Iboost International Inc Webcam Drivers Mac Software

SQLBoss Developer 1.6 Sqlboss.com 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

SQLBoss Developer and the upcoming SQLBoss Layouter from SQLBoss Inc. provide you with a complete database and content management system for many (11) SQL databases. SQLBoss Developer is a tool for rapid database development on remote hosts. It helps you to create and change databases, tables and columns and to manage the content within web-enabled. Free download of SQLBoss Developer 1.6, size 0 b.


DawnArk Mac WebCam Recorder DawnArk 

Multimedia \ Video Editors

Do you want to record the wonderful childhood? Do you want to record a good time with whole family together? A camera can easily do it.Do you want to show your friend about your guitar playing? A camera can easily do it. DawnArk WebCam Recorder is a software which able to record smooth video. It can collect data from the WebCam recording into. Free download of DawnArk Mac WebCam Recorder, size 1.16 Mb.

Geodata International 4 10 C. Killet Software Ing.-GbR 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

Geodata International - World-wide database of countries with georeferenced towns, municipalities, postal codes and administrative units with WGS84 and UTM coordinates and elevations for geocoding, proximity search, navigation, distance calculation. Often is it necessarily, for an address characteristic, e.g. the place name or the postal code, to. Free download of Geodata International 4 10, size 838.66 Kb.

Supertelco for Mac OS X 1.0.2 NikomSystems Ltd. 

Internet \ Phone VoIP - PC to PC

Supertelco offers international home & business calling with no contracts right from your computer or cell phone at lowest prices and best call quality. Supertelco has a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its features.
Pay per Minute. No annual or monthly contracts:
· Fill. Freeware download of Supertelco for Mac OS X 1.0.2, size 38.06 Mb.

Anytotal Mac Webcam Recorder Anytotal 

Internet \ Chat Tools

Do you want to record the wonderful childhood? Do you want to record a good time with whole family together? A Webcam can easily do it. Do you want to share your friend with your guitar playing? A Webcam can easily do it. Anytotal Webcam Recorder is a software which able to record smooth video. It can collect data from the Webcam recording into. Free download of Anytotal Mac Webcam Recorder, size 13.69 Mb.

N Football International Sports Icon 1.0 Horizon Software 

Desktop \ Icons and Cursors

Football team logos of International league.Next-generation Icons for web and Windows. Developers and designers with a unified programming model for building rich Windows smart client user experiences that incorporate user interface, media, web and documents. Basic usage designs for library in designer, design and graphic tools. Grapihic Raster. Free download of N Football International Sports Icon 1.0, size 31.07 Mb.

2 Mode Webcam / Browse Image upload 1 Flash Components 

Web Development \ Flash Tools

2 Mode Webcam / Browse Image upload: 1.Upload Images directly with a webcam snapshot with good quality 2. Upload Images from your computer with the help of the browser - very useful for registrations on flash based webpages. Uses php to save pictures on your server. All code is well commented , named layers, easy to modify.. Free download of 2 Mode Webcam / Browse Image upload 1, size 102.40 Kb.

Gutenprint - Top Quality Printer Drivers 5.2.7 gimp-print.sourceforge.net 

Home & Personal \ E-books & Information Databases

A very high quality package of printer drivers for Ghostscript and CUPS on Linux, Macintosh OS X, and other POSIX-compliant operating systems. This project also maintains an enhanced Print plug-in for GIMP 2.x from the same code base.. Freeware download of Gutenprint - Top Quality Printer Drivers 5.2.7, size 5.50 Mb.

macam - USB webcam driver for Mac OS X 2009.09.25 webcam-osx.sourceforge.net 

Multimedia \ Screen Capture

macam is focused on developing webcam support for Mac OS X. We are trying to incorporate many different camera types. If you want a camera to work on OSX, join in! We need help with testing cameras (there are soooo many). Please visit the Web Site fi. Freeware download of macam - USB webcam driver for Mac OS X 2009.09.25, size 3.56 Mb.

Simple PHP WebCam 0.2.beta simplephpwebcam.sourceforge.net 

Multimedia \ Video Editors

This project is a a basic WebCam, that works with all Video4Linux compatible video devices. Supports streamer from the Xawtv package and Videodog.Have features that makes it usuable as a simple security camera.. Freeware download of Simple PHP WebCam 0.2.beta, size 12.35 Kb.

