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Domo-kun FAQ

Provides an explanation of Domo-kun's history, and profiles of the characters.

Polymer Clay Art no Kai

Group established by Kazuyo Kono, includes exhibition information, workshops, and art-related tours.

Ryan's Metal Page

Fan site with information and pictures of KoRn, NIN, Slipknot, KMFDM and MDFMK and Limp Bizkit.

Sayings of the Wise Shang-ti

Proverb-like guru-ku written by the Wise Shang-ti while meditating high atop McDonald's golden arches.

Usuki Stone Buddhas

Explores the 60-plus stone Buddhas of Usuki City in Oita Prefecture, carved in the 12th to 14th centuries.

Sanko Trading

Exporter of used and reconditioned photo finishing minilab.

Shito-ryu Karate

A brief introduction to Shito-ryu karate written by Billy Hammond.