Instant Message Softwear In Phone

IM Lock Home Edition 2.1 Comvigo, Inc. 

IM Lock is a powerful Instant Message Blocking software for home, education, and business. Fast setup in under a minute. IM Lock Home Edition blocks Instant Message, Chat, Blogs, Websites, and more. Protect your children from online dangers. Stop your children from chatting with strangers. Keep your kids focused on their homework when using the. Free download of IM Lock Home Edition 2.1, size 2.25 Mb.


SecureIM Instant Message 1.0 BETA hadesandres 

SecureIM is an instant message client who uses digital certificates and PKI.The client application connects to a WildfireSIM server.SIM do a digital signature for login to the server using a user certificate.Also uses PKI to encrypt and decrypt messages. Freeware download of SecureIM Instant Message 1.0 BETA, size 126.75 Mb.

Tronacom 1.0.beta1 

Social Networking Features include multiplayer 3D Billiards, Personal Web Server, Web Cam Sever with motion detection, Web Cam Client, VOIP Voice Phone, P2P File Sharing, Instant Message, Chat Rooms and more. 3rd Party Plugins Welcome :). Freeware download of Tronacom 1.0.beta1, size 33.99 Mb.

SideNotesIM 1 9 BlueNote Software, LLC. 

With SideNotesIM you can Send a quick message announcing a phone call or a customer arrival with the click of a button.
It installs in minutes and is immediately usable. The program configures itself and finds other users on the network using peer to peer networking technology without any network administration or IT department assistance.

Giggitus Instant messaging 1.3.2 Tetyana Kozlovska 

Giggitus Instant messaging Instant message and video chat anyone on Giggitus, for free. It's bursting with fun. Get started right now. Stay connected with all your friends. Start chatting with new people. See What's Inside The Giggitus Messenger Build your list of friends You'll have plenty of friends to chat with in Messenger before you know it. A. Free download of Giggitus Instant messaging 1.3.2, size 2.67 Mb.

Akeni Secure Instant Messaging - Expert 2.1.3 Akeni 

Akeni Secure Instant Messaging IM - Expert Edition, is a secured client/server
instant message solution for business, enterprise, corporate IM use. It supports standard messaging features such as chat, conference (group chat), notification, and file
transfer, and a feature rich client. Expert Messenger is easy to use and
setup,. Free download of Akeni Secure Instant Messaging - Expert 2.1.3, size 7.91 Mb.

Christmas Emoticons For MSN Messenger 1.3 Emoinstaller 

Fantastic Christmas Emoticon installer adds the highest quality of msn emoticons ( also called emotions and smiles ) into your MSN Messenger account to use in your instant message conversations with your friends and family. There is no need to browse and select the graphics, or to select a shortcut. Emoinstaller adds extra emotions into MSN. Freeware download of Christmas Emoticons For MSN Messenger 1.3, size 154.62 Kb.

QQ Email Builder 1.4 ValenSoft Studio 

Introduction: The QQ is the most popular Instant message software in china and other Aisa area, You can use this software to build the QQ email addresses or the other IM email addresses to propagand your products or other information to individual.Feature: 1.Fast building and saving QQ email addresses to text file.2.The operation is too simple and. Free download of QQ Email Builder 1.4, size 2.48 Mb.

Threedef Music Threedef 

Instant Music from a Phone Keypad

Threedef's nine key pad gives you the ability to instantly dial into and hear any artist, album, or track in your library. Simply type part of the name of the artist, album, or track you want to hear. Press one key per letter.

After each key press, Threedef will display the most. Freeware download of Threedef Music, size 5.55 Mb.

Timeslide 1.0 Adobe Systems Incorporated 

Building notifications into your applications is a powerful way to alert users of critical events such as a new instant message or blog post.
Timeslide allows you to display system notifications that fade in and out based on a time interval and a user-specified message.. Freeware download of Timeslide 1.0, size 36.58 Mb.

Encrypted Messenger 4.0.0109 johnyTech 

Encrypted Messenger is an add-on program that allows you to send and receive encrypted messages through several popular (and some not so popular) Instant Message Programs.
Key Features
-Updateable Config File To Add Support for almost any program
-RSA and Blowfish Encryption
-Simpler User Interface
-Free Lite Version. Freeware download of Encrypted Messenger 4.0.0109, size 25.97 Mb.

DoNaut Xponaut 

Add-on for instant messengers and internet phone software. Change and add effects to your voice, sound like anything from a big giant to a little chipmunk. Add background sounds and sound effects to your phone conversation. Share your music with your friends using you favorite music player such as iTunes, WinAmp, Microsoft media player. Text to. Freeware download of DoNaut, size 16.45 Mb.

Colasoft MSN Monitor 2.0 Colasoft Co., Ltd. 

Based on packet analysis technology, Colasoft MSN Monitor focuses on MSN applications and instant message management. Besides capturing message contents, it also summarizes local MSN accounts and provides the statistics of account status, logins, message counts, contacts, message-related traffic that exceed traditional MSN message content. Free download of Colasoft MSN Monitor 2.0, size 7.43 Mb.

IMInspector Personal Edition 1.4 B52 1.0 Coral Works, Inc. 

Utilize IMInspector Personal Edition in your workplace to keep a record of your daily communications amongst co-workers with date-and-time indicators, or monitor instant message activity for piece of mind. Option to run in the background undetected, without slowing down your computer. With easy setup instructions, the software automatically updates. Free download of IMInspector Personal Edition 1.4 B52 1.0, size 556.03 Kb.

IMsecure Pro Zoner, Inc. 

IMsecure keeps instant message conversations private and provides protection to vulnerable instant message connections. IMsecure offers basic inbound threat protection from buffer overflow attacks as well as message encryption for one instant messaging account to protect instant messages from being monitored.. Free download of IMsecure Pro, size 3.67 Mb.

ImTask 1.4 

Ant tasks for sending Instant Message notifications. Currently supporting AIM, Jabber (& Secure Jabber) , Yahoo!, and MSN Messenger.. Freeware download of ImTask 1.4, size 362.48 Kb.

Second Lilfe Log Manager 1.0 

Second Life Log Manager for managing chat/instant message logs of Second Life. Account/Avatar specified. It's a very basic SL Chat Log Manager. You have to enable the Chatlogging in your SL Client.. Freeware download of Second Lilfe Log Manager 1.0, size 115.55 Kb.

IM Tailor 1.0 Imtailor 

IM Tailor is a web-based instant message system coded with the ease of website integration and use in mind. It's based on AJAX technology, so it doesn't eat the b/w as the server replies only if the user has a new message. PHP&MySQL&XAJAX class.

IM Tailor 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of IM Tailor 1.0, size 199.66 Kb.

VirtualAssistant 1.0 Virtualassist 

Extensible agent framework with the ability to perform common tasks such as notify you when you have a mail, or a message in your phone, or some web or file has change... A kind of automated webapp secretary.

VirtualAssistant 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of VirtualAssistant 1.0, size 0 b.

Secure IM Client 1.0 Secureimclient 

This project is designed to create a secure instant messaging client that utilizes existing instant message frameworks such as AOL, Google Talk, Yahoo Chat, etc. Ultimately, the goal is to have a multi-network client.

Secure IM Client 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of Secure IM Client 1.0, size 0 b.