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Charles Darwin's Biography 1.0 WebPix Solutions 

This application is about Charles Robert Darwin a great naturalist of the earth. He was born on 1809 in England. And he has realized and presented compelling evidence that all species of life have evolved over time form common ancestors, through the process called natural selection.

Darwins scientific discovery is the unifying theory of. Free download of Charles Darwin's Biography 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.


Hungry Fish HD 1.4 Gameyey.com 

Help the hungry fish to grow and conquer the ocean!!
* Over 1.000.000 Players Worldwide
* Now finally available on the appstore!

Once upon a time there was a little shark, and he was so hungry! He wanted to eat aaaalll the fish in the ocean, but he was really afraid, because there are so many big scary. Free download of Hungry Fish HD 1.4, size 13.63 Mb.

Raindancer HD 1.0 DING 

The tribe is devastated, the old medicine-man Dancing Eagle has just died, and he was the only one who knew the rain dance.

If it doesn't start raining soon, the village's days will be numbered.

Over the hills walks a man. A man who has been away for a long long time. Tripping Bull is back and he is determined to save the. Free download of Raindancer HD 1.0, size 20.03 Mb.

Ballad of Reading Gaol 1.0 AppWarrior 

*** On Sale Now! (Normal price $1.99) ***

The Ballad of Reading Gaol is Oscar Wildes meditation on capital punishment. It comes after he was convicted and imprisoned under charges of gross indecency.

The charges stemmed from his affair with Lord Alfred Douglas, the son of the Marquis of Queensberry. It relates the story of an. Free download of Ballad of Reading Gaol 1.0, size 7.03 Mb.

Hamster Run HD 1.0 Easymobi 

A lovely hamster has been working hard all the autumn
to collect foods for the oncoming winter.

He was so pleased with the results and
has prepared the biggest acorn as a gift for his sweetheart.

Unfortunately burglars broke into his home and stole all the hard earning acorns.

The hamster is. Freeware download of Hamster Run HD 1.0, size 76.76 Mb.

Herodotus, the Histories 1.0 Steve's Studio 

Herodotos of Halicarnassus was a Greek historian who lived in the 5th century BC and is regarded as the "Father of History" in Western culture. He was the first historian to collect his materials systematically, test their accuracy to a certain extent and arrange them in a well-constructed and vivid narrative. He is almost exclusively. Freeware download of Herodotus, the Histories 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.

H. G. Wells Books 1.0 EBOOK 

H. G. Wells (21 September 1866 13 August 1946) was an English author, now best known for his work in the science fiction genre. He was also a prolific writer in many other genres, including contemporary novels, history, politics and social commentary. Together with Jules Verne, Wells has been referred to as "The Father of Science. Free download of H. G. Wells Books 1.0, size 6.08 Mb.

H Rider Haggard Books 1.0 EBOOK 

H Rider Haggard (1856-1925), was an English writer of adventure novels set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa, and a founder of the Lost World literary genre. He was best known for his African adventure novels, notably King Solomon's Mines and She. He was almost famous as the author of the novels King Solomon's Mines and its sequel Allan. Free download of H Rider Haggard Books 1.0, size 9.75 Mb.

Laboratory Run: Slenderman edition 1.0 Pavel Didenko 

How many fear and suffering brought on earth this mysterious character from childhood dreams? How much fear you had suffered while he was chasing you through the woods? But this time we will try to help him in such difficult task, like running long on distances! Help him in collecting bonuses, jumping obstacles and dodging enemies. Help Slenderman. Freeware download of Laboratory Run: Slenderman edition 1.0, size 56.20 Mb.

Uncle Julius and the Anywhere Machine AHA! Software 

"Uncle Julius and the Anywhere Machine" is an enjoyable game for people of all ages in which you have to follow clues to find Uncle Julius who disappeared mysteriously while he was working in his lab. To find him, you need to solve a series of puzzles that unfold the story piece after piece, to finally discover his location: he has. Free download of Uncle Julius and the Anywhere Machine, size 0 b.

