How Does It Work

7punches 1.3.3 7shifts 

7shifts introduces 7punches - the easiest way to track employee time and attendance for payroll.

That's right, you can finally have staff scheduling and time clocking streamlined in one app.

How does it work?

Step 1: As the admin, enable 7punches from your 7shifts account. You will be able to access all time. Freeware download of 7punches 1.3.3, size 2.31 Mb.


Avuba 1.0.2 Oliver Lukesch 

This is the first public beta-version of Avuba

** How does Avuba work?

Avuba is the fastest and safest way to send money between friends. Simply send or request money via SMS in seconds. No TANs, no lengthy login, no need for cash - your friends don't even need Avuba to receive money!

The recipient receives a. Freeware download of Avuba 1.0.2, size 6.92 Mb.

Baby Sleep Explorer HD 1.4 Bipfun 

Here is the ideal application for following your baby's sleep patterns and evaluating the evolution and quality of its sleep.
How does it work?

Its incredible! Press activate and leave your machine next to your babys bed. The application will do all the rest!
The application is completely automated and archives your babys. Freeware download of Baby Sleep Explorer HD 1.4, size 23.80 Mb.

Esquenta! 1.0 Insane Labs 

Welcome to Esquenta!

A famous Brazillian drinking game!
If you need a good excuse to drink all that boose you and your friends have, try playing Esquenta! You wont be able to stop.

How does it work?

- Gather your friends in a circle and put the game on the middle.

- On each player's turn, they must. Free download of Esquenta! 1.0, size 3.98 Mb.

Happy Congo 1.0.3 EspinalLab, LLC 

Are you still addicted to tapping?

Happy Congo is a casual game featuring an African Grey parrot living in the Congo whose only objective is to survive for as long as possible. And his life totally depends on you.

How does it work? Well, as you might imagine, you need to constantly tap on the screen to make the parrot ascend. Freeware download of Happy Congo 1.0.3, size 13.42 Mb.

Lead Squirrel 1.0 David Hagler 

Lead Squirrel searches Twitter and gathers local leads tailored just for your business.

How does it work? There are hundreds of millions of people on Twitter giving frequent updates about their daily lives. What they like, don't like, and need right now. Maybe the air conditioner broke, or they want some great sushi, or they need a. Freeware download of Lead Squirrel 1.0, size 5.56 Mb.

My Last Message 1.0 Robert Feldhutter 

Flying is still the safest way to travel, but some people write a last message to their loved ones before takeoff.

With this app you can do exactly that.


-How does it work?
You write a message and add the flight information. Then you archive it on our server before takeoff. If catastrophic should happen and. Free download of My Last Message 1.0, size 838.86 Kb.

ProPic 1.2 Techies India Inc. 

Now create a professional looking photo of yours in seconds. Its free and pretty simple.

How does it work?
1 .Click a picture with your iPhone or choose one from the gallery.
2. Select a gender.
3. Select posture or dress you like available on right hand side.
4. Make little adjustments and you are ready.

Pulse Track 1.1 Novo Dia Group, Inc. 

Pulse Track allows you to easily take and record your pulse rate. Pulse Track can be used to record your heart rate along with notes that describe the type of activity performed prior to recording your heart rate.

To take a heart rate reading, simply use one hand to take your pulse and use the other hand to tap the. Free download of Pulse Track 1.1, size 1.47 Mb.

QRL Scanner 1.3 Eagle Eye Technology Limited 

Scan QR Codes with the QRL Scanner app to quickly unlock and visit the web site embedded in QR Codes. The app is designed to provide the best possible response time to the user. We want to

Keep it simple and Scan it quick!

Simply start the app
The app starts on the scanning screen
Line the QR. Freeware download of QRL Scanner 1.3, size 7.24 Mb.

Qwiqq - A Quick & Easy Way to Sell on Mobile 3.3.6 Qwiqq, Inc. 

Likes are cool. But selling stuff rocks! QWIQQ is the fastest, easiest way to sell socially.

