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C'est PAS un PC ! 2.6 Claire Milliet 

C'est pas un PC, c'est un Mac ! est une application humoristique d'actualites Apple dessinee par Claire.

Claire est une jeune fille Mac Addict qui ne quitte jamais son sabre laser pour aller zigouiller quelques utilisateurs PC.

Retrouvez C'est un MAC le Jeu ! Venez jouer ? Doodle Claire, le seul jeu au monde ou vous pourrez. Freeware download of C'est PAS un PC ! 2.6, size 22.33 Mb.


The Game With No Name alpha.3 thegamewnoname.sourceforge.net 

The Game With No Name is a cross-platform game written in C++ with SDL. Players race through different mazes while battling each other at the same time, combining features of a puzzle game, an arcade game, and a racing game.. Freeware download of The Game With No Name alpha.3, size 2.87 Mb.

Zilch in C++ 0.1.2 zilchinc.sourceforge.net 

The Zilch dice game, written in C++, initial release. Freeware download of Zilch in C++ 0.1.2, size 131.67 Kb.

Unnamed C# Roguelike 1.0 Sharproguelike 

This is a Roguelike game written in C#.

Procedural terrain generation

Unnamed C# Roguelike 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Unnamed C# Roguelike 1.0, size 0 b.

Fantasy SDL Platform Game 1.0 Platgame 

A fantasy world based platform game written in c++ through SDL with a GTK2 sprite editor and level editor.

Fantasy SDL Platform Game 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Fantasy SDL Platform Game 1.0, size 0 b.

Qetk spaceships game 1.0 Qetk 

starship computer game programmed in C++, 2D graphics.

Qetk spaceships game 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Qetk spaceships game 1.0, size 0 b.

PokerTH 0.8.3 PokerTH 

PokerTH is a poker game written in C /Qt4. You can play the popular Texas Hold'em poker variant against up to nine computer-opponents or play network games with people all over the world. This poker engine is available for Linux, Windows and Mac. It is a great program.. Freeware download of PokerTH 0.8.3, size 0 b.

Adventure Of Puzzles - Text Adventure 1.0 tadpole.sourceforge.net 

tadpole is a portable adventure game written in C and C++ being distributed under the GPL3. For Developers and gamers.. Freeware download of Adventure Of Puzzles - Text Adventure 1.0, size 8.13 Kb.

Borax 1.0 borax.sourceforge.net 

A template game for the C++ 3D game API CrystalSpace. You will never have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to write a game. It contains things common to all games: a console, key/mouse/joystick binding, sound and networking.. Freeware download of Borax 1.0, size 34.61 Kb.

Connect4 4...1.1 connect4hbios.sourceforge.net 

This is a simple two-player Connect4 game, developed in c with the SDL library.. Freeware download of Connect4 4...1.1, size 841.35 Kb.

Directrix Rain 0.023 directrix.sourceforge.net 

Directrix Rain is a single-player, text-based role playing game written in C, designed to run on Windows and Unix. This game is a possibly futile attempt to create an innovative hybrid between a traditional roguelike and a traditional adventure game.. Freeware download of Directrix Rain 0.023, size 99.40 Kb.

drogue 0.33.1 drogue.sourceforge.net 

drogue (dercz rogue) - occult roguelike game written in c. The Most Dangerous Game of Dercz Stanislaw.. Freeware download of drogue 0.33.1, size 204.80 Kb.

Eat the Whistle GPL rc ggsoft.org 

Eat the whistle GPL is a football simulation game written in C that works on many platforms (win32/linux/macosx/amigaos/morphos), it uses the SDL framework. It has a multiplayer internet playing option in alpha stage.. Freeware download of Eat the Whistle GPL rc, size 270.32 Kb.

edifice 1.0 hugekilla.sourceforge.net 

3d, multiplayer game, made using c++, OpenGL, Winsock (UDP), and DirectSound. Visual Studio.. Freeware download of edifice 1.0, size 10.12 Mb.

FreeTumble 32 freetumble.sourceforge.net 

FreeTumble is a free multi-platform puzzle game, developed in c++ with sfml.It features 3 different game modes, the player has to remove same color stones zones, in order to prevent the stones to reach the top, or to clear the entire grid.. Freeware download of FreeTumble 32, size 20.62 Mb.

forty-two 0.3.5 forty-two.sourceforge.net 

forty-two is a clone of the 1943 game written in C++. It is intended to provide a clean codebase for simple 2D shoot-em-up games using the SDL. Customization can be done by plugging in custom graphics, data files and scheme (guile) AI scripts.. Freeware download of forty-two 0.3.5, size 371.83 Kb.

Gloss Wars b1.4046 glosswars.sourceforge.net 

Gloss Wars is an Open-Source Real Time Strategy game written in C++ with Direct3D9 for Windows. It features full moddability via ini files and an impressive particle effects engine. It is offered both as a bit of fun, but also as a DirectX learning tool. Freeware download of Gloss Wars b1.4046, size 12.95 Mb.

HabraSnake rc habrasnake.sourceforge.net 

HabraSnake is a cross-platform snake game written in C++ and wxWidgets library.. Freeware download of HabraSnake rc, size 308.22 Kb.

igisoro rc.1.0.0 igisoro.sourceforge.net 

Igisoro is an african board game developped in c++. It is OS portable and can be used to develop artificial intelligence algorithms with plugins.. Freeware download of igisoro rc.1.0.0, size 7.92 Mb.

knockoff rc knockoff.sourceforge.net 

knockoff (KO) is a 3D action game written in C++ useing OpenGL. The basic aim is to knock your opponents off floating platforms any way you can (hence the name). Its a cartoon style game with Cell shading and lots of other fun features - check it out!. Freeware download of knockoff rc, size 305.48 Kb.