Instrumental Music Convarter Software

Blossoms of the East 2.0 Shi Yali 

Blossoms of the East Screensaver combines 40 high quality images of exotic flowers and floral arrangements from the tropical island of Taiwan with inspirational quotes and beautiful instrumental music . All images are original photographs by the author. Other features include install and uninstall functions as well as a configuration screen that. Free download of Blossoms of the East 2.0, size 4.79 Mb.


Oboe Fingerings Franco Gerevini & The Woodwind Fingering Guide by Timothy Reichard 

Franco Gerevini's Oboe Fingerings software, a small Windows utility for oboists, band directors, instrumental music teachers, and anyone who wishes to learn to play the oboe. The multilingual program shows various possible fingerings (basic, alternate, and trill) for the notes that the oboe can produce.. Freeware download of Oboe Fingerings, size 5.11 Mb.

Tabla Fillers 2.1 Tabla Radio 

Tabla Fillers with Intro, Fills and Endings. These fillers can be used in making compositions for songs, instrumental music and any other kind of compositions. The fillers are recorded at 16 bit 44.1 Khz sampling rate in wav format. The kit contains intro, fills and endings. The collection is useful for those who want to create good music with. Free download of Tabla Fillers 2.1, size 2.74 Mb.

AVS Music Mix Online Media Technologies Ltd., UK 

AVS Music Mix is a compact and simple loop-based music mix, composition and production tool for original music mix creation. The application allows you to save the created music or a part of the mix project with such popular audio formats as WAV, MP3, WMA and others. This easy program provides the most powerful, user-friendly environment for music. Free download of AVS Music Mix, size 16.09 Mb.

Geniator XS-1 1 3 Geniator Software Engineering 

This all-in-one Music Workstation entraps you into new worlds of sound production. From the 32-voices synthesizer over the 16-channel mixer, effect processors and drumkits up to the 64-track sequencer, everything what you need is contained to compose instrumental music pieces.. Free download of Geniator XS-1 1 3, size 22.54 Mb.

TMP Latin Samples 2 1 The Music Producer 

The Music Producer’s software comes with
a number or original music samples.
You can now expand your music sample library to include thousands of flavorful Latin music
samples allowing you to mix and match your own music creations.

The Latin Sample Pack has a variety of traditional
Latin samples. Free download of TMP Latin Samples 2 1, size 227.32 Mb.

45 RPM 1.61 Tim Mahony 

With 45 RPM you can open any song from your music library and simulate the faster playback speed of a 33 rpm record at 45 rpm or the slower speed of a 45 rpm record at 33 rpm.

As most vinyl enthusiasts will have discovered, accidentally playing a record at the wrong speed can lead to some surprising results and quite exciting discoveries. Free download of 45 RPM 1.61, size 9.02 Mb.

Gitarrero Beginner 1.1 Gitarrero Software GbR 

Software guitar school for beginners with videos, midis, pictures and useful interactive features; Topical Contents: chords, rhythm patterns, accompaniments, listen to or play 28 exercises/songs in different degrees of difficulty, test feature, tuner, Guitar Teaching Support . Free download of Gitarrero Beginner 1.1, size 2.68 Mb.

Stone of Destiny Free Trial 1 5 Bigfish Games 

The Stone of Destiny is a fun hidden objects game. Your goal is to help find your uncle who mysteriously disappeared. The tool you have to complete your mission is a book with lists of objects. You have to find all of the objects on those lists. As you complete the different levels, you advance throughout your uncle’s house. Strange. Free download of Stone of Destiny Free Trial 1 5, size 20.89 Mb.

Chinese Bamboo Flute 3.0 Wang Kai 

Flute is playing musical instruments, made with Bamboo, horizontal wind. Blow on the opening hole of a hole and film, according to the sound hole six, is used two to four out of the Department of the sound hole, range over two and a half degrees. Flute in China is rich in artistic expression of ethnic musical instruments, sound and moving. Free download of Chinese Bamboo Flute 3.0, size 180.36 Mb.

Puzzles N' Coloring - Fairy Tales 1.0.1 Better World 

Quit the real world for a moment and explore the world of Puzzles N' Coloring - Fairy Tales. Red Riding Hood, Little Mermaid, Puss-in-Boots, and more characters he already loves await your child in this puzzle that doubles as a coloring book.

Choose from 12 themed puzzles and select the appropriate level "easy" divides the. Free download of Puzzles N' Coloring - Fairy Tales 1.0.1, size 40.48 Mb.

Puzzles 'N Colouring - In the Zoo. 1.0 Better World 

Pass the gates and explore the world of Puzzles N' Coloring - In the Zoo . A smiling lion, a cute koala, a proud parrot and much more await your child in this puzzle that doubles as a coloring book.

