Instant Message Recovery Windows Phone Software

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Instant Message Recovery Web Results

Instant Message Solution

Offers instant message servers in LAN and behind corporate firewall.


Records web, chat, and instant message activity. For Windows 95/98.

Instant Message Boards

Provides free phpBB discussion boards. Ad-supported.

Yahoo Messenger

Allows you to instant message with anyone on the Yahoo server. Tells you when you get mail, and gives stock quotes.

Away Art

Colorful pictures to use in profile, away message, or instant message.


Offers professional web templates, custom templates, and resources. Unlimited downloads, email support, and instant message support with membership.

State Government Relations Regarding WSU & 4-H Funding

Information regarding what current legislation might be pending that could create changes in 4-H funding. Includes instruction on how to create an instant message for the WSU lobbyist.