Html Plugin

DS Blinds 1.0 DS Effects 

This applet displays a blinds effect between any images.Over the animation you can also insert an image and a scroll-text.The applet is interactive and includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of Java and HTML programming.. Free download of DS Blinds 1.0, size 41.98 Kb.


DS Blobs 1.0 DS Effects 

This applet displays a cool blobs effect.Over the animation you can also insert an image and a scroll-text.The applet is interactive and includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of Java and HTML programming.. Free download of DS Blobs 1.0, size 41.98 Kb.

Tagg - The Personal File Tagging Utility 2.1.5 TaggTool 

Tagg is a file utility which helps you organize your files through the use of tags.Use it to catalog your personal files as well as your media assets such as clip art, sound files or video clips.Tagg also supports plugins for integrated file previewing.The following plugins are provided:ImagePlugin - Provides thumbnail previewing of various image. Free download of Tagg - The Personal File Tagging Utility 2.1.5, size 9.74 Mb.

XMLSpear 2.43 Donkey Development 

XMLSpear is a free XML editor with a great real-time validation feature. It is easy to use, built in Java and available for all platforms. XMLSpear is great for users that just want to work with XML files without deep knowledge of the XML syntax. But experienced XML users will find several advanced, unique features e.g. the interactive schema. Freeware download of XMLSpear 2.43, size 5.02 Mb.

HTML-Tidy Gedit Plugin 1.0  

This plugin allows running Dave Ragget's HTML-Tidy utility from Gedit. It supports two operations: tidy, and tidy-check, as well as some conveniences, such as as easy configuration of Tidy's numerous parameters, and detection of relevant files for operations.

The tidy operation configures tidy and runs it on the current. Freeware download of HTML-Tidy Gedit Plugin 1.0, size 0 b.

HTML::Template::Compiled::Plugin::I18N 1.0 Htc-plugin-i18n 

This is a common plugin for the Perl template engine HTML::Template::Compiled. This module is based on the idea of Perl module Hyper::Template::Plugin::Text.

HTML::Template::Compiled::Plugin::I18N 1.0 License - Artistic License. Freeware download of HTML::Template::Compiled::Plugin::I18N 1.0, size 0 b.

Markdown For jEdit 0.1.0 Vitaliy Berdinskikh 

Markdown For jEdit is a useful and easy-to-use jEdit plugin that will convert your text files to HTML format.

With the help of Markdown For jEdit, you have the possibility to mark the desired text from the current buffer or selection. This way, you are able to generate HTML snippets and preview them in a web-browser using Info Viewer.

Code2HTML For jEdit 0.6 Andre Kaplan 

Code2HTML For jEdit is an easy-to-use jEdit plugin that helps you transform the specified source file or the current selection into an equivalent HTML or CSS file.

With the Code2HTML For jEdit, you are able to use the generated HTML files for web publications and easily highlight the implemented syntax codes.

. Freeware download of Code2HTML For jEdit 0.6, size 0 b.

pdfGoHTML 1.0.006 callas software gmbh 

pdfGoHTML is a handy and reliable Adobe Acrobat plugin designed for converting PDF files with tags into HTML format.

pdfGoHTML can be accessed from the Plug-Ins section of Adobe Acrobat. Conversion is done fast and the output HTML document can be open via any web browser.

. Free download of pdfGoHTML 1.0.006, size 0 b.

Jazz HTML 1.33 Jazz Media 

Jazz HTML is a plugin that converts text in FileMaker Pro (colour, bold, italic, font size, etc) into HTML code.

Other variations are possible, which include the HTML headers and footers
(, and tags, etc), or simple text encoding (ignoring style

The plugin has been written to allow you flexibility with. Free download of Jazz HTML 1.33, size 0 b.

Info Viewer 1.6.2 Dirk Moebius 

Info Viewer is a useful and easy-to-use plugin which enables you to choose the preferred browser that jEdit and assorted plugins will use to display HTML documentation.

You have the possibility to use an external browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, but Info Viewer plugin also contains a lightweight mini web-browser named. Freeware download of Info Viewer 1.6.2, size 0 b.

Sense RSS Editor Plugin 1.4.0 Silva Elm Ltd 

RSS Plugin with graphical user interfaces that fully integrate into the Edit Environment of Silva Elm's Sense Editor. GUI's include a Control Panel, a Feed browser to review the generated RSS and an Editor for RSS content authoring in plain-text. RSS news item descriptions may be optionally styled in HTML without need of XML and HTML technical. Freeware download of Sense RSS Editor Plugin 1.4.0, size 4.09 Mb.

Convert2HTML Notepad++ Plugin 1.0.10427.1 

Convert2HTML Notepad++ plugin helps to convert plain code into syntax highlighted HTML, so it can be used anywhere on a web. Plugin also can convert query results into HTML table, which is also useful for website publishing.. Freeware download of Convert2HTML Notepad++ Plugin 1.0.10427.1, size 148.56 Kb.

Maven Author Plugin 1.0 

The Maven Author Plugin generates an HTML report showing informations gathered from other Maven reports (Checkstyle, FindBugs, PMD, Lint4j, JavaNCSS, JCoverage, Cobertura, Emma, Clover, Tasks List, etc.) and categorized by author(s) of source files.. Freeware download of Maven Author Plugin 1.0, size 37.24 Kb.

Tree View (with HTML-Kit Support) 1.0 

A Win32 application (can be run as an HTML-Kit plugin) which can display HTML and XML documents in a tree layout.. Freeware download of Tree View (with HTML-Kit Support) 1.0, size 248.81 Kb.

JTidy for Eclipse Plugin 1.0 Jtidy4eclipse 

jtidy4eclipse is a small plugin for eclipse which provides a "Format XML" popup menu for html, xhtml and xml pretty printing.

JTidy for Eclipse Plugin 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of JTidy for Eclipse Plugin 1.0, size 0 b.

Cenit Maven Docbook Plugin 1.0 Cdocbook 

This Maven Plugin can be used for the transformation of Docbook XML to HTML / PDF / Eclipse Help.

Cenit Maven Docbook Plugin 1.0 License - Eclipse Public License; MIT License; Other License. Freeware download of Cenit Maven Docbook Plugin 1.0, size 0 b.

Eclipse Servlet Encoder Plugin 1.0 Servletencoder 

An Eclipse plugin to aid development of Java servlet code that is used for HTML presentation.The plug-in can be used in environments where JSP cannot be used (e.g older J2EE environments) to automatically encode/decode the presentation HTML in the code

Eclipse Servlet Encoder Plugin 1.0 License - Common Public License 1.0. Freeware download of Eclipse Servlet Encoder Plugin 1.0, size 0 b.

Emmet 1.0.0 Dave Brotherstone 

Emmet was created as an accessible and handy Notepad++ plugin for web-developers.

Emmet is a lightweight toolkit that can be used to improve the HTML and CSS workflow.

Now, you can use this plugin to write HTML code with CSS-like abbreviations. The plugin can also be used to edit HTML / CSS code.

. Free download of Emmet 1.0.0, size 0 b.

ImgTag New Salvatore Martinico 

ImgTag was specially developed as a simple, small and very useful Notepad++ plugin.

ImgTag is a plugin that lets the user insert image tags in HTML documents. Images can be inserterd using the Open File Dialog Box.

. Freeware download of ImgTag New, size 0 b.