Igi Game Java Html Program

Java HTML/XML Compressor 0.6 htmlcompressor.googlecode.com 

Java HTML/XML Compressor is a very small, fast and easy to use library that compresses given HTML or XML source by removing extra whitespaces, comments and other unneeded characters without breaking the content structure.. Freeware download of Java HTML/XML Compressor 0.6, size 19.25 Kb.


MekHQ 0.1.15 mekhq.sourceforge.net 

MekHQ is a java helper program for the MegaMek game that allows users to load a list of entities from an XML file, perform repairs and customizations, and then save the new entities to another XML file that can be loaded into MegaMek.. Freeware download of MekHQ 0.1.15, size 34.70 Mb.

Oceantiger jDeveloper 3.1 Oceantiger Software 

This SourceCode editor has predefined color highlighting for the java, html, perl, php, xml and css languages and possibility to define your own color highlighting languages. Other features in this program includes: tools to compile - debug and run java documents, undo / redo feature, tools to generate html and java code, completion proposal to. Free download of Oceantiger jDeveloper 3.1, size 2.09 Mb.

FFXI Vana'diel Timer 32 vanatimer.sourceforge.net 

This is a Java-based program that converts time in the real world to time in the world of Final Fantasy XI, Vana'diel. It also displays various calendars and schedules for use within the game.. Freeware download of FFXI Vana'diel Timer 32, size 1.16 Mb.

HTMLtools 01.15.2010 htmltools.sourceforge.net 

HTMLtools includes several Java HTML tools for preparing Web pages. The HTMLtools program automates batch conversion of tab-delimited spreadsheet text files to HTML Web-page files, file & table editing, keyword mapping, templates, and more.. Freeware download of HTMLtools 01.15.2010, size 39.70 Mb.

Java Mozilla Html Parser 0.3.0 mozillaparser.sourceforge.net 

MozillaParser is a Java Html parser based on mozilla's html parser. it acts as a bridge from java classes to Mozilla's classes and outputs a java Document object from a raw ( and dirty) HTML input. Freeware download of Java Mozilla Html Parser 0.3.0, size 31.31 Mb.

JavaDraw 1.0 mental9Production 

JavaDraw is a java drawing program. The Program enables you to draw pictures and each drawing would be treated as an object. When you save your project, you can re-open it and re-manipulate each drawing individually. JavaDraw can save your drawing in JPEG format too. This program is sold for only $32. However, to run it, you need the java runtime. Free download of JavaDraw 1.0, size 335.54 Kb.

DBF to HTML 1.4 WhiteTown Software 

The DBF to HTML program allows you to convert your dbf files to HTML pages.It allows you to create a single page or many pages with a navigation bar.Besides, you can define such parameters as border width, cellspacing or cellpadding.The program supports dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, VFP and dBase Level 7 formats. You can run the program in a batch. Free download of DBF to HTML 1.4, size 283.65 Kb.

JDisplay 4 5 Canadian Mind Products 

JDisplay displays Java, HTML, bat, SQL, ini, csv, xml, mft properties... files a variety of colours, fonts, sizes and weights to help make them more presentable and readable. Why would you use it? For the same sorts of reasons you use colours and fonts in an IDE like IntelliJ or Eclipse. They make the code much easier to understand. There is no. Freeware download of JDisplay 4 5, size 4.73 Mb.

Java 3d Cad 1.0 java-3d-cad.sourceforge.net 

A Java Cad program with 3d properties. Freeware download of Java 3d Cad 1.0, size 133.92 Kb.

WarCoders - program robots for war! 1.0 Warcoders 

WarCoders is a real-time strategy game where you program AI for robotic vehicles in C++. You battle opposing teams in a 3D environment over a network or the Internet. You can also build fortifications, edit robot sourcecode, make new weapons, etc.

WarCoders - program robots for war! 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of WarCoders - program robots for war! 1.0, size 0 b.

NeverWinter Nights(tm) JAVA Controller 3 Nwnjcontroler 

Java based program used to maintain a NeverWinter Nights(tm) server (nwserver) running on Linux. Takes advantage of all the interactivity of the nwserver.

NeverWinter Nights(tm) JAVA Controller 3 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of NeverWinter Nights(tm) JAVA Controller 3, size 61.01 Kb.

YGO Dueling Sim 1.0 Ygoduelingsim 

This is a Java-based program intended to allow users to simulate Yu Gi Oh duels with AIs or with friends.
The project is has been in the design and brainstorm stage for approximately two months and is now in development:

1: Functional GUI which allows all elements of YGO gameplay. This stage will allow users to explore the interface. Freeware download of YGO Dueling Sim 1.0, size 0 b.

Java Zip on Web 1.0 Javacszip 

Java Zip Program

Java Zip on Web 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Java Zip on Web 1.0, size 0 b.

AnimeBrowser 1.0.6 Adrian Mille 

AnimeBrowser is a java multiplatform program designed to help people who are accustomed to watch a lot of anime series.
You can define episodes series you are looking for, then AnimeBrowser will search for it on some very popular websites.. Free download of AnimeBrowser 1.0.6, size 3.60 Mb.

Oceantiger's Editor 3.6 Oceantiger Software 

Edit Java, html, xml, perl, php, css and text documents. Color highlighting for the mentioned languages and posibility to define your own color highlighting for other languages. Other features in this program includes: tools to compile - debug and run java documents, undo / redo feature, tools to generate html and java code, completion proposal to. Freeware download of Oceantiger's Editor 3.6, size 2.10 Mb.

Secure FTP Wrapper 3.0 Glub Tech, Inc. 

Secure FTP Wrapper is a Java-based program designed to easily make your existing FTP server a secure FTPS server. In this release the Wrapper allows for a 256-bit AES encrypted Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL/TLS, connection to be made to your FTP server which protects both the control channel (username/password) and the data channel (your. Free download of Secure FTP Wrapper 3.0, size 75.72 Mb.

Gastona 0.60.110912 Alejandro Xalabarder 

Gastona is a Java based program designed to offer developers a combination of a rapid GUI generator and a flexible text generator / commander.
The software is able to handle both the design and logic of an application simply from a text file. All with SQL capability (sqlite integrated).. Freeware download of Gastona 0.60.110912, size 922.62 Kb.

Diplomator 0.1.8 github.com 

A java Diplomacy program capable of resolving orders, with a dumb AI. Usable from either a GUI or a CLI. Was being rewritten in python, that stopped. Also includes a completely separate python version that supports star trek dip (variant bank st02). Freeware download of Diplomator 0.1.8, size 418.95 Kb.

Flute Listening Quiz 1.0 flutelisteningq.sourceforge.net 

Flute Listening Quiz is a Java ME program that runs at mobile phone. It provides listening quiz for the flute beginners and train the listening ability of a beginner. It also helps beginner to memorize the finger chart within the training mode.. Freeware download of Flute Listening Quiz 1.0, size 3.09 Mb.

Igi Game Java Html Program Web Results

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Java Socket Interface for Infrared Communication

Allows Java programs on Linux to communicate via infrared ports, using infrared support in Linux kernels 2.2.14-irda1, or 2.3.48 or higher. [Open Source, LGPL]

Java Sucks

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Advanced Installer for Java

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Java: Cornerstone of the Global Network Enterprise?

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