Starcatcher 1.0 ArcadeTown 

Starcatcher is a whimsical game that takes you under the sea and over the moon. When the stars fall from heaven, it is up to you to dive into the ocean and put them back in their proper place!
Be Patient - Look ahead - slow and steady movements are better than quick ones. Freeware download of Starcatcher 1.0, size 8.77 Mb.

Cleaner Scrape 2.0 MyPlayCity.com 

Once Bob the locksmith got a letter from sewer utilities - he was asked to accomplish a critical and dangerous mission! It turns out that the sewer is inhabited by horrible monsters. They break the pipes, tear the wires, vandalize and scare the locals, moving in the sewer. What can we do without a hero? Help our hero to terminate terrible mutants. Freeware download of Cleaner Scrape 2.0, size 9.21 Mb.

Napoleon At Saint Helena Solitaire (1 Pass) 1.0 Napoleon Solitaire Games 

Napoleon At Saint Helena was supposedly Napoleon's favorite solitaire card game while he was improsoned on the island of Saint Helena by the british after his defeat at Waterloo. The game is played with 2 decks, and begins with 40 cards dealt into 10 piles of 4 cards each. The piles are built down by suit, and the 8 foundations must be built up. Freeware download of Napoleon At Saint Helena Solitaire (1 Pass) 1.0, size 3.59 Mb.

OpenDJ 1.0 Opendj 

OpenDj meant to be a complete DJ system, not merely an audio mixer, but since he was able to mix in addition to controlling the lighting system using a DMX controller, mix video, control everything with midi controllers, etc.

OpenDJ 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); Public Domain. Freeware download of OpenDJ 1.0, size 0 b.

Oxymous Prime 1.0 Oxymousprime 

This game is a hybrid between a shot'em up and a platform, he was developer with rpgmaker vx and released with freeware license. The story is composed by nine missions.

The player control Oxy, a famous bounty hunter. The current mission of Oxy is to save a rare bird kidnapped by the groulen poacher Borden. Borden is hidden in a. Freeware download of Oxymous Prime 1.0, size 92.48 Mb.

1001 stories. 1.2 Mladinska knjiga Zalozba, d.d. 

Should the Big Bad Wolf go to Grannys house, or would you like it better if he was feeling sick and never got there?
1001 Stories, by the renowned Slovene author Lila Prap, is based on well-known classic fairy tales: Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and The Seven Dwarves, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Three Little Pigs, Hansel and. Freeware download of 1001 stories. 1.2, size 35.23 Mb.

100 Front Desk Manager Success Phrases 2.3 Little Helper Verlags GmbH /Publisher 

Before his promotion to the Vice President of the renowned German Hotel Brenners Park Hotel & Spa Baden-Baden he was head of front desk. Brush up your German for the front desk with these 100 success phrases that he compiled together with his team.

*** Features of this App
* Flash card vocabulary trainer
* Statistics about. Free download of 100 Front Desk Manager Success Phrases 2.3, size 11.85 Mb.

1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue 1.0 DMBC 

The merit of Captain Grose's Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue has been long and universally acknowledged. But its circulation was confined almost exclusively to the lower orders of society: he was not aware, at the time of its compilation, that our young men of fashion would at no very distant period be as distinguished for the vulgarity of their. Free download of 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue 1.0, size 1.68 Mb.


150 Years ago Abraham Lincoln posed for a portrait just days before he was assassinated and the USA and the World was being photographed.
ALL IN 3D !!!!

FROM the very NEW, Mobile Entertainment Products startup...
JOHN AVATAR (Malibu, CA) comes....

(USA and the World)

Abraham Lincoln Quote App 1.1.5 PALIANTech 

Read Lincoln's quotes while listening to the Gettysburg Address. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. He lead the country through its tremendous internal struggle. He was assasinated six days after the decisive surrenter of the commanding general of the Confederate Army.. Free download of Abraham Lincoln Quote App 1.1.5, size 2.52 Mb.

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English Jesuit priest and martyr. "The beautiful youth" was tortured in the Tower and then executed at Tyburn. He was scarcely over 25 when martyred in 1581.

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William Ward, whose real name was William Webster, was over 40 when he began his studies for the priesthood. He labored for 30 years in England, 20 of which were spent in prison. He was martyred...

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