Jar Text Hide

Text Hide 1.5 Wuul 

Hide and encrypt text in bitmaps using Steganography. Includes Delphi source. Freeware with nice simple interface and detailed description of encoding process.. Freeware download of Text Hide 1.5, size 524.29 Kb.


Stego PNG 10.59t Hermetic Systems 

Stego PNG enables users to hide data within their images, either PNG or BMP ones, without anyone being able to tell the difference.

Basically, you simply need to select the source data you want to encrypt, choose the image, then specify the location for the output picture file. After you enter the key phrase you want to use, simply. Free download of Stego PNG 10.59t, size 0 b.

ShareSecret 1 Christophe David 

ShareSecret is a simple and lightweight application that you can use to encrypt text messages in order to share them safely.

Based on Adi Shamir's paper, 'How to Share a Secret', this application can generate so called 'shares', which are combinations of letters and numbers that give no information about the hidden secret.

. Free download of ShareSecret 1, size 0 b.

Dreambeam 0.81.3044 Dreambeam 

Dreambeam is an open source worship song presentation program for churches.


- Verse support
- Dual Language Songs
- Separated fields for song title, strophes and songwriter
- Alpha Blending Transitions
- Playlist
- Media Presentation Component for Video, Flash and Picture. Freeware download of Dreambeam 0.81.3044, size 3.98 Mb.

Sticky Notes Manager 1 1 Aleksei Taranov. 

Sticky Notes Manager is a free to use e-notes creator with simple features and good value capabilities. This simple tool with a very small file size allows you to create electronic desktop stickers or notes with minimum efforts from your side. The application resides in your system tray bar and can be called up with a single mouse click. The menu. Freeware download of Sticky Notes Manager 1 1, size 72.97 Mb.

Basic XML Image Slideshow 1 FlashDo 

This component will display slideshow of images/swf file. The images/swf can loaded from xml file. Supports two transition effects. FEATURES: * Load all images and swf files to display from XML file. * Provides 2 transition effects * Configurable Title and Description for each image/swf * Display image description in formatted text. * Hide/Show. Free download of Basic XML Image Slideshow 1, size 31.74 Kb.

Basic XML Image Slideshow . 1 Flash Components 

This component will display slideshow of images/swf file. The images/swf can be loaded from XML file. Supports two transition effects. Features: * Load all images and swf files to display from XML file. * Provides 2 transition effects. * Configurable Title and Description for each image/swf. * Display image description in formatted text. *. Free download of Basic XML Image Slideshow . 1, size 102.40 Kb.

Hidden Sentence 1.0 Aleksandar Josifoski 

Hidden Sentence was created as a small and user-friendly tool that allows all its users to hide various letters from a given text.

All the user has to do is type or paste the desired text, select the percentage he wants to use and press the "hide" button.

. Freeware download of Hidden Sentence 1.0, size 0 b.

VIPstegano 1.2 Axel Blume 

A tool to hide scrambled text in a picture - a way to avoid attention

VIPstegano is an application which helps users to encrypt their text lines into images.


* Will work on Windows 95 (and later)
* You can hide text in a picture. The positions of the letters are calculated in a unique way using. Free download of VIPstegano 1.2, size 0 b.

Encrypt Text within Images 9.0 HotHotSoftware.com 

Text encryption software to hide and encrypt data within an image undetectable to others! This software allows you to hide text messages within an image! You can use this software to store personal information, financial details and so forth embedded within an image, and password protect! So you could even give someone a copy of your images and. Free download of Encrypt Text within Images 9.0, size 1.81 Mb.

Window Hide Tool 1.9 Window Hide 

Window Hide Tool will help you to quickly hide a window of any application. You can set hotkeys for basic program commands: hide a window; hide all windows; hide a group of windows. Or you can hide a window by clicking an icon in your tray. Moreover, you can specify groups of windows by their title text and set hotkeys for them. (For example, a. Free download of Window Hide Tool 1.9, size 592.90 Kb.

HXTT Text JDBC and CSV JDBC Drivers 2.2.005 Hongxin Technology & Trade Ltd. 

Pure Java Type 4 Text JDBC and CSV JDBC (1.2, 2.0, 3.0) driver packages for raw data, flat text , CSV file, TSV file, fixed-length, and variable-length binary file, supports transaction, embedded access, and remote access. It is backward compliant to the Microsoft ODBC text driver, and supports loading ODBC schema file for table definition. It. Free download of HXTT Text JDBC and CSV JDBC Drivers 2.2.005, size 850.94 Kb.

Logframe TEAM.CZ s.r.o. 

Logframe module:
- Allows editing text in logical framework structure
- Different font, color, background and numbering settings for each pararagraph
- Independent numbering for External Assumptions
- Show hide colums and rows
- Preproject assumptions window
- Supergoal window
- Multifunctional resource. Free download of Logframe, size 1.29 Mb.

SteganographX Plus 2.0 leelu soft 

The SteganographX application will allow you to hide a text inside a bitmap image, the text will not be visible and the changes to the bitmap image will not be noticeable in BMP's with 16, 24 or 32-bit color. The only way to extract the hidden text out from the image is by using SteganographX. Now you can in a simple way hide your secret text, send. Freeware download of SteganographX Plus 2.0, size 514.05 Kb.

NCrypt TX 2 3 LittleLite Software 

This text based encryption tool allows easy message hiding, to be used in e-mail, messenger and other communications. NCrypt TX also has Steganography capabilities to hide a document inside a random generated text. It supports DES, Rijndael-AES, SHA, and MD5 algorithms, as well as historical algorithms such as ROT13 and Vigenere. With NCrypt TX you. Free download of NCrypt TX 2 3, size 1.30 Mb.

Secret File & Text Messenger 1.1 Lantech Soft 

Secret File Messenger is a steganography software and you can easily encrypt file or text message and hide it in a picture. Once a file is hidden in an image the saved picture is still a picture, it will load just like any other image and appear as it did before, the only difference will be that it contains hidden file. The image can be saved,. Free download of Secret File & Text Messenger 1.1, size 2.15 Mb.

FaceIt Text Editor 1.0 faceit.sourceforge.net 

FaceIt is a multifunction Rich Client text editor written in Java with the added attraction that it uses the SWT and JFace libraries from Eclipse. Binary jar download needs SWT DLLs from Eclipse 3.0 to run on Windows. Source zip has the JFace libraries.. Freeware download of FaceIt Text Editor 1.0, size 5.99 Mb.

Jar Ajar 0.5.0 textflex.com 

Jar Ajar is a JAR-based self-extractor for zip files. Zip up files and package them with descriptive images and text using Jar Ajar's graphical interface. When recipients launch the resulting JAR, Jar Ajar guides users through the unzip process.. Freeware download of Jar Ajar 0.5.0, size 457.48 Kb.

CeaXar Project 1.0 Ceaxar 

Cexar is a simple encripter for text, is for common users not for advanced hacker or CIA agents, is just for everyone that want to hide some write information whitou be a criptohrapher-----The project is on planning Fase---In a few week most be avaible--

CeaXar Project 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of CeaXar Project 1.0, size 0 b.

Javinder 1.0 Javinder 

An advanced Java file/class finder with support for searching inside zip|war|ear|jar archives or finding text inside pdf|doc|ppt|UTF-8 files.

Javinder 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of Javinder 1.0, size 6.35 Mb.