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Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder MindGems Inc. 

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder's main goal is to help you find fast all similar and duplicate images in a folder and its sub folders. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder uses advanced algorithms to find similar images in a way that a human does. Due to that fact it can find similar images even if they are in different image formats,. Free download of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder, size 1.91 Mb.


Picsplorer 3.4 Picsplorer Software, Inc 

Picsplorer is the web image gallery's searcher and browser. There is a vast number of sites contain graphic images for free review. As you know nothing is free. The surfer get a lot of ads with opportunity to look at "free" images. The irresponsible webmasters try to infect computers with viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. The users feel. Free download of Picsplorer 3.4, size 785.41 Kb.

PRO Command Playback Image Vault, LLC 

Image Vault PRO-Command is Image Vault's top-of-the-line DVR technology. It replaces the former Image Vault PRO family. To help distinguish the newer technology, Image Vault has started its version numbering for PRO-Command at Version 9.0, thus picking up at the next logical level above where PRO left off (Version 8.7.1).. Freeware download of PRO Command Playback, size 28.90 Mb.

OptimizeBatch 1.0.0 Oriens Solution Inc. 

Ever felt the need of converting hundred of image file(s) from one format to another format ( to BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, TGA, PCX etc.)? Need to upload or use images on webpage, but image files are consuming most of the precious web space because of the bulky size of the files? Would not be better if you can minimize the size, and at the same. Free download of OptimizeBatch 1.0.0, size 5.10 Mb.

GifSplitter 1 XoYo Software 

GifSplitter can split gif animation to image file(s) list. Then, you can select any frames of the gif animation, and modify them as you like.Also, GifSplitter will create a .mifl file which can be used in Magic ASCII Studio ( So, with the help of GifSplitter you can make ASCII Art Animation directly from gif animation. Freeware download of GifSplitter 1, size 33.79 Kb.

Business logo designs 3.0 

Good logos are not only good to look at, but they help build brand image, company's identity and add to its credibility. Today, from the smallest companies to the bigger ones, logos have become an integral part of every marketing message, banner, flyer, post card etc. It forms the company's identity. Logo designs are varied but it is all an art of. Free download of Business logo designs 3.0, size 1.02 Kb.

ExtractCompare 1 18 conservation research ltd 

By fitting a 3D surface model to the image developer's programs capture a pattern that is unaffected by the camera angle or posture.
Then open the "" file and double-click the "setup.exe" program. Please answer "yes" to retain any files that would otherwise be overwritten by older. Freeware download of ExtractCompare 1 18, size 8.17 Mb.

ImAnalyse 3.0 

This's an image processing's software(RGB,HSL).The feature are: every kind of filters, optimal edge detection, automatic threashold,mathematical morphology, LPE,arithmetic,Hough... We can do every treatment with the mouse or we can define some scripts.. Freeware download of ImAnalyse 3.0, size 668.33 Kb.

Ultra Image Printer 2.0.2012.901 Utralshareware Software 

Ultra Image Printer is a virtual printer driver for Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista (including terminal server). It is a file format converter that intercepts and converts any printable document into BMP, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF and multiple TIFF image. The generated images can be easily viewed without the applications that generated the original. Free download of Ultra Image Printer 2.0.2012.901, size 1.57 Mb.

Screenshoter 1.1 Kevin Schneider 

Every diverting feature is consequently excluded. You can capture your screen by pushing the button and it will be directly saved as an image - that's it!Additionally a special area of your screen can be selected to capture only the selection. Afterwards the screenshots will be saved at a self-chosen directory as a bmp, jpg or png file. Interesting. Freeware download of Screenshoter 1.1, size 89.92 Kb.

2Flyer RSS Screensaver 1.0 

A cool screensaver for reading news, blogs with gracefully from RSS in a glimpse.This is the only screensaver that shows floating RSS headlines and articles in ORIGINAL format with image. It's got some pretty configuration settings as well. You can set RSS reading interval, background photos, use the left/right arrow keys to navigate between feeds,. Freeware download of 2Flyer RSS Screensaver 1.0, size 892.04 Kb.

S-Ultra Image To Video Slideshow 1.10 Siam Computer 

S-Ultra Image To Video Slideshow is a handy and reliable application designed to generate videos from your image collection.

