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Identity Developer Training Kit 1 Microsoft 

The Identity Developer Training Kit contains a set of hands-on labs, documents and references that will help you to learn how to take advantage of Microsoft's latest identity and access control developer's products and services.

Identity Developer Training Kit will provide the needed documentation for understanding the technology and. Free download of Identity Developer Training Kit 1, size 0 b.


OpenIAM Identity Manager 2.1.1 

OpenIAM's Identity Manager provides a comprehensive Identity Management solution which allows organizations to to manage the full user life cycle. Features includes: User provisioning and de-provisioning, active synchronization, password management, audit, self service and delegated administration. Community edition includes connectors for. Freeware download of OpenIAM Identity Manager 2.1.1, size 113.31 Mb.

IdentaFone Pro 2.5 IdentaFone Software 

IdentaFone is a caller identification system that monitors the phone line for incoming calls and offers many ways to keep you informed about your caller's identity. Once the caller information is obtained, this virtual telephone assistant can speak the caller's name through your PC speakers, screen pop the callers name, send the information to a. Free download of IdentaFone Pro 2.5, size 3.02 Mb.

Business logo designs 3.0 

Good logos are not only good to look at, but they help build brand image, company's identity and add to its credibility. Today, from the smallest companies to the bigger ones, logos have become an integral part of every marketing message, banner, flyer, post card etc. It forms the company's identity. Logo designs are varied but it is all an art of. Free download of Business logo designs 3.0, size 1.02 Kb.

IdentaFone Pro Caller ID Software 2.70.1 IdentaFone Software 

IdentaFone is a caller identification system that monitors the phone line for incoming calls and offers many ways to keep you informed about your caller's identity... Once the caller information is obtained this virtual telephone assistant can speak the caller's name through your PC speakers... screen pop the callers name... send the information to. Free download of IdentaFone Pro Caller ID Software 2.70.1, size 3.10 Mb.

GameSecure Toolbar (Legacy Games) Legacy Games 

Legacy Interactive®'s GameSecure™ is a security toolbar that works with Microsoft Internet Explorer and protects you against identity theft, pop-ups, and more. GameSecure™ uses proprietary technology and user community feedback to block you from visiting potentially harmful sites, protecting your identity in the. Freeware download of GameSecure Toolbar (Legacy Games), size 3.17 Mb.

Neo's SafeKeys 3. 1. 2004 Aplin Software 

Neo’s SafeKeys is a free program to help protect you against keyloggers and other malware. Neo’s SafeKeys employs many anti-keylogging techniques in order to keep your information and passwords secure from identity theft, bank and credit card theft, Facebook account hacking, World of Warcraft account hacking and more.

Cyberoam EndPoint Data Protection Suite 3.21.0723 Elitecore Technologies Limited 

Cyberoam Endpoint Data Protection protects the organization's endpoints from data leakage through Identity and group-based policy controls, encryption, shadow copies, logging, reporting and archiving. Cyberoam offers data protection and asset management in four easy-to-deploy and use modules - Data Protection and Encryption, Device Management,. Free download of Cyberoam EndPoint Data Protection Suite 3.21.0723, size 98.04 Mb.

Libbit Document Generator 1.0 

A web-application which facilitates a consistant use of an organisationa€™s visual identity and offers an easy way to generate document templates (ODF and OOXML).

Libbit Document Generator 1.0 License - European Union Public License. Freeware download of Libbit Document Generator 1.0, size 0 b.

Rango Windows 7 Theme New Microsoft 

Give your computer's desktop a taste of the Wild West with this freeware themepack for Microsoft Windows 7 starring Rango, a chameleon with an identity crisis.

The animated comedy movie, featuring Johnny Depp as Rango - a sheltered lizard who becomes an unlikely hero - opens in March 2011. for Windows7, 7x64

. Free download of Rango Windows 7 Theme New, size 0 b.

