Ieee Paper Based On Data

USB Data Recovery Mac USB data recovery Mac 

Innovative Mac based USB data recovery software salvages cute kid photographs, incredible wedding pictures and other valuable data mislaid due to worm or virus infections, human faults, power failure, spoiled removable media devices, formatted/reformatted drives, logical errors and different other kinds of data loss causes. Removable media data. Free download of USB Data Recovery Mac, size 1.86 Mb.


StatPlanet 2 3 Sacmeq 

StatPlanet is a browser-based interactive data visualization and mapping application. Use it to easily and rapidly create visualizations from simple Flash maps to advanced infographics.
StatPlanet can be freely and easily hosted on your own website. It is lightweight, lightning fast, and makes exploring large data sets easy, fun and highly. Freeware download of StatPlanet 2 3, size 19.49 Mb.

E-Lock Reader 7 7 Frontier Technologies Corporation. 

E-Lock Reader - Digital Signature Verification Tool

E-business today has gained wide spread popularity amongst organizations shifting from traditional paper-based systems to electronic transactions. Electronic transactions actually go much beyond the actual digital signing of documents. The need to be able to verify the authenticity of. Freeware download of E-Lock Reader 7 7, size 11.64 Mb.

Data Visualizer 0.1 

A fast command-line OpenGL based scientific data visualization system.. Freeware download of Data Visualizer 0.1, size 1.22 Mb.

Shareholders Register 5.013 Amblin Software 

The Share Register software is the computerized version of the paper based system currently in use by many companies. We have tried to keep it as generic as possible so that it could be used in many countries and in many situations.


+eTE Maintain your Shareholders listing in a master file with key data

MyDives 1.1.2 Bohrium Labs 

Track your dive and share your adventure!

Filling up your paper based diving log is pain. Why not make it easier and even fun? Log and share your diving adventures and check out what your buddies are up to underwater!


full-scale, intuitive dive logging: all the technical data input is done by tapping and. Free download of MyDives 1.1.2, size 10.59 Mb.

Performance Organiser HTML Generator 2 JIT Software Limited 

The Performance Organiser web site generator provdes the means for Performance Organiser users to generate a "quality" web site based on data contained in Performance Organiser organisation models. Site generation and publication is fully automated and includes collation of linked documents and their subsequent publication with the. Free download of Performance Organiser HTML Generator 2, size 1.51 Mb.

Computer Diary 2007 1.1 AzzCardfile 

The simple diary system is based on data file called "Diary Cards" containing 366 days of the year, and it's parent software Azz Cardfile.This diary is different Saves time and keeps concentration, minimizing noise. There are no predefined fields in cards, like 1.Things to do, 2.Birthdays...etc, actually there are no fields at all. Quite. Free download of Computer Diary 2007 1.1, size 1.63 Mb.

AxPyMOL Reader 1.0 Schrodinger LLC 

The free Reader is an ActiveX control plugin that allows you to read and present
PyMOL-based molecular data using Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows. Just like Adobe
Reader can only read PDFs, not create them, AxPyMOL Reader can only read PowerPoint
presentations with embedded PyMOL content, not create them. Please note that the

Kaspersky Security Scanner 16 Kaspersky Lab 

Kaspersky Security Scanner. Award-winning scanning capability – built by the same world-class experts that develop other Kaspersky products.

• Quick scanning for viruses and other security threats
• Access to the latest, cloud-based security data
• Real-time results on your PC's security status. Freeware download of Kaspersky Security Scanner 16, size 185.34 Kb.

CPC-Tools 1.0 

CPCtools is a collection of open-source proteomics tools for use with mass spectrometry-based proteomics data sets. These tools were created by the Cardiovascular Proteomics Center (CPC) at the Boston University School of Medicine.PLEASE NOTE: In order to install STRAP, please use the version 1.1 installer found on this site. After installation,. Freeware download of CPC-Tools 1.0, size 559.65 Kb.

DynaGraph 1 

DynaGraph creates dynamic graphs based on data selected from a database query. Using PHP, DynaGraph accesses a MySQL database, and uses the results to plot information to a bar graph in the GIF format, using gd1.3.. Freeware download of DynaGraph 1, size 6.11 Kb.

EDGE3 2009 

EDGE3 is an open-source, web-based application allowing for the management, storage, analysis, and controlled sharing of transcription-based microarray data generated on the Agilent DNA platform.. Freeware download of EDGE3 2009, size 31.06 Mb.

IIDC Camera Control Library 1394.2.2.0 

libdc1394 is a library that provides a high level programming interface for application developers who wish to control and capture streams from IEEE 1394 based cameras that conform to the 1394-based Digital Camera Specifications (also known as the IIDC or DCAM Specifications). libdc1394 also supports some USB cameras that are IIDC compliant.Besides. Freeware download of IIDC Camera Control Library 1394.2.2.0, size 556.74 Kb.

Integradata 0.8 

Integradata is a plugable, rules-based, declarative data validation system written in Java. Freeware download of Integradata 0.8, size 89.14 Kb.

OpenTAPAS 1.0 

OpenTAPAS: Technology Assisted Practice Application Suite (TAPAS) is a term that describes digital tools that assist physicians deliver care in a paper based office. OpenTAPAS builds upon the HL7 compliant Electronic Medical Summary Standard. Freeware download of OpenTAPAS 1.0, size 12.77 Mb.

PHP Human Resources Enterprise 0.0.1 

This application aims to completeley remove all paper based processes within a business up to the filing stand point. Currently this project needs help. Email Freeware download of PHP Human Resources Enterprise 0.0.1, size 2.60 Kb.

ReportMaster 1.0 

Create reports based on data from arbitrary datasource. Alternative to RRDTool.. Freeware download of ReportMaster 1.0, size 5.94 Mb.

SplitNeuron 0.1.050 

SPLITNEURON is a completely new approach to large-scale, biologically plausible, neural-network simulation library based on data structures and methods directly coded into database and conceived to explicitly share load on multiple machines.. Freeware download of SplitNeuron 0.1.050, size 1.32 Mb.

The tawkback Backup and Restore Scripts 0.8.0 

tawkback uses tar, find, and awk in shell scripts to create and manage incremental and time-based backup data. The use of existing shell utilities gives a surprising level of functionality. Click the "Docs" link above to view the users guide.. Freeware download of The tawkback Backup and Restore Scripts 0.8.0, size 71.68 Kb.