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Checkers with dice 1.6.3 Dmitry Konygin 

Chekers with dice, Dice-Checkers... i don't know, how you call this old game in your childhood, but now you can play it on your device! Checkers designed in form of sports balls. If you forget the rules, i remind it.

From 2 to 4 players can participate in game. But you can play single versus "computer".
Purpose of game:


ChineseFamily 1.0 Anthony Cheung 

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month SPECIAL!!! Free for the month of May (Reg. 99?)!

Do you know how to call you grandmother's brother's sister's kids in Chinese? Or that cousin you have, but not sure if it makes any difference whether s/he is from your dad or mom's side (it most likely does!)? This app is for you if you would like to. Free download of ChineseFamily 1.0, size 10.70 Mb.

Learn Sushi DX 1.0 Kozo Terai 

DX version of Learn Sushi, with no ads and many more special sushi.
Learn how you call the sushi in both English and Japanese, using hiragana, katakana, romaji for Japanese ways of describing.The app looks like the touch panel at sushi restaurants .
You can also learn how to pronounce the sushi in Japanese, just push each sushi, and you. Free download of Learn Sushi DX 1.0, size 16.57 Mb.

EMS Notes 4.3.3 EMS Operations 

EMT and Paramedic note taking tool for use onscene. Log your call info, vitals, treatments, call times, and pretty much everything else. It can even be used as a full PCR.

Known bugs:
- for iPhone currently not supported for original 3g or 3gs,
there is a screen size issue.
- camera function may not be. Free download of EMS Notes 4.3.3, size 16.78 Mb.

S.O.B. Caller ID Generator 1.9.2 Whirlwind Software 

SOB - The First Practical Caller ID Generator for Windows! This tool generates several flavours of North American Caller ID, allowing you to hear what Caller ID sounds like or even, under certain circumstances, to place arbitrary messages in Caller ID Display Devices. You can play the emulated Caller ID live through your sound card or save to a. Free download of S.O.B. Caller ID Generator 1.9.2, size 1.22 Mb.

Htm2Pic Command Line Tool 1.0.3 

Integrating html to image functionality into your project has never been so easy with Htm2Pic Command Line Tool. This standard console application has a built-in multi-threading engine which allows you to take snapshot of several html pages at a time. You can also prepare URLs in a text file or call it from windows scheduler. It captures html. Free download of Htm2Pic Command Line Tool 1.0.3, size 482.30 Kb.

Personality Voices 1.0 Screaming Bee 

The MorphVOX Personality Voices 1.0 is another cool add-on for the MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer software, which provides voice-changing capabilities of various personalities, right from a cool dude down to a matured elderly lady. This tool can be used for adding fun and comedy to instant messaging and voice-overs, allowing the user to sound like the. Freeware download of Personality Voices 1.0, size 1.39 Mb.

Extended MAPI in Delphi 2010 IMIBO 

The Messaging API is a COM-like API that provides access to the contents of messaging stores. "Extended MAPI in Delphi" is a package providing access to Outlook-compatible objects through a COM-based API. Using MAPI, a program can connect to a MAPI store, and then perform operations against that store.

Example # 1 - Log in MS. Free download of Extended MAPI in Delphi 2010, size 17.60 Mb.

ElectrophysTools 0.1 Beta Christian Tatarau 

ElectrophysTools was developed as an accessible and useful application set that can help users with electrophysiological data analysis.

This set of tools can come in handy to people that use OpenElectrophy and circular statistics in R.

The Python classes show how to call OpenElectrophy functions and save data. The R library. Freeware download of ElectrophysTools 0.1 Beta, size 0 b.

Baby Flash Cards - ABC Sports Pro 1.0 Haris Izhar 

Learning alphabets is so much fun with sports flash cards!

Play to learn ABC. These flash cards help your child learn alphabets through flash cards. These cards show all the things related to sports starting from each alphabet. These colorful sports stuff will make it easy for you to teach your preschool kid alphabets, sports stuff and. Free download of Baby Flash Cards - ABC Sports Pro 1.0, size 45.72 Mb.