S-Ultra Image To Video Slideshow bundles a wide array of video effects for the output slideshow and supports the most popular image formats.

. Free download of S-Ultra Image To Video Slideshow 1.10, size 0 b.

Video To Image Extractor 3.0 Business software 

Video to image Extractor is an excellent tool developed to extract image frames without destroying the quality of image. Video to Image Extractor supports almost all video formats available in Windows OS. Video to image Extractor enables you to take video snapshots and export frames from video files to image files with single mouse click.. Free download of Video To Image Extractor 3.0, size 783.46 Kb.

Image Compressor 5 5.1 MasRizal & Partners 

Image Compressor 5 is an award winning compression software that lets you compress your JPEG - digital photo file with barely noticeable quality loss. Image Compressor analyze each pixels and automatically adjust compression level to maintain picture quality. The result is a JPEG file with a very good image quality and smallest file size possible.. Free download of Image Compressor 5 5.1, size 2.11 Mb.

Image Compressor 5 Lite Edition 5.1 MasRizal & Partners 

Image Compressor 5 is an award winning compression software that lets you compress your JPEG - digital photo file with barely noticeable quality loss. Image Compressor analyze each pixels and automatically adjust compression level to maintain picture quality. The result is a JPEG file with a very good image quality and smallest file size possible.. Free download of Image Compressor 5 Lite Edition 5.1, size 2.11 Mb.

Image Keyworder 1 33 OnAsia Images Pte Ltd. 

Image Keyworder was developed through collaboration between photographers, keywording experts and software developers. Image keyworder's user friendly interface and thesaurus comprising tens of thousands of terms makes keywording faster and more comprehensive. Whether you need to keyword photos, paintings, illustrations or any other kind of. Free download of Image Keyworder 1 33, size 6.95 Mb.

Portable FastStone Image Viewer 4.6 FastStone Soft 

FastStone Image Viewer is a fast, stable, user-friendly image browser, converter and editor. It has a nice array of features that include image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, cropping and color adjustments. Its innovative but intuitive full-screen mode provides quick access to EXIF information, thumbnail. Freeware download of Portable FastStone Image Viewer 4.6, size 6.16 Mb.

Image Converter 1,0.0 1.0 CodeWonders 

CodeWonders Image converter is proud to present a new utility to manage, convert and resize images for Windows XP, Vista and Windows Seven. CodeWonders Image Converter also supports multiple languages thanks to the build in language manager which allows the user to select or even add he's preferred language. CodeWonders Image Converter is an user. Freeware download of Image Converter 1,0.0 1.0, size 1.79 Mb.

Dans Image Resizer 1.0 Dan's LLC 

Have you been looking for a program that allows you to resize an entire batch of images at one time, while retaining the structure of your folders? Dan's Image Resizer realizes this problem and offers a solution.

A simple, functional photo resizer is invaluable if you need or want to upload large photos to the web or attach digital. Free download of Dans Image Resizer 1.0, size 721.92 Kb.

A-PDF Image Downsample 1.5.0 

A-PDF Image Downsample provides a quick way to resample the image in Acrobat PDF documents directly. It reduces the size of PDF files by reducing the resolution of those images to match specific quality requirements and by compressing the images. Then it makes PDF files to read faster on web. It supports both lossy and loss-less compression. Many. Free download of A-PDF Image Downsample 1.5.0, size 2.42 Mb.

Image Of S Web Results

MovieWeb - America's Sweethearts

Provides an image gallery of photos from America's Sweethearts. Features a cast list and a general plot summary.

The Image of the Devil in 20th Century Film

Offers an essay which compares the image of the devil in the films Faust, The Devil and Daniel Webster, and The Devil’s Advocate.

Minako's gallery

A large image gallery of Sailor Venus's different forms.

Andreas Feininger in the Hofstra Museum's Permanent Collection

An image of a photograph by Andreas Feininger from the Hofstra Museum's permanent collection accompanied by biographical information.

AUM Fidelity: David S. Ware

Record label's site, with photograph, biography, discography, and booking information.

Ben Jonson's Grave

Image of the poet's burial stone at Westminster Abbey.

Cordula's Web

Franz Kafka's "Before the Law" in German, English, and French.