Iq Tester

Simple Network Tester 3.0 SimpleNet Software 

Simple Network Tester makes network testing easier than ever. Measure network performance by sending test data between agents installed on any two Windows PCs. Tests cover: *Available bandwidth *Response time or latency *Voice and video streaming qualitySimple Network Tester's unique web-page user interface makes remote network testing as easy as. Free download of Simple Network Tester 3.0, size 4.05 Mb.


Blueberry Connection Tester Blueberry Consultants Ltd 

Blueberry Connection Tester is a FREE test tool that allows software developers to efficiently gather information from remote PCs of problems caused by software designed to run on a variety of PC configurations.

The modern PC environment is extremely flexible and because of this virtually every home, office or factory now has one.. Freeware download of Blueberry Connection Tester, size 329.73 Kb.

Mihov Background Tester 0.5 Miha Psenica 

Mihov Background Tester is a graphical program that can help web developers and home users. It is designed to help you preview background images. You can select any image file in jpg, gif, or bmp graphic format and the program will show the image tiled. You will be able to tell if that image would look nice as tiled background or not. Very simple. Freeware download of Mihov Background Tester 0.5, size 274.43 Kb.

Universal Plug-and-Play Tester 2.02 Noel DANJOU 

UPnP Tester is an experimental tool which lists all the available devices compatible with the Universal Plug-and-Play protocol including Internet Gateway Devices (IGDs). As soon as the program starts, it searches for available devices then it updates the list as devices are plugged or unplugged. The status window displays miscellaneous. Freeware download of Universal Plug-and-Play Tester 2.02, size 152.58 Kb.

Dynamic Update Tester 1.01 Noel DANJOU 

Dynamic Update Tester is an application to test dynamic updates (RFC2136) on DNS servers. The latest version supports secure updates using transaction signatures (RFC2845). GSS with SPNEGO/Kerberos v5 is also supported. This is a test application not an automatic IP updater. For an advanced dynamic IP updater please try my DynSite program available. Free download of Dynamic Update Tester 1.01, size 87.04 Kb.

Router Tester 1.01 Noel DANJOU 

Router Tester is an application to help DynSite users to accurately identify the path to the HTML status page of their routers. If your router does not appear in the list of supported routers in DynSite and the program figures out the path to its status page, please send me the brand, the model and the path to the status page of yours by e-mail and. Freeware download of Router Tester 1.01, size 122.88 Kb.

Hot CPU Tester Pro 4.2.2 7Byte Computers 

Hot CPU Tester Pro is a system health and stability tester. It tests CPU, chipset and virtually all parts of motherboard for errors/bugs, defective parts and components. It is a burn-in test with uniquely designed state of the art DefectTrack engine. DefectTech is a technology developed by 7Byte to diagnose systems regarding its stability and in. Freeware download of Hot CPU Tester Pro 4.2.2, size 1.68 Mb.

Cube-IQ MagicLogic Optimization Inc. 

Cube-IQ is an advanced Load Planning program, capable of achieving the best possible Loads/packing for your ocean containers, trucks, rail cars, ULDs, pallets, crates, totes and boxes. Cube-IQ is also fast, requiring optimization times of no more than ten to fifteen seconds per Container.

The program is unique in its option to handle. Free download of Cube-IQ, size 14.94 Mb.

Plan-IQ MagicLogic Cutting Software Inc. 

Plan-IQ optimizes layouts of rectangular parts on rectangular panels, minimizing overall waste. The system can optimize over multiple panels in multiple sizes, giving you the best overall set of layouts. Besides for panels, one of the two Plan-IQ optimizers can be used to place parts on a long roll, minimizing total length used.

The. Free download of Plan-IQ, size 8.49 Mb.

Gel IQ 0.1 Ludesi AB 

Gel IQ is a light-weight application that allows you to upload the output from your 2D gel image analysis software and calculate a score for how correct and complete it is.

It is compatible with all major software packages including Decyder, PDQuest, ImageMaster, Progenesis, REDFIN, SameSpots, and Delta2D.

