0 Fb-embedded 

Delphi framework to embedd Firebird embedded engine into EXE file.

fb_embedded 1.0 License - Mozilla Public License 1.0 (MPL). Freeware download of fb_embedded 1.0, size 0 b.