Ultimate WEBcam PRO 2001 1.0 uwcp.sourceforge.net 

Multimedia \ Presentation Tools

Ultimate WEBcam PRO 2001 is a PHP script that allows WEBcam owners to publish their WEBcams online easily. UWCP2001 have features like, putting images into a image archive with only one click,visitors will be able to vote the top5 images from your WEBcam.. Freeware download of Ultimate WEBcam PRO 2001 1.0, size 434.61 Kb.

Webcam Fun + 1.0 webcamfunplus.sourceforge.net 

Multimedia \ Screen Capture

Webcam Fun+ is a simple program that helps the user to use his or her webcam as a digital camrea.. Freeware download of Webcam Fun + 1.0, size 9.54 Kb.

Inc. Cybernations Calculator 1.0 Inc-cn-calc 

Games \ Misc. Games

The Inc. Cybernations Calculator is the result of a year's worth of research and development by the Inc. team. Using this web-based calculator, users can get educated advice on how to grow their nation. Check the Wiki for installation instructions. Also

Inc. Cybernations Calculator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Inc. Cybernations Calculator 1.0, size 516.95 Kb.

School Bus Driver and Route Schedules 7.0 Shift Schedules 

Business \ Project Management

Need help scheduling your school bus fleet to daily routes and assigning qualified drivers to those buses and routes? This Excel spreadsheet keeps track of which drivers are qualified for each route and lets you assign them to two shifts a day (morning and afternoon or any other 2 shifts) each day for a month. Built-in logic keeps you from. Free download of School Bus Driver and Route Schedules 7.0, size 1.43 Mb.

Free Internetcam 1.4 Fatih Kodak 

Internet \ Remote Tools

Free-Internetcam is a webcam server application which captures frames from a webcam and transmits them to clients using the http protocol. This utility creates a live stream of your camera. To get access to the server the client needs a browser, IP, port, username and password.. Freeware download of Free Internetcam 1.4, size 576.72 Kb.

ManyCam for Mac 6 Visicom Media Inc 

Internet \ Chat Tools

ManyCam is a free Webcam software and a screen recorder for anyone to use. Several feature enhancements are included within ManyCam to produce a professional quality live video production. It can connect a desktop, smartphone, tablet and live stream to multiple social media platforms and streaming services simultaneously. It provides innovative. Freeware download of ManyCam for Mac 6, size 94.89 Mb.

Regression Analysis and Forecasting 2.0 Business Spreadsheets 

Business \ Applications

The Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting model provides a solid basis for identifying value drivers and forecasting business plan data. While it utilizes a range of commonly employed statistical measures to test the validity of the analysis, results are summarized in text for ease of use. Once relationships have been identified,. Free download of Regression Analysis and Forecasting 2.0, size 155.00 Kb.

HXTT XML 1.1 Hongxin Technology & Trade Ltd. 

Web Development \ XML/CSS Tools

Pure Java Type 4 XML JDBC(1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.1) driver packages for XML documents, supports XML 1.0, XML 1.1, transaction, embedded mode, client/server mode, remote access mode, memory-only database, compressed database, SAMBA database, and url database(http, https, ftp). It supports all transactions level of READ UNCOMMITTED,READ COMMITTED,. Free download of HXTT XML 1.1, size 1.23 Mb.

HXTT Cobol 2.0 Hongxin Technology & Trade Ltd. 

Business \ Information Database

Pure Java Type 4 Cobol JDBC(1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.1) driver packages for Cobol data, which includes FB (fixed block) file, VB (variable block) file, FB sequential file, VB sequential file, FB relative file, IBM mainframe line sequential file, PC line sequential file, OpenCobol VB file, Fujitsu NetCOBOL VB file, MicroFocus VB sequential file,. Free download of HXTT Cobol 2.0, size 1.32 Mb.

DawnArk Mac WebCam Monitor DawnArk 

Multimedia \ Video

Do you have your own pet? Do you have to take care of the children?Do you want to know what is going on at home,when you are at work or go out for sightseeing? This software can help you immediately grasp the present home situation. DawnArk Mac WebCam Monitor via Photobucket.com from their homes every few seconds will gain a picture of the webcam,. Free download of DawnArk Mac WebCam Monitor, size 11.01 Mb.