Ieee Papers On Distributed Computing

Distributed Computing for Shells 0.2.1 

Dcos is a distributed computing package for shells. That is it will take any arbitrary program and parallelize it across shell accounts with potentially restricted resources.. Freeware download of Distributed Computing for Shells 0.2.1, size 3.65 Kb.


Open Framework for Distributed Computing 20090407 

open-fdc is short for "Open Framework for Distributed Computing". This framework allows developers to create "tasks" which are executed by the engine. A task is similar to a work unit type in the SETI project.. Freeware download of Open Framework for Distributed Computing 20090407, size 5.58 Mb.

P2P Software for Distributed Computing alpha.0.1.2 

P2P software for distributed computing. This is open source, scalable software for solving various tasks, which can be splitted between different computers.. Freeware download of P2P Software for Distributed Computing alpha.0.1.2, size 177.75 Kb.

Zillion distributed computing Project 0.1 

The Zillion Project is a distributed computing project based on GNUstep. Jobs can be created from simple template projects and can be submitted through a simple submission tool.. Freeware download of Zillion distributed computing Project 0.1, size 14.42 Kb.

PHP Distributed Computing Project 1.0 Phpdisco 

a efficient php P2P Distributed computing Client and Server.will do webcrawling, indexing, searching, filesharing, replication, etc. based on persona a p2p trust based algorithm.project goal to provide uptodate relevant search results better than goog

PHP Distributed Computing Project 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of PHP Distributed Computing Project 1.0, size 0 b.

Distributed N-Body Simulation 1.0 

This project constitutes an implementation of a custom-design distributed computing environment. The implementation is based on a form of Nbody simulation, which ran successfully across 33 networked-hosts.. Freeware download of Distributed N-Body Simulation 1.0, size 3.73 Mb.

diNMS: Distributed Internet NMS 1.0 

This project is about building a global Internet Network Management System, based on distributed computing, allowing everyone to know how healthy the Internet is, from one's own local ISP to servers on the internet, and compare ISP's quality of service

diNMS: Distributed Internet NMS 1.0 License - GNU General Public License. Freeware download of diNMS: Distributed Internet NMS 1.0, size 0 b.

Utilify Distributed Application Platform .1.0 Beta Utilify 

The Utilify Platform is the first .NET-based distributed computing platform designed to scale from a single machine to a large cloud environment such as Amazon's EC2.It offers developers a robust platform and an easy to learn and use Framework API, to rapidly develop (or adapt) distributed applications to run on a cloud infrastructure or even a. Free download of Utilify Distributed Application Platform .1.0 Beta, size 2.17 Mb.

AsyncWcfLib 3.0.4 

AsyncWcfLib is a software library for distributed computing using Microsoft WCF and the async-await asynchronous pattern.AsyncWcfLib supports threadsafety through an actor based programming model.Actors are loosly coupled system units communicating by passing messages.Message objects are passed inside a process between actors running on different. Freeware download of AsyncWcfLib 3.0.4, size 1.13 Mb.

Celluster rc.0.1 

Celluster is an easy adaptable producer/consumer software for distributed computing on a cluster of Cell B.E. processors. Freeware download of Celluster rc.0.1, size 462.29 Kb.

clusterprep 0.1.4 

Unsophisticated scripts for configuring a set of computers for distributed computing. Configuration components include time synchronization, executable checks, distribution and installation of software, and database checks.. Freeware download of clusterprep 0.1.4, size 72.72 Kb.

folderol 0.57 

An open-sourced distributed computing client for exploring the results of the Human Genome Project.. Freeware download of folderol 0.57, size 268.52 Kb.

Glass Library 2.0.0 

Glass is a library for distributed computing. It's written in C++ and widely portable.. Freeware download of Glass Library 2.0.0, size 1.01 Mb.

GridSim: A Grid Simulation Toolkit 5.2 

GridSim allows modeling and simulation of entities in parallel and distributed computing systems such as users, applications, resources, and resource brokers/schedulers for design and evaluation of scheduling algorithms. Freeware download of GridSim: A Grid Simulation Toolkit 5.2, size 5.38 Mb.

GPU, a Global Processing Unit 0.963 

An extensible framework for distributed computing on P2P grids. We support peaceful free and open research and build an internet supercomputer. We render movies, solve Eternity puzzles, predict climate and improve a ~30 GHz cluster of clients.. Freeware download of GPU, a Global Processing Unit 0.963, size 13.71 Mb.

hxGrid 1.0 

hxGrid is distributed computing library for C++ and Delphi. hxGrid library allows to run tasks on PC cluster, using idle time of Windows XP/ Windows Vista workstations.. Freeware download of hxGrid 1.0, size 1.90 Mb.

Ingenix 1.0 

Ingenix is a novel approach to distributed computing and is an exiting attempt to alter the Operating Systems landscape that hasn't really changed much in over 30 years. It is based on an exokernel architecture and written from scratch.. Freeware download of Ingenix 1.0, size 6.58 Kb.

MapReduce on Cell 021 

MapReduce is a simple and flexible parallel programming model initially proposed by Google for large scale data processing in a distributed computing environment. This project implements the MapReduce runtime and API for the Cell processor platform.. Freeware download of MapReduce on Cell 021, size 48.63 Mb.

MATLAB Server Pages 1.0 

An open source,platform independent,technical web programming language using MATLAB in background, that supports 3-Tier Architecture (Web-Business-DB) including Distributed Computing and Parallel Processing via remote procedure calls and web services.. Freeware download of MATLAB Server Pages 1.0, size 209.80 Kb.

RPyC (remote python call) 3.2.0 

RPyC, or Remote Python Call, is a transparent and symmetrical python library for remote procedure calls, clustering and distributed-computing.. Freeware download of RPyC (remote python call) 3.2.0, size 46.28 Kb.