Choose from 2 themed puzzles (18 more in the full version) and select the appropriate level "easy" divides the puzzle into 6. Freeware download of Puzzles 'N Colouring - In the Zoo. 1.0, size 27.89 Mb.

Puzzles 'N Colouring - Sea Adventures 3.0.0 Better World 

Jump into the water and explore the world of Puzzles N' Colouring - Sea Adventures . A smiling crab, a wandering fish, a jumping dolphin and more await your child in this puzzle that doubles as a coloring book.

Choose from 33 themed puzzles and select the appropriate level "easy" divides the puzzle into 6 pieces,. Free download of Puzzles 'N Colouring - Sea Adventures 3.0.0, size 49.18 Mb.

Rapids Rider 1.1.5 DAGASU 

Play as "Nick Trouble", an intrepid adventurer, and throw yourself through the most challenging rapids.
Travel around the world crossing fascinating and unique places.
Dare you do it?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

**** REVIEWS ****

"Rapids Rider is fast and fun, and dare we. Free download of Rapids Rider 1.1.5, size 102.87 Mb.

Ideal MP3 Music Sorter 5.28 Ideal Sorting Systems, Inc. 

Ideal MP3 Music Sorter - will sort, organize and rename all your Music files, fast and easy. Support variety of music formats: MP3, OGG, WMA, AC3, WAV and HUNDREDS other media formats. It sort, organize, rename music, even if it is packed in ZIP and RAR archives.No more files with names like "mp3s.rar" or "audio27.mp3" -. Free download of Ideal MP3 Music Sorter 5.28, size 14.80 Mb.

Ideal Music Sorter 3.65 Haizon Corporation 

Ideal Music Sorter - will sort, organize and rename all your Music files, fast and easy. Support variety of music formats: MP3, OGG, WMA, AC3, WAV and HUNDREDS other media formats. It sort, organize, rename music, even if it is packed in ZIP and RAR archives.No more files with names like "mp3s.rar" or "audio27.mp3" - Ideal Music. Free download of Ideal Music Sorter 3.65, size 17.40 Mb.

Quartet X2 Music Studio 2.1 woltec 

Quartet X2 Music Studio is a multi-channel music creation tool, synthesizer, and recording studio. An intuitive graphic interface that resembles a sheet music score makes creating and editing musical compositions quick and simple. The interface is designed to let the user focus on creating music scores as easily as moving a mouse over the. Free download of Quartet X2 Music Studio 2.1, size 2.75 Mb.

Song Builder 1. 1. 2017 Donald G Gray 

Song Builder can be used to make music with up to 15 instrumental voices and a percussion track. Instruments can be chosen from the default soundbank of 128 instruments and more effects can be achieved by loading additional soundbanks of your choice. Music can be exported to MIDI and MusicXML files for input to music processing and music publishing. Freeware download of Song Builder 1. 1. 2017, size 6.29 Mb.

WinSounds 2.2 Gordon Sweet 

Many versions of Windows are supplied with a WINMM.DLL file which enables programmers to produce128 instrumental sounds and effects, such as produced by the popular MID music files created by musical keyboards. This little program enables you to hear any of these sounds in variety of ways.. Free download of WinSounds 2.2, size 1.11 Mb.

Children's String Instrument Sounds 1.0.4 Lesson Portal, LLC 

A musical, fun, and educational application for young children (2-5 years) to tap and hear fun string instrumental musical sounds! Instruments come to life as they zoom large and back to small when tapped. Designed by a music teacher and tested by a 2 year old.

This app features the first few measures of Mozart's "Rondo alla. Free download of Children's String Instrument Sounds 1.0.4, size 6.19 Mb.

Instrumental Music Convarter Software Web Results

Get a free beats and instrumental music online

Exclusive beats are sent as a high-quality .WAV or .MP3 file, along with the individual instrumental music tracks, used to put the beat together, in .WAV or .MP3 format.

Dal Farra, Ricardo

(1957- ), Buenos Aires, Argentina. Composer of electroacoustic, computer, mixed and instrumental music. Activities, compositions and publications.

Westminster High School Instrumental Music Boosters

Provides information about the band boosters club and music program, which includes concert, jazz, symphonic and marching bands, colorguard, orchestra and wind ensemble. Includes calendar, FAQs,...

Studio Cutz Music Library

Collection of instrumental music specifically composed and produced to enhance visual and audio productions. Great for video, TV, radio, Film, and multimedia.

Spacewave Music

Specializing in instrumental music. (ASCAP)

Voices from the Past: Origin of Instrumental Music in Christian Worship

Article by M.C. Kurfees supporting a cappella music exclusively in worship.

Christmas Music By Braintree

Instrumental music on CD with mp3 samples.