Baby Flash Cards - ABC ZOO Animals Pro 1.0 Haris Izhar 

Learn to read and say ABC with animals of the zoo! This app is all about teaching your kid to learn A B C with alphabet flash cards and animal starting from each of them. Learning alphabets is so much fun with these big and small zoo animals. Tap around to see every flash card with your favorite animals, a huge lion, a big bear, naughty monkey,. Free download of Baby Flash Cards - ABC ZOO Animals Pro 1.0, size 76.65 Mb.

Edit Before Dial/Call 1.6 

Top #3 in Utilities category (Hong Kong, Aug 2010)

* * *

Now you can edit the phone number before making a call.

How it works:

- Select a contact from the built-in Address Book
- Pick a phone number
- Optionally edit the number
- Make a call

I wish you find "Edit before. Free download of Edit Before Dial/Call 1.6, size 209.72 Kb.

How much do you know about football? - Lite 1.0 Movisol 

Find out if you are a true fan.
"So you think you know football? Try our app and see if you can answer 10 very simple questions about football. If you can't... you cannot call yourself an expert!

""How much do you know about football"" will put to the test some basic football knowledge: World Champions,. Freeware download of How much do you know about football? - Lite 1.0, size 4.82 Mb.

QuickContact - One Touch Call 4.0.4 CDM S.r.L. 

Want to call or text your contacts with a simple touch?
How about doing it just by touching his/her favourite photo?

Then this is the app for you!
- Just one screen
- Nine to seventy five icons depending on Settings
- Press and hold an icon to assign it one contact with its photo
- Once assigned, just press the. Freeware download of QuickContact - One Touch Call 4.0.4, size 838.86 Kb.

Dialgo Personal Call Center 2.5 United Research Labs 

Answering Machine for scripting your own professional call center business scripts using a voice modem. Features Caller-ID, Wave Playback, Wave Recording, Digit Monitoring, POP3 Email Manipulation, Speech Recognition and Synthesis. With Dialgo Personal Call Center v2.0, you can program your computer to have spoken dialogues over your phone with. Free download of Dialgo Personal Call Center 2.5, size 4.65 Mb.

Stored Procedure Proxy Generator 1.1 .NET Software Lab 

If you often use stored procedures, you certainly know how tiresome it is to write one and the same code defining the name, the type and the size of every parameter every time you want to call the command object. And if you happened to change the interface of the stored procedure, you most likely had to return to your data access layer and. Free download of Stored Procedure Proxy Generator 1.1, size 831.49 Kb.

Business Correspondence - How To Write A Business Letter 1.0 

24 chapters on preparing to write the letter and finding the proper viewpoint; how to open the letter, present the proposition convincingly, make an effective close; how to acquire a forceful style and inject originality; how to adapt selling appeal to different prospects and get orders by letter-- proved principles and practical schemes. Free download of Business Correspondence - How To Write A Business Letter 1.0, size 602.11 Kb.

Visual Rapport Desktop Console and Call Accounting 2.03 B3 Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) 

Visual Rapport is an intuitive integrated visual communication console that provides real time employee telephone status, instant messaging, email, screen pop, call logging and file transfer all under one roof.

Visual Rapport boasts a very dynamic interface that puts your communication information right at your fingertips. Discover how. Freeware download of Visual Rapport Desktop Console and Call Accounting 2.03 B3, size 2.82 Mb.

Call of Duty - United Offensive 1.0 Infinity Ward 

United Offensive is an excellent expansion that takes the intensity of Call of Duty and includes many enhancements.

United Offensive presents a similar format to that found in Call of Duty. The player takes part of the game as three Allied soldiers--an American paratrooper, a British SAS commando, and a Soviet infantryman--who are. Free download of Call of Duty - United Offensive 1.0, size 0 b.

Toriasoft WorldClock 1.0 Toriasoft 

Then you know how important it is to call your customers in time! Their time, that is to say...because calling your customers when they're sleeping won't help you in closing your deals.

Then you definitely need to take a look at World Clock! World Clock enables you to see the time in up to 25 locations in the world at once!. Free download of Toriasoft WorldClock 1.0, size 7.29 Mb.