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Recover Deleted Files from Hitachi drive 8.39 Recover Files, LLC 

Recover Deleted Files from Hitachi drive - with hard drive recovery software. This program can recover deleted files from Hitachi drive and others: Seagate, Western Digital (WD drives), Samsung, Fujitsu, etc.

How to recover files from Hitachi drive? How can I recover Hitachi hard drive data? How do I undelete lost files from Hitachi. Free download of Recover Deleted Files from Hitachi drive 8.39, size 43.84 Mb.


Hitachi Tuning Manager 6 4 Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 

Hitachi Tuning Manager software is a path-aware storage resource management application that maps, monitors and analyzes storage network resources from the application to the storage device. It provides the end-to-end visibility you need to isolate and diagnose performance bottlenecks with a focus on business applications, such as:

-. Free download of Hitachi Tuning Manager 6 4, size 30.20 Mb.

ZX Spectrum 1.0.4207 ZX Spectrum 4 .net 

ZX Spectrum Emulator for Windows and .net - The emulator currently supports ZX Spectrum 16/48k,128k,+2, tzx tape files and tape deck emulation, Sound, Basic, Game save & load, Timing Accuate, supported file formats include tzx sna z80 tap wav "Remember the days when keys stuck down, the kettle boiled quicker then loading one game and at. Free download of ZX Spectrum 1.0.4207, size 890.88 Kb.

IBM - Hitachi Drive Fitness Test 4.16 IBM 

IBM - Hitachi Drive Fitness Test will create a self-booting DOS diskette to run the DFT utility. The Drive Fitness Test (DFT) provides a quick, reliable method to test SCSI and IDE hard disk drives.

The Drive Fitness Test analyze function performs read tests without overwriting customer data. (However, Drive Fitness Test is bundled with. Freeware download of IBM - Hitachi Drive Fitness Test 4.16, size 2.18 Mb.

Spectaculator 7.51.1761 Jonathan Needle 

Spectaculator emulates the 16K/48K/128/ 2/ 2A/ 3 Spectrums, the Pentagon 128 and Scorpion ZS 256 clones, and a variety of expansion hardware

-play your favourite Sinclair ZX Spectrum games on your PC.
-play full screen complete with TV-style picture on your monitor. Free download of Spectaculator 7.51.1761, size 0 b.

ZX-Explorer 1. 2. 2001 Claus Jahn 

ZX-Explorer is a file explorer for ZX-Spectrum emulator files, which supports (nearly all) functions you know from Windows explorer, but it also helps you to administrate your Spectrum program collection by using the great and powerful file archive database from World of Spectrum. ZX-Explorer is also a multi-functional Thumbnail viewer for your. Freeware download of ZX-Explorer 1. 2. 2001, size 3.62 Mb.

GNU Dev Tools for the Hitachi H8/300[HS] 32 

Provides, maintains, and improves the GNU development tools on Hitachi H8 series.. Freeware download of GNU Dev Tools for the Hitachi H8/300[HS] 32, size 14.69 Mb.

Spectemu - Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator 0.99.3 

Spectemu is a fast and accurate emulator of the original 48k ZX spectrum. Features include sound emulation, tape loading with border stripes and much more.. Freeware download of Spectemu - Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator 0.99.3, size 269.52 Kb.

ZX Tape tool 0.7 

ZXTapeTool is a tool to manipulate tape archives for ZX Spectrum emulators. Freeware download of ZX Tape tool 0.7, size 75.92 Kb.

zx Graph Library 1.0 Zxbits 

zx is a class library for signal, terrain, and image processing. It contains an efficient graph, an OpenGL console, and supports integration with client code through: class extension; base type definition; and a user data mechanism.

zx Graph Library 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of zx Graph Library 1.0, size 0 b.

ZX Spectrum Basic Tokenizer 1.0 Zxtokenizer 

This is a simple tokenizer for converting source code in ascii text files into a ZX Spectrum loadable image file. Freeware download of ZX Spectrum Basic Tokenizer 1.0, size 0 b.

JZX New Razvan Surdulescu 

JZX was developed as an accessible and handy Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator that's been written with the help of the Java programming language.

The command line [parameters] you can specify are as follows:
· scale x: Scale the window size by 'x', where 'x' can be 1, 2 or 3.
· mode m: Start the emulator in. Free download of JZX New, size 0 b.

HCP Tool 1.0.8 Thorsten Simons 

The Hitachi Content Platform is built as Content Store and / or archival platform sold by Hitachi Data Systems.

HCP Tool is designed as an Open Source and accessible set of instruments that might help when working with the Hitachi Content Platform.

You can use the HCP Tool to calculate the access token needed to access an. Freeware download of HCP Tool 1.0.8, size 0 b.

Hitachi Backup 2.15 HGST, Inc. 

Hitachi Backup: Access all of your files, on your iPhone/iPad!

Note: This application is available to Hitachi Backup paying subscribers only at this time.

Access any file you have, anytime, anywhere, on your iPhone/iPad!

With Hitachi Backup for iPhone/iPad, files backed up from all your computers (past and present). Freeware download of Hitachi Backup 2.15, size 1.47 Mb.

Hitachi Careers Jobs App - powered by uWorkin 4.0 uWorkin Jobs 

Seek jobs, employment and career vacancies in Australia with global OEM Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia.

Searching for an opportunity with a rapidly expanding market-leader that builds and shapes Australi* Want to get hands on & experienced with globally recognised machinery brands and monster machinery?

How. Freeware download of Hitachi Careers Jobs App - powered by uWorkin 4.0, size 6.82 Mb.

Hitachi Cloud Forecaster 1.1.3 addanapp 

Hitachi has identified 34 costs that comprise storage total cost of ownership. This calculator will give a high level view of savings related to:

1. Hardware costs
2. Software costs
3. Storage management/labor costs
4. Backup costs

We have made assumptions based on industry averages and our own research,. Freeware download of Hitachi Cloud Forecaster 1.1.3, size 13.11 Mb.

Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere 1.2.0 Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 

Access your organizations data securely anywhere, anytime with Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere, which safely synchronizes files among your mobile devices, Macs, and PCs. When you use Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere to synchronize and share files, you know that you are not putting organizational assets at risk by using applications and cloud. Freeware download of Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere 1.2.0, size 16.46 Mb.

Hitachi Data Systems Hi-Track 1.0 Hitachi Data Systems Corp. 

The HDS Hi-Track app from Hitachi Data Systems communicates with the Hi-Track Monitor application to display the status of the monitored devices. The app may be configured to communicate with multiple Hi-Track Monitor instances.

In order to communicate with the Hi-Track Monitor it must have wireless network connectivity with the Hi-Track. Freeware download of Hitachi Data Systems Hi-Track 1.0, size 524.29 Kb.

Hitachi Home 2.1 Active 8 Pte Ltd 

Find your perfect appliances with the digital Hitachi Home Electronics app.
Browse the latest appliances by product categories and watch our demonstration videos even when you are offline.
To get the latest updates of our products, just sync when you are in online mode (recommended using Wi-Fi network to prevent incurring data network. Freeware download of Hitachi Home 2.1, size 2.94 Mb.

Hitachi Smart Remote 2.6.2 Cabot Communications Limited 

Hitachi SmartRemote application can be used to control your Hitachi SmartTV over your mobile devices. By using the properties of your mobile devices such as touch screen and motion sensors, Hitachi SmartRemote application offers a more comfortable, convenient and improved way to control your Smart TV.. Freeware download of Hitachi Smart Remote 2.6.2, size 12.58 Mb.