Numismatist's Notebook II 2.0.6 Sandy Knoll Software 

Numismatist's Notebook II is a useful and handy application which helps you manage and organize your coins database.

Coin collecting has been a popular hobby in America and around the world for many years. Famous coin collections in history are known to have given their owners great pleasure. For instance the Sun King, Louis XIV, enjoyed. Free download of Numismatist's Notebook II 2.0.6, size 0 b.

Neo's SafeKeys 3.1.4 Neo Aplin 

Neo's SafeKeys is a very useful application that was especially designed to provide you with a simple means of keeping your system safe against hijacking or spying from various keylogging programs or even from malware components.

Using this program you can protect your passwords or personal information and block phishing, identity theft. Free download of Neo's SafeKeys 3.1.4, size 0 b.

TorGuard 3.99 

If you're downloading torrents without taking special measures to protect your personal identity and activity, it's just a matter of time before your ISP throttles your connection, sends you infamous OCtlove letterOCL, or worst case, gets a subpoena from an attorney requesting your identity for a potential law suit. Here's how to stay completely. Free download of TorGuard 3.99, size 0 b.

HRC Foundation Buying for Workplace Equality Guide 5.1 Human Rights Campaign 

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Buying for Workplace Equality App is your
guide to brands and products from businesses that support LGBT
workplace equality businesses that dont discriminate based on
sexual orientation and gender identity, that provide benefits for LGBT
employees and their families and that respectfully. Freeware download of HRC Foundation Buying for Workplace Equality Guide 5.1, size 4.72 Mb.

ProtectCELL Mobile Protection 1.0.1295 ProtectCELL 

- Protect your phone or tablet, your data and your identity
- We'll buy back your device for a worthy price
- Pick a protection plan that's right for you
- Make just one call and we'll have you reconnected quickly and conveniently
- Get Protected, Stay Connected

Protect your phone or tablet, your data and your. Freeware download of ProtectCELL Mobile Protection 1.0.1295, size 58.30 Mb.

ComputerSafe Com-Guard, Inc. 

Special Limited Offers available - See Web Site for DetailsAs its name suggests, ComputerSafeTM provides an internal Safe inside your computer where you can store your vital information and protect yourself against identity theft and data security breaches. ComputerSafe safeguards a virtually unlimited number of files. Its unique combination of. Free download of ComputerSafe, size 6.35 Mb.

TrustToolbar Comodo Inc 

TrustToolbar is a Free Internet Explorer Plug-in - Provides you with realtime visual identity assurance of who your current website really is! - Let's you surf to the website you want simply by entering their brand, company or product names - remembering complex URLs is a thing of the past! - Let's you search for specific products and services. Freeware download of TrustToolbar, size 874.50 Kb.

Carl's Classics 1.52 GameOn 

Carl's Classics is a game collection with 14 classic games like Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Reversi, Pachisi and many more.In spite of the simplicity of some of the games, they have been favorites through the centuries thanks to their many variations and endless entertainment possibilities. Many of the games offer the opportunity for both. Free download of Carl's Classics 1.52, size 5.09 Mb.

Alf's Quest 1.04 Order Entertainment 

Alf's Quest is a puzzle-based game relying on an idea that we had for years. It combines the challenge of a classic puzzle with vast landscapes making the game an unique experience.Alf is trapped in a mystic realm of stone castles, wild beasts and evil sorcerers. Your goal is to get all the pieces from the LOST ARCANE ARMOUR and use it's powers to. Free download of Alf's Quest 1.04, size 14.48 Mb.

Santa's Home 3D Screensaver 1.2 Astro Gemini Software 

Have you ever dreamt of visiting the real Santa's home? It is Christmas time and your dreams come true. Find yourself in a winter wonderland deep in the woods surrounded by enchanting snowy landscapes. Santa is at home getting ready for the big night, and his joyful reindeers can't wait to embark on a magical sleigh ride. Watch the funny snowman. Free download of Santa's Home 3D Screensaver 1.2, size 22.80 Mb.