Supported. Freeware download of Gel IQ 0.1, size 68.67 Mb.

Internet Speed Tester 3.0 PC 911 

Internet Speed Tester is an utility to test your Internet Speed.

The program uses a java app to test the upload and download speeds of your Internet Service Provider connection.

When you install the program, it will show you a screen with a speedometer in the center of the screen, and a "Begin" button under. Freeware download of Internet Speed Tester 3.0, size 68.19 Mb.

Simple Port Tester 2. 1. 2005 

Simple Port Tester is a free program by to help users test if their ports are open with just a few clicks.The trick with testing if your port forwarding is working is to have something on your computer actually listening on the port. If nothing is listening on the port the test will fail no matter what.. Freeware download of Simple Port Tester 2. 1. 2005, size 3.73 Mb.

Web Performance Load Tester 4 2 Web Performance Inc. 

Web Performance Load Tester is the only web testing tool smart enough to tell you how many users your website can handle. Use another tool, and you'll find yourself staring at charts for hours trying to figure it out—if you can even tell at all.

At the push of a button you can generate load from outside your network to. Free download of Web Performance Load Tester 4 2, size 97.00 Mb.

IQ Challenge Bar Toolbar IQ Challenge Bar 

IQ Challenge Bar Toolbar is a very good utility, easy to use and also free. You can get connection to orange shark site and to the top 10 questions. It can provide the most freshest and important news, also announcements. It is a powerfull search engine.. Freeware download of IQ Challenge Bar Toolbar, size 2.15 Mb.

Tester Toolbar 6 4 Tester 

With the help of the Tester Toolbar attached to your web browser you can have fast access to the latest news, information, announcements and updated links about Tester Community. Moreover you can search the web from useful search engines provided by Tester Toolbar.. Freeware download of Tester Toolbar 6 4, size 0 b.

GX4PEK Printer Tester GX4PEK Software 

Printer Tester is a small utility for testing any printer you like. Now the latest version of this software gives you more power and more possibilities to test your printer(s) by providing 52 tests divided into 5 categories, plus enhanced functionality with test previewing, colour coverage control and many more. Just select one category from the 5. Freeware download of GX4PEK Printer Tester, size 4.89 Mb.

System Stability Tester 1 3 Lucas Tsatiris 

System Stability Tester tries to test the system's stability by calculating up to 128 millions of Pi digits. It supports multiple calculation algorithms. For the moment only two have been implemented. The Quadratic Convergence of Borwein and Gauss-Legendre, the algorithm SuperPi uses. The testing process includes the creation of two or more. Freeware download of System Stability Tester 1 3, size 3.46 Mb.

McCabe IQ 8 1 McCabe Software, Inc. 

McCabe IQ Developers Edition is an interactive, visual environment for managing software quality through advanced static analysis, providing a comprehensive solution to the challenges that face quality assurance and development teams.
McCabe IQ Developers Edition objectively measures software quality through advanced static analysis and. Free download of McCabe IQ 8 1, size 90.27 Mb.

APIS IQ-FMEA 6.0 APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH 

FMEA (all standards) & DRBFM editors:
Structure Tree, Function Nets, Function Nets with Operating Conditions, FMEA Form Sheet, Statistics, Action Tracking, Fault Tree Analysis, IQ-Explorer, Team Communication, Terminology and Translation, Cause and Effect Diagram, Object Inspector, Computer-based Training, User-defined Views, EXCEL import. Freeware download of APIS IQ-FMEA 6.0, size 64.35 Mb.

Abashera Revamped Max Magnus Norman 

Abashera revamped is an addictive 3D first person IQ adventure maze game made by the visionary artist Max Magnus Norman.

There are no guns, no weapons, no tedious bosses. You must rely on your intelligence to survive. There's no linear plot, you choose from session to session which mazes you shall explore. The missions vary: Kill. Freeware download of Abashera Revamped, size 0 b.