How does it work? Create a QWIQQ post, enable PayPal, and bam! Your post is now for sale on QWIQQ and any network you share to including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, SMS, Email and Constant Contact!

POST IT! Just snap a photo, write. Freeware download of Qwiqq - A Quick & Easy Way to Sell on Mobile 3.3.6, size 13.21 Mb.

SmartCoupons 1.6 SmartCoupons 

Discount coupons on your mobile phone! Available in 20 cities in the Netherlands and continuously growing. There is a variety of coupons from well known brands but also from local companies.

1.Download the app;
2.Look up discount coupons near you;
3.Activate the coupons in the stores. Freeware download of SmartCoupons 1.6, size 4.30 Mb.

Touch & Copy Character 2.0.0 Sebastian Arena 

Touch & Copy Character improves your texting, chatting, twittering and blogging making it more fun!

It displays an awesome list of fun characters for you to use. How does it work? Just touch and go!
When you touch a character it is automatically gets copied, for you to use in any other application, using paste.

Over. Free download of Touch & Copy Character 2.0.0, size 1.57 Mb.

Websearch Launcher 1.0 Websearch Tools 

With Websearch Launcher 1.0 Freeware you can speedup all internet movements so that you can save a lot of time. It works as follow. You select text in websites or in any programs and then you will get search results or translations from out different search engines. google,bing,yahoo,yandex,,Duckduckgo,Swiss Cow (with suggestions. Freeware download of Websearch Launcher 1.0, size 5.13 Mb.

DHC-MEGE 1.0 Dhcmege 

What does it do?
DHC-MEGE is a program designed for the identification of functional long-range cis elements such as enhancers from gene expression data.

How does it work?
DHC-MEGE takes a list of up- and down-regulated genes and extracts regions from a chromatin connectivity map which are predicted to physically associate with. Freeware download of DHC-MEGE 1.0, size 0 b.

Chess Lite - with coach 2013.08 Christophe Theron 

? Do you want to learn or improve at Chess?
? Do you want to master the most prestigious, the classiest game ever, while having fun?

Chess LITE is EASY, is guaranteed to improve your chess, and you will not have to read any boring lesson!

How does it work? It's really simple: you just play! The coach shows you the moves a. Free download of Chess Lite - with coach 2013.08, size 26.32 Mb.

Chess Pro - with coach 2013.09 Christophe Theron 

? Do you want to learn or improve at Chess?
? Do you want to master the most prestigious, the classiest game ever, while having fun?

Chess PRO is EASY, is guaranteed to improve your chess, and you will not have to read any boring lesson!

How does it work? It's really simple: you just play! The coach shows you the moves a. Free download of Chess Pro - with coach 2013.09, size 27.47 Mb.

ChineseCUBES 1.0.5 Chinesecubes 

Reading comes to life with the touch of your hand.
Learn to read Chinese with simple story lessons.
Improve your Chinese through interactive vocab books and guided activities.

Enjoy reading at your own specific level, growing as you go!
How does it work? See the Chinese Characters, touch them and they come to life. Hear. Freeware download of ChineseCUBES 1.0.5, size 40.16 Mb.

Learn Chinese! Lite 1.0 


Learn over 3,800 of the most frequently used words in the Simplified Chinese language.

See the words, hear a native pronunciation and use our genuine learning method with over 430 test to learn Chinese Language.

How does it work?

1. Select one of up to 400 test ordered by. Freeware download of Learn Chinese! Lite 1.0, size 20.13 Mb.

Bookmark Publisher 1.03 Alexander G. Styopkin 

Do you already have great bookmarks in your Favorites menu? Export them to a HTML page and publish it on the Net or send it to your friend! Bookmark Publisher will easily and quickly create such an HTML page.How does it work?1. Start the program.2. Click the "Save as" button and specify the path where you want to save the file. Or click. Free download of Bookmark Publisher 1.03, size 805.89 Kb.