How To Create A Application File In Labview

Pre-Flight Checklist New Microsoft 

The preflight kit contains a sample application and full instructions on how to create an Application Center cluster, scale the application, and monitor the application using Application Center 2000.

Pre-Flight Checklist is intended for demonstration purposes and for testing an Application Center installation.

Take Pre-Flight. Free download of Pre-Flight Checklist New, size 0 b.


Callback File System 6.1 EldoS Corporation 

Callback File System (CBFS) is a software component (library) for presenting various data as files and directories of a local virtual disk. Regardless of where the actual data are kept: in files, in database records, memory, or elsewhere - they will be treated as if they were parts of a single file system.

With Callback File System. Free download of Callback File System 6.1, size 38.12 Mb.

Speech-Enabled Fitch and Mather Stocks Application 1 Microsoft 

Speech-Enabled Fitch and Mather Stocks Application shows the developer how to create a voice-only service from an existing Web application.

FMStocksVoice leverages the existing business- and data-layers of the Fitch and Mather sample it is based on, demonstrating programming and design techniques for using the Speech SDK, and for. Free download of Speech-Enabled Fitch and Mather Stocks Application 1, size 0 b.

Magic ASCII Picture Convert V1.30 Lenosoft 

Magic ASCII Picture Convert is an easy to use application that will take an image and process it to create an html file of the original image. an HTML file of color-coded text characters, that when combined, resemble an image. It is an ASCII Art Photo. And the html files are very worthy of being published to the Web or in the document. -- Make. Free download of Magic ASCII Picture Convert V1.30, size 751.62 Kb.

DrawTools 2 5 Alex Fr 

DrawTools sample shows how to create a Windows Forms application for drawing graphic objects in a Windows client area using mouse and drawing tools. Drawing tools implemented in this sample are: Rectangle, Ellipse, Line, and Pencil. There are well-known techniques for creating such type of applications, like: interaction with mouse, flicker-free. Freeware download of DrawTools 2 5, size 417.79 Kb.

Macrobject Word-2-CHM Ultimate 2010.5.1311.310 Macrobject Software 

Word-2-CHM is a simple and easy to use application that allows you to create CHM help file from Word doc / docx. Word-2-CHM can convert Word document to HTML help and create CHM from Word document with a mouse click. No worry about how to make help system anymore! Generating HTML help from Word as easy as Word processing now! for Windows2K, XP,. Free download of Macrobject Word-2-CHM Ultimate 2010.5.1311.310, size 0 b.

KL-MediaIndexer 1.0.1 CommuniCrypt Software 

KL-MediaIndexer is a handy application that allows you to create a JPG file with images from your favorite media files. The program will create a index with the thumbnail of the images from a certain folder.

The movies are indexed by capturing certain frames in order to describe the movie content. You can customize the aspect of the. Free download of KL-MediaIndexer 1.0.1, size 0 b.

Batchrun 4.3 Outertech 

With Batchrun you can create a batch file using a graphical interface. A batch file lets you run several Windows commands together, in whatever order you choose. For example, you can launch multiple Windows applications with a click. Start Batchrun, add the applications you would like to run together or one after another, then select "File |. Free download of Batchrun 4.3, size 1.18 Mb.

Podifier Red Square Productions Pty Ltd 

What is podcast and how to create it? Well, the concept is quite must upload MP3 files to any FTP server, then create a RSS file (a special, standardized XML file) pointing to these files. When you publish the RSS file, you give access to your music to everyone (RSS reader, a web page, a program or portable device, such as iPod). But. Freeware download of Podifier, size 0 b.

Priore FTP Library 1 1 Centro Studi Informatica di Danilo Priore 

Priore FTP Library allows you to create client application support FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
Main features:
- Standard File Transfer Passive Protocol.
- Upload and Download files, images or bytes array data.
- Create, Remove and Change remote path.
- Get list of files located in to remote FTP server.. Free download of Priore FTP Library 1 1, size 3.89 Mb.

BlackVisi 1.2.5 

Ever wondered, how to create a huge Java/swing application, without ignoring the MVC-Pattern?BlackVisi is the ultimative way to keep you code simple, stable and maintainable! It is state-oriented, uses state-of-the art techniques (Java5) and is flexible. Freeware download of BlackVisi 1.2.5, size 90.45 Kb.

One-JAR(TM) 0.97 

One-JAR(TM) is a simple solution to a vexing problem in Java: how to distribute an application as a single jar-file, when it depends on multiple other jar-files. One-JAR uses a custom classloader to discover library jar files inside the main jar.. Freeware download of One-JAR(TM) 0.97, size 312.61 Kb.

RDB2RDFMapper 86.32 

The a€sRDB2RDF Mappera€t is a Java based software desktop application which allows a user to create a mapping file between a relational database and an RDFS/OWL ontology via a graphical user interface. This project is ANDS-funded.. Freeware download of RDB2RDFMapper 86.32, size 75.16 Mb.

python reporting tools 1.0 Pyreportgen 

A system to allow building reports from template that describe how the report is to be layed out and a data file that applies to template to create an xml file that turned into a pdf

python reporting tools 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of python reporting tools 1.0, size 0 b.

DocFlow ASP.NET Document Portal 1.0 Docflowportal 

DocFlow is an application that demonstrates how to create a powerful Document Portal using the Microsoft .NET platform, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Indexing Service.

DocFlow ASP.NET Document Portal 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of DocFlow ASP.NET Document Portal 1.0, size 0 b.

AnoHAT CHM to JavaHelp AnoHAT Software 

AnoHAT CHM to JavaHelp is an intuitive application that comes in handy to any programmers who needs to create a JavaHelp file using a custom CHM.

They simply need to specify the location of their source CHM, adjust or enter the title for the output file, then choose the destination folder for the JAR.

. Free download of AnoHAT CHM to JavaHelp, size 0 b.

Application Setup Creator Software Data Theft Protection 

How to create software installation setup package within few minutes of time? Don+oOeCOaot Worry! Application setup creator software provides best solution to generate complete professional looking installer program for your software in just few mouse clicks. Windows software installation setup program is designed for application programmers and. Free download of Application Setup Creator Software, size 9.72 Mb.

Lazy Paint for Windows 8 Release 8 Psykosoft 

Lazy Paint for Windows 8 is a handy and reliable application designed to teach you how to create awesome painting without previous knowledge.

Lazy Paint for Windows 8 transforms your pictures into paintings with very few efforts. It automatically sniffs the colors from an image, then allows you to paint over it and to turn it into a work. Free download of Lazy Paint for Windows 8 Release 8, size 0 b.

Create PDF from Delphi 1.5 Software 

Create PDF documents from Delphi Example.Learn how to create fully customized PDF documents from Delphi. Formatting, text, graphics in PDF documents, all that just by using Delphi. No third party components, pure Delphi. Full source code will teach you on how to start making your own PDF documents directly from Delphi.. Free download of Create PDF from Delphi 1.5, size 671.09 Kb.

123 Number Phonics:Learn Number For Preschool With Number Origami For Kids Free 1.0.0 Hue Hoang 

Alphabet Origami introduces you to origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Origami can be enjoyed by both children and adults. This application shows you how to create Alphabet capital letters with paper. Let's fold paper and spell out names, initials, your pet's names, and so on. Children will increase vocabularies by building words with. Freeware download of 123 Number Phonics:Learn Number For Preschool With Number Origami For Kids Free 1.0.0, size 51.69 Mb.

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