Hill Equation

Equation Illustrator V 2.2.9 MGCSoft 

Equation Illustrator V has been designed to ease the difficult task of combining graphics and complicated formatted text such as math equations in electronic and printed documents. A WYSIWYG interface which keeps automation to a minimum and allows you to put what you want where you want it. Formatted equation macros can be stored and retrieved with. Free download of Equation Illustrator V 2.2.9, size 2.18 Mb.


Equation Maker 1.00 EquaSoft 

Equation Maker is fast and versatile math editor. This program designed for edit rich-text content with almost any math formulas and graphics. It works like TeX or HTML but with simple terms.It search in ASCII text for math formulas, hyperlinks and pictures but without any tags. It can be used as a fast and versatile math text editor and as a. Free download of Equation Maker 1.00, size 849.92 Kb.

LaTex Equation Editor 1 1 Emilio Martinez Leyva 

A LaTeX equation editor for Windows with OLE Server capabilities.. Freeware download of LaTex Equation Editor 1 1, size 765.95 Kb.

Quadratic Equation Solver 1.1 Gigra LLC 

Quadratic equation has the form ax2 + bx + c = 0. It will generally have two solutions; that is, two different values of x that make the equation true.

It can happen that both solutions are the same number, and it is possible that the solutions will be complex or imaginary numbers. To use this software, type in values for a, b, and c in. Freeware download of Quadratic Equation Solver 1.1, size 1.43 Mb.

Equation Challenger Kaotix 

Equation Challenger is a handy and reliable application designed to create math quizzes containing complex equations.

The worksheets generated by Equation Challenger are of a high degree of difficulty and are addressed to advanced students.

. Free download of Equation Challenger, size 0 b.

Linear Equation Creator Kaotix 

Linear Equation Creator is a handy and reliable application designed to provide with simple means to design algebra equation sheets.

You can choose the range for the coefficients and constants, as well as to personalize answer types and to choose the difficulty level.

. Free download of Linear Equation Creator, size 0 b.

Weight Loss Equation New Sniper Tyler 

Weight Loss Equation was developed as a simple and easy-to-use Command Line-based instrument that allows you to calculate the amount of calories you have to burn to lose weight.

All you have to do is type in the reuqired parameters and the software will do the rest. Weight Loss Equation was designed using Python 2.7 and Pyinstaller.

Change Equation, Formula, Model Software 2.0 www.sqakki.com/ChangeEquation/ 

The Change Model (also: Change Formula, Change Equation) of Beckhard and Harris (1987) is actually attributed by them to David Gleicher. It is a simple yet powerful tool that gives you a quick, first impression of the possibilities and conditions to change an organization. Historically, the change quotation can be seen as a major milestone for the. Free download of Change Equation, Formula, Model Software 2.0, size 1.68 Mb.

MORDELL'S EQUATION: K = Adldc - BdlDl 1.0 Precision software & consulting 

The program finds the solutions of the equation K = Adldc - BdlDl with K,A,B integers.. Freeware download of MORDELL'S EQUATION: K = Adldc - BdlDl 1.0, size 10.48 Kb.

About William Hill Bingo 1.0 Online Bingo Lines 

About William Hill BingoWilliam Hill is a Public Company that has been around in the UK since the 30's. There isn't a High Street in the UK that doesn't have a William Hill on it, much the same with Starbucks in the States (...and the UK for that matter). All in all, it means that William Hill has a presence and a resonance in the UK mindset, even. Free download of About William Hill Bingo 1.0, size 157.29 Kb.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Full MyEbookSource.com 

Best-selling author Napoleon Hill teaches you the 17 success principles used by the great success stories of the early 20th century. Napoleon Hill interviewed with William Wrigley, Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Carnegie & 500 others. He shares with you the secrets that helped all of these great leaders rise to the top in their respected. Freeware download of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Full, size 765.46 Kb.

Equation Wizard 1.2 ElasticLogic 

The program allows you to solve algebraic equations in the automatic mode. You just enter an equation in any form without any preparatory operations. Step by step Equation Wizard reduces it to a canonical form performing all necessary operations. After that it determines the order of the equation, which can be any - linear, square, cubic or, for. Free download of Equation Wizard 1.2, size 1.27 Mb.

Equation Grapher for Windows 1.20 MFSoft International 

Equation Grapher for Windows is a tool for plotting and analyzing functions.Equation Grapher lets you draw graphs like y=2x and y=sin(x+10)-cos(3x). You can plot up to 12 graphs in different colors at the same time. Once you have plotted a function, Equation Grapher automatically finds roots, maximum/minimum, intersections, etc., and can also. Free download of Equation Grapher for Windows 1.20, size 224.26 Kb.

Chemical Equation Expert 2.12a Educationsoft 

Chemical Equation Expert is an integrated tool for chemistry professionals and students. You'll find complicated work such as balancing chemical equations and related calculations so easy and even enjoyable!

Key Feafures:
-1. An intelligent balancerChemical Equation Expert balances chemical equations rapidly and accurately. An. Free download of Chemical Equation Expert 2.12a, size 494.59 Kb.

Math ActiveX 1.1 Sensalgo Soft 

The element calculates determinants, linear equation systems and generates matrices. It provides additional basic functionality like faculty, subdeterminant and matrix reduction calculations. Further more an event is implemented to support a progress bar for time intensive operations. The interface is arranged in such a way that the return values. Free download of Math ActiveX 1.1, size 2.05 Mb.

MathType 6.70.1 Design Science, Inc. 

MathType is a powerful interactive equation editor for Windows and Macintosh that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, elearning, and for TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents.
While it is easy to handwrite short mathematical expression, longer ones are much harder. MathType lets. Free download of MathType 6.70.1, size 6.25 Mb.

FX Equation 4. 4. 2009 Efofex Software 

FX Equation is simply the fastest way to produce mathematical and scientific equations. It provides an equation creation environment that really is "Astoundingly Quick".

It adds automatic vertical alignment of equals signs and a high speed toolbar entry system that can speed up entry of more complicated equation. It also. Free download of FX Equation 4. 4. 2009, size 0 b.

Object Browser 7.0 Desert Hill 

The Desert Hill ObjectBrowser is an ActiveX control that allows you to access the contents of a type library. Whether you want to programmatically access a library's contents or need to add a full blown object browser window to your application, the Desert Hill ObjectBrowser is the control to use.

The visual aspect of the Desert. Free download of Object Browser 7.0, size 57.47 Mb.

Barrow Hill Matt Clark & Shadow Tor Studios 

Barrow Hill is an adventure game in which you wander in the woods uncovering ancient secrets and mysteries. The demo version really doesn't show much and what it does show isn't very attractive. The only available scene has no menu, no instructions, nothing. You are left to discover what you have to do by yourself. What is more, the scene. Free download of Barrow Hill, size 94.36 Mb.

MathMagic Pro for InDesign 5 12 InfoLogic, Inc. 

MathMagic Pro Edition is an equation editor mainly for use with Adobe InDesign software in editing any mathematical expressions and symbols with WYSIWYG interface and various powerful features. Included MathMagic plug-in lets InDesign write or edit equations fast, right inside the InDesign documents.. Free download of MathMagic Pro for InDesign 5 12